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Common Types of Personal Injuries in Doral: What You Need to Know


A woman touching her neck to show her doctor where she is feeling pain.

You encounter accident risks every day in any city in Florida, and Doral is no exception. These accidents can leave you dealing with injuries that cost you both money and quality of life. For Doral residents, it is essential to know the common types of personal injuries in the area and what you can do if you sustain one.

5 Ways Doral Residents Can Be Injured in Accidents

Doral injury lawyers see certain types of injuries more frequently than others. Five common injuries include:

1. Concussions

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that results from a blow to the head. This sort of injury is often seen in sports accidents and motor vehicle accidents. Intentional acts of violence can also lead to a concussion if the victim is struck in the head by a blow or blunt object.

Most concussions can result in temporary symptoms, such as headache, nausea, and dizziness. However, more severe concussions can lead to memory loss, loss of consciousness, and other similar symptoms that can have a greater impact on your daily life.

2. Spinal Cord Injuries

Although your spinal cord lies protected inside your spinal column, it is not impervious to injury. Damage to your spinal cord can happen in a severe car or truck crash, motorcycle accident, or fall. Older individuals and those with preexisting back conditions are at an increased risk of sustaining spinal cord injuries in these and similar accidents.

Mild damage to the spinal cord can lead to shooting nerve pain that radiates out from the site of injury to other parts of the body. This pain can make it uncomfortable to sit or stand for prolonged periods. When the spinal cord sustains severe damage, you could experience numbness, tingling, or a loss of functioning below the injury location.

3. Internal Injuries

Sometimes, the harm you sustain cannot be seen with the naked eye. Instead, symptoms such as nausea, weakness, and loss of appetite are all the indications you might notice that suggest you sustained internal organ damage.

Though you may not see how serious the damage is without medical imaging, internal organ injuries deserve prompt attention. When your organs sustain trauma in a car accident, bicycle accident, or other violent injury incident, they may perforate and bleed. If this situation is not addressed immediately, the results could be fatal.

For this reason, Doral injury lawyers strongly suggest that bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists involved in motor vehicle accidents visit with a doctor following a wreck.

4. Broken Bones

If you ride a motorcycle or bike in Doral and are involved in a wreck, your arms and legs are at an increased risk of being broken. Aside from the initial pain associated with this type of personal injury, a broken bone will immobilize that associated body part until the bone heals. Depending on the specific bone that is broken, this healing process can take weeks or longer.

Getting medical treatment for a broken bone serves a purpose beyond simply putting the bone in place so that it can heal properly. If the broken bone punctures the skin, the wound can become infected.
Prompt medical care by a qualified medical professional can prevent this situation from occurring and delaying your recovery.

5. Loss of Limb

Motor vehicle accidents, machinery accidents at work, and crushing accidents all have the potential to sever or destroy a limb, requiring amputation to treat. For example, a hand can become mangled in machinery, or a foot can become crushed if a heavy load is dropped on it.

In both of these and other circumstances, medical personnel may need to amputate the body part to prevent other medical complications. Aside from the loss of function, amputations can cause significant mental distress. It is common for individuals to suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.
These mental injuries can require months or years of therapy to manage.

How a Doral Injury Lawyer Can Help

Accidents can happen even when you take all the right steps to protect yourself. If you get hurt in an accident, a Doral injury lawyer can fight for the compensation you are entitled to on your behalf.

Schrier Law Group takes pride in helping accident victims in Doral get the most money for their cases. We have a track record of delivering substantial results and tackling complex cases. Contact us today to speak to an experienced Doral injury lawyer.