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A person struggling to swim waving their hands in the air to alert others they might be drowning.

How a Pool Drowning Lawyer Can Help You Seek Compensation for Pool Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 4,000 people drown every year. A significant number of those drownings occur in swimming pools. While many consider a swimming pool drowning a simple accident, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been prevented. If a loved one drowns in a preventable pool accident, you deserve … Read more

boys jumping into a pool in florida

Top Reasons Pool Drownings Occur

Florida has the most residential pools of any state and year-round weather that encourages regular dips in the pool. In many ways, it’s a swimmer’s paradise. However, there is a downside – pool drownings and pool accidents.  Florida ranks 6th in the nation for pool drowning deaths. Further, recent research suggests that Florida is #1 … Read more

children practicing pool safety in the summer in florida

Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Around Pools, During the Summer in Florida

Many children enjoy swimming and they create great memories by all of the experiences that they have in pools and at the beaches in Florida. However, keeping your children and their friends safe, this summer, is a serious endeavor.  Pool-related accidents can occur at any time, even when your children can swim well. Try these … Read more

Swimming Pool in Back Yard - Drowning Attorneys

The Liabilities for a Swimming Pool Drowning

Swimming pools are always a source of fun for people during the dog days of summer. And for those in Florida, year-round. However, with swimming pool ownership comes a number of legal responsibilities that the owner has when it comes to safety. Schrier Law Group is here to go over the laws if one fails … Read more

Pool with a fence around it

Florida State Senator Files Pool Safety Bill Inspired By Drowning

We here at Schrier Law Group are happy reporting that Florida State Senator Ed Hooper filed a bill in late December that requires stricter pool safety measures. It was inspired by the drowning death of a young boy. With the number of drownings in the state, something had to be done The bill (SB 124) … Read more