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Personal Injury lawyer:
Paul k. schrier

Paul Schrier Personal Injury Attorney

Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney in Florida?

Paul K. Schrier is the managing attorney at the Schrier Law Group.

Paul Schrier has been a successful, passionate attorney for over 37 years, and together with his firm has generated more than $500 million in settlements and trial wins. What separates Paul from the pack of other trial attorneys is his dedication to his clients. Many attorneys try to make the same claims but they fall far short of the kind of commitment Paul’s clients have received in almost 3 decades of practicing injury law in Florida.

When other attorneys are sleeping, thinking they have finished all the work, Paul is often at his office working at 3 AM scouring through documents trying to find the right case law or legal argument that will win the case. Schrier and his team go to great lengths to find the answers the clients need to argue their cases successfully. Even if a medical image comes back looking normal, Schrier has discovered cancer or injuries that encouraged clients to see their primary care physicians, and they were able to get the treatment they needed, even if it didn’t involve the personal injury case. 

No matter how minute the detail may seem or where it is buried in your paperwork, police reports, doctor visits, etc. Unfortunately, out of at least 10 cases, in which Schrier observed the potential serious cancerous results, at least 5-6 clients were never advised about the findings of their scans by their physicians. Since he is so thorough, the 4-5 who listened to him, scheduled appointments with their primary care physicians, to discuss the findings and found that they had cancer only because he implored them to. 

Schrier literally will not sleep until he can bring justice to every person that enters his law firm doors. He is dedicated to assisting clients through some of the most horrible accidents and tragedies of their lives. 

He has dedicated his career to ensuring his clients receive every detail they needed for legal assistance to win their cases. Schrier’s legal experience and expertise in the legal field earned him the respect of Judges, other lawyers, and even his opponents. So much so, that he was asked to be an “expert witness” for Geico and other insurance companies after winning so many insurance cases. 

Schrier has taken down major corporations in Florida and nationwide including Monsanto, Exxon, American Airlines, Mandarin Oriental, Disney, Home Depot, and many other well-known defendants

Paul’s expertise extends outside of the courtroom, and his office, as he has given lectures, regarding the automobile and medical payment statutes, to well over 200 people including lawyers, physicians, nurses, PAs and diagnostic/Mri center owners, etc., as well as to smaller groups on numerous occasions. 

Get the money you deserve by giving Paul a call today at 1-800-700-PAUL.

Paul won’t sleep until you have received the maximum compensation for your injury. 


University of Miami School of Law, Coral Gables, FL
Juris Doctor, 1986

Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Bachelor of Psychology, 1983




  • Million Dollar Trial Lawyers
  • The Florida Supreme Court
  • The Florida Bar
  • The Dade County Bar Association 
  • Florida Justice Association 
    Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers
  • Neurological Rehab. Organization 
  • Brain Injury Law Group
  • The Medical Malpractice Organization
  • Retained to provide Expert Witness Testimony by other lawyers

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