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Employee builder accident in construction site work. Builder worker injured and wait for help. First aid worker accident.

Head Injured on the Job? How a Florida Head Injury Attorney Can Help

Head injuries are one of the most common types of workplace injuries. Suffering head trauma on the job is always possible in high-risk fields like construction and mining. However, unlike accidents related to falling from scaffolding or being crushed by machinery, a workplace head injury can happen to any type of employee. Office workers and … Read more

An employee falling off a ladder during a construction job.

Common Injuries in Florida Covered by Workers’ Comp

In the state of Florida, most employers are required by law to provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees who incurred any injury at work, during a job or developed an occupational disease based on the nature of their job. Workers comp in Florida is designed to be a no-fault system that compensates injured or sick … Read more

new foundation at a construction site for a luxury condominium in florida that was shut down after a worker died

Workers Comp Death Benefits & Wrongful Death Lawsuits: What’s The Difference

Wrongful deaths can be very disheartening and a big blow for families to accept. Our attorneys have been of great help to many wounded victims. We represent these victims and ensure they get the reparations they deserve.  Sadly, most of these wounded employees don’t remain alive to enjoy the comp benefits. They mostly pass away … Read more

Electric worker suffered an electric shock accident unconscious. Safety team CPR for first aid Electric worker loses in electric shock accident at work on site. Accident in control room of factory.

Why Reporting an Accident is so Important?

Keeping a record is vital for every individual, family, and business. Families keep records of important events like birth dates, achievements and ceremonies, celebrations, memorial purposes, and many other reasons. Keeping accurate and thorough records of events, including accidents and injuries, is essential, especially when they happen on the job. One of the most important … Read more

Workers in Florida after an on the job accident calling the ambulance

Can You Sue Your Current Employer for an On the Job Accident?

According to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation,  there were more than 64,000 workers’ compensation claims in Florida in 2021. Of the cases that received a settlement, the average payout was roughly $15,000.  With that said, you typically can’t sue your employer for workers’ compensation benefits unless there are extenuating circumstances. You can potentially recover … Read more

worker afraid to fall, wanting to have a workers compensation settlement

Top Ways to Increase Your Worker’s Comp Settlement

Severe workplace injuries can lead to a lifetime of challenges. With that in mind, if you’ve been injured on the job, you have the right to compensation under Florida law. Unfortunately, in many cases, workers’ compensation victims receive low payouts or no payout at all.  The good news is that there are ways to increase … Read more

Construction workers on the job avoiding workplace accidents

Some of the Most Common Accidents That Can Happen in a Construction Site

COMMON CONSTRUCTION SITE ACCIDENTS  According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction workers account for nearly 20% of worker fatalities in the private industry. That equates to nearly 15 deaths per day due to construction workplace accidents.  Further, injury rates in construction are more than 70% higher than average injury rates recorded by … Read more