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Can You Sue a Cruise Ship for a Slip and Fall in Florida


Can You Sue a Cruise Ship for a Slip and Fall in Florida

Slip and fall accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries in the U.S. That’s especially true for elderly citizens. With that in mind, slips, trips, and falls can happen anywhere, including on cruise ships. 

Depending on the facts, if you’ve suffered significant injuries while on a cruise in Florida waters, you may be entitled to maximum compensation for your injuries. 

However, suing a cruise ship operator is rarely easy. In most cases, it requires a slip and fall lawyer familiar with federal maritime laws, Florida personal injury laws, and negotiations with major insurance companies. 

Contact a slip and fall lawyer at Schrier Law Group today to discuss the details of your case. We can help. Continue reading to learn more about cruise ship liability in slip and fall cases

Common Reasons For Slip and Falls on Cruise Ships 

Slip and fall accidents happen the same on cruises as on land. However, you should be aware of a few additional potential hazards while on a boat. Generally, the most common reasons for a slip and fall on cruise ships include, but are not limited to: 

  • Slippery surfaces 
  • Uneven floors 
  • Lack of slip-resistant surfaces 
  • Negligent maintenance 
  • Poor lighting 
  • Cruise staff members creating slip and fall hazards
  • Lack of adequate warnings about dangerous conditions 
  • Choppy waters and severe weather 
  • Poor design 
  • Overcrowding 

Slip and falls anywhere are dangerous, but even more on cruise lines. That’s because one slip, trip, or fall on a ship could lead to going overboard and serious injuries (up to death). However, typical injuries associated with cruise ship slips and falls include broken bones, pulled muscles, disfigurement, loss of limbs, head injuries, cuts, and more. 

It’s essential to note that not all cruise ship slips, trips, and falls are caused by operator negligence. However, many are. In the next section, learn about cruise ship liability according to federal maritime law. 

How Does The Law Apply to Cruise Ship Liability?

Cruise ship liability falls under federal maritime laws. With that in mind, filing a personal injury claim against a cruise line is slightly different. However, there are many similarities to the typical personal injury process. 

Generally, federal maritime laws require cruise ship passengers to prove the following elements in a personal injury case: 

  • The cruise line has a duty to protect passengers from specific accidents. 
  • The cruise line breached its duty of care. 
  • Their negligence directly resulted in a passenger’s injuries. 
  • The passenger suffered “actual harm.” 

Additionally, if a cruise ship has knowledge of potential dangers but neglects to fix the issue or adequately warn passengers, it may be liable for injuries resulting from the hazard. 

Who’s Responsible for Slip And Falls at Sea?

Sometimes, cruise ship slip and fall injuries are blameless mistakes. In many other cases, the operating cruise line is directly responsible for the accident and subsequent injuries. 

A few reasons why it can be challenging to win a slip and fall case against a cruise line operator like Carnival, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and many others include: 

  • Recent judgments in Florida maritime personal injury cases suggest favorability towards cruiser liners. 
  • Some cruise ship tickets indemnify cruise ships against specific liability claims.
  • It can be challenging to prove the conditions that lead to a slip and fall on a cruise ship. 
  • Federal maritime law is complex and complicated. 

Additionally, it’s essential to remember that the statute of limitations for pursuing a personal injury claim against a cruise line is three years under maritime laws. However, most slip and fall lawyers recommend moving much faster. 

Proving liability for injuries on cruise ships requires the knowledge, determination, and skill of a proven slip and fall lawyer in Florida. Learn how the attorneys at Schrier Law Group can help below. 

When To Contact a Florida Slip And Fall Lawyer

Suppose you’ve suffered significant injuries while vacationing on a cruise ship in Florida waters. In that case, depending on the facts, you may be eligible to pursue maximum compensation under federal maritime personal injury laws. 

If you’re considering filing suit for injuries resulting from a slip and fall on a cruise ship, we can help. When you work with a slip and fall lawyer at Schrier Law Group, you get an attorney with:

  • In-depth knowledge of federal maritime laws and Florida personal injury cases. 
  • Experience recovering multi-million dollar settlements. 
  • Compassionate, aggressive, and creative strategies to obtain the best possible outcome. 
  • A determination to help you and your family recover maximum damages for your injuries. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to pursue your personal injury case against a cruise ship. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation with a slip-and-fall lawyer you can trust.