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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pool Accidents in Florida?


Kids swimming in the swimming pool during summer.

Do you know that home swimming pools in Florida are almost as common as alligators? Statistics indicate the figure as 1.2 million vs. 1.3 million. Similarly, these swimming pools can be just as dangerous as the alligators.

In the past 20 years, authorities in Florida have recorded more deaths due to swimming accidents than deaths caused by an alligator attack. In addition, Florida has the most death records from swimming and drowning than any other state in the united states. More so, drowning is the number one cause of death of kids under four years in the state.

Our attorneys at Schrier Law Group will tell you that homeowners insurance policy will cover damages that may arise from swimming pool accidents. However, that doesn’t dispute that filing for claims may still be challenging. A knowledgeable and competent home insurance attorney on your team will simplify and ease your case, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. In cases with severe injuries, you don’t want to risk negotiating with a new insurance company.

These days, many insurance companies are most bothered about making the most profit for their clients while neglecting policyholders who may need insurance coverage after a home accident.

Common Swimming pool Accident Injuries

Only a handful of injuries may result from a swimming pool drowning. Below are some of them.

Traumatic Brain Injury:

Traumatic Brain Injury results from blunt trauma to the head. In, out or around the swimming pool, Traumatic Brain Injury is a result of slips and falls, wrong diving and horseplay.


Water and electricity should be kept apart. The consequences are severe when they should come together. Well, thanks to technology, we have less to worry about regarding this. Many devices these days are water resistant, and as a result, there is little chance of electric shock when they come in contact with water. We can find some of these devices in swimming pools, and in some cases, they pose a serious threat to the homeowner – especially in terms of electrocution. Improper wiring of a bad electric device in the pool can cause a surge of electricity in the swimming pool and may result in electrocution.

Spinal Cord Injuries:

This is another injury that may result from a slip and fall around the swimming pool.


This is a common one, and children are popular victims. Adults can also e a victim of swimming pool drowning. This could happen when the swimming pool is not properly secured from kids.

Were you a victim of any of the aforementioned injuries? Is it your loved one? Call the best home insurance lawyer in Florida now at Schrier Law Group.

What Type of Injuries Does Florida Home Insurance Policy Cover?

Injuries or deaths covered by the proprietor’s home insurance depend on the policy’s language. In addition, if there is a pool in the home and the homeowner has insurance, the policy should cover injuries that may result from an accident in the swimming pool.

However, such policies will require homeowners to install specific safety measures around the swimming pool. Some certain requirements and conditions must be met before installing home pools.

Generally, swimming pools can be classified as an attractive nuisance. This means that it will be the basic intact of many young individuals to enter – with or without permission. In the event that this happens, in the state of Florida, the homeowner will be held liable, even if the child was trespassing. This is because homeowners are expected to always expected to secure such attractive nuisance, especially from kids.

Does Any Other Insurance Coverage Apply?

With the right home insurance attorney, you can rest assured of maximum compensation and benefits, including from other insurance policies. For instance, suppose the property owner has an umbrella policy. The policy covers an extra $1 million in liability protection in this case. However, we have to read through the language in the contract thoroughly.

Furthermore, the homeowner can be held liable if the damages are greater than the amount all applicable policies can cover. The case may be worthwhile if they are negligent and possess enough personal assets.

If you, your kid, a relative or a friend are injured in a Florida swimming pool accident, don’t hesitate to contact us at Schrier Law Group for the best home insurance attorney.