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Forklift loading pallets of cargo to container on warehouse leveler dock.

Legal Implications of Cargo Loading Errors in Truck Accidents

Numerous truck accidents occur on our roads every year, often resulting in property damage, injuries, and even fatalities. While driver error is often a contributing factor, another significant cause is often overlooked: improper cargo loading. Cargo that is overloaded, unsecured, or unevenly distributed can significantly affect a truck’s stability and handling, creating hazardous conditions for … Read more

A construction hat on top of a building permit document.

Understanding the Role of Florida Building Codes in Slip and Fall Claims

Unfortunately, despite its sunshine and tourist attractions, Florida sees a significant number of slip and fall accidents. These accidents often occur due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, giving the injured person potential grounds for a slip and fall claim. Understanding the role of Florida’s Building Code is crucial in establishing liability in these … Read more

A man using his in-car technology to navigate car features.

The Rise of In-Car Technology and Distracted Driving Accidents

The rise of user-friendly features in modern vehicles makes distracted driving more common, leading to serious consequences. This trend emphasizes the need for drivers to stay focused and prioritize safety on the road. If you have been injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, a car accident attorney can help you understand your … Read more

Oxygen mask drop from the ceiling compartment on airplane.

How Are Wrongful Death Claims Handled in Aviation Accidents?

While the major U.S. airliners have not experienced a fatality due to an aviation accident in years, over 300 people died in civilian general aviation accidents in 2022 alone. These tragic incidents share at least one feature in common with auto accidents: both are often the result of negligence. Unlike auto accidents, however, unraveling the … Read more

Young woman warehouse worker accident leg injury slip and fall ankle sprain friend help support.

Exploring Settlement Options in Slip and Fall Cases

Every year, millions of Americans fall and hurt themselves, including through slip and fall accidents at businesses. Compensation is often available following a slip and fall accident at a store or other place of business in Florida. This compensation may come in the form of a settlement. Take a closer look at the different settlement … Read more

Close-up Portrait Shot of a Serious and Focused Paramedic in an Ambulance Vehicle with an Injured Patient after an Auto Accident.

The Benefits of Seeking Medical Treatment Promptly After an Auto Accident

Over 394,000 car accidents happened in Florida last year, including over 3,100 fatal wrecks and over 164,000 injury crashes. Although numerous circumstances can distinguish one crash from the other, any accident can be confusing and disorienting for those involved. Because of this, it’s not always easy to know what to do after an auto accident. … Read more

A lawyer filling out paperwork for his client's personal injury case.

Personal Injury Case Selection at Schrier Law Group

In personal injury law, there are diverse case types that a law firm might encounter. However, not all cases are pursued with the same vigor, and some are subjected to more rigorous scrutiny before a firm decides to take them on. Paul Schrier of Schrier Law Group explains the firm’s approach to selecting personal injury … Read more

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Navigating Settlements and Court Trials: Insights from Schrier Law Group

In the legal realm, particularly in personal injury and medical negligence cases, clients have a common question: How many cases end up going to court versus settling out of court? Paul Schrier, the leading partner at Schrier Law Group, sheds light on this question by drawing on his extensive experience and the firm’s practices. A … Read more

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