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Forklift loading pallets of cargo to container on warehouse leveler dock.

Legal Implications of Cargo Loading Errors in Truck Accidents

Numerous truck accidents occur on our roads every year, often resulting in property damage, injuries, and even fatalities. While driver error is often a contributing factor, another significant cause is often overlooked: improper cargo loading. Cargo that is overloaded, unsecured, or unevenly distributed can significantly affect a truck’s stability and handling, creating hazardous conditions for … Read more

A crashed semi-truck that hit a barrier on the side of the road.

Maximizing Compensation in Florida Truck Accident Claims

Truck accidents can result in significant harm to you and your loved ones. In Florida, where the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles records thousands of commercial vehicle crashes each year, a collision with one of these large vehicles can result in permanent impairments and injuries that take considerable time to heal. Recovering financially … Read more

A truck on a lift so it can be towed to the nearest repair shop to access the damage of a large truck accident.

Truck Accident Laws in Florida That Can Affect Your Case

In 2021 alone, the National Safety Council (NHS) recorded 5,700 heavy commercial trucks involved in fatal collisions. In 2020, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 351 of the 4,846 vehicles involved in fatal crashes were commercial trucks. When a negligent trucker hurts you or a loved one, you may be able to … Read more

A close up shot of a semi-truck accident occured on the freeway.

Tips from the Best Truck Accident Lawyers: What Not to Do

The moments after a collision with a commercial semi-truck can be terrifying and chaotic. You’re likely in shock, badly hurt, and unsure what to do next. It’s hard to remain calm and remember what to do and what not to do. There are a few mistakes that many people make after a semi-truck wreck. Our … Read more

A truck driver assessing the damage after a semi-truck accident on the highway.

What is a Semi Truck Load Accident?

Have you ever been in a semi-truck load accident? You might be hearing this for the first time, but you have options. At Schreier Law Group we will establish the party at fault in the incident and liable for your injuries and in the process, help you file a personal damage claim for compensation. Semi-Truck … Read more

Burned truck from an accident

Florida Trucking Accident Statistics & Crash Injuries In Florida 

Driving an automobile is something that may be comfortable and natural for you. However, even the safest drivers can still become injured in truck accidents due to no fault of their own. Despite more stringent truck regulations across the country, the number of Florida truck accidents continues to increase.  At Schier Law Group, we are … Read more

Depressed man holding his head

Common Causes of Truck Accidents & Truck Crash Causation Study

In 2017, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted one of the most comprehensive studies on the common causes of trucking accidents. Labeled as the Large Truck Crash Causation Study (LTCCS) (1), the crash causation study looked at 120,000 crashes involving large trucks (gross weight of … Read more

Man with Cast on Arm - Common Truck Accident Injuries Graphic

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Being involved in any type of truck accident has the potential to cause a wide range of injuries. However, crashes involving big rigs, tractor-trailers, and semi-trucks have a much higher likelihood of causing severe, catastrophic, and fatal injuries to those involved. No matter how safe of a truck driver you are, it’s crucial to be … Read more