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Johnson and Johnson Go to Settle For Recalled Cancer-Causing Sunscreen


Woman getting her face checked for cancer after using Johnson and Johnson sunscreen. She called a product liability lawyer first.

Recently, Johnson & Johnson and Costco reached an agreement to settle several class-action lawsuits claiming the presence of a cancer-inducing agent (benzene) in multiple J&J sunscreen products. Unfortunately, this is not the first time a multinational corporation has sold faulty and dangerous products to consumers, and it is likely not the last. 

With that in mind, if you’ve suffered injuries due to product defects, dangerous ingredients, or similar, you may have a solid products liability case against one or more parties. Working with a proven product liability lawyer can help you get the maximum compensation you deserve. 

Contact Schrier Law Group today at 1-800-700-7285 to speak with an experienced product liability lawyer. Contact reading to learn more about product liability and the recent J&J and Costco settlement. 

What is Product Liability? 

According to Florida law, a product liability action is based on the theory of strict liability, negligent actions, warranty breach, nuisance, or similar theories for damages caused by one or more of the following:

  • Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Formulation 
  • Installation 
  • Preparation
  • Assembly 

A product liability action could include injuries caused by a product to a claimant that would have been less severe if not for the defective product. Essentially, the substance of the product liability action is more important than the outcome of the accident.

Continue reading to learn how a Florida product liability lawyer helped secure a class-action settlement with J&J and Costco. 

Case Study: Johnson & Johnson Costco Sunscreen Class Action Lawsuits

Why did consumers file a class action lawsuit against J&J and Costco?

Consumers across multiple states (California, New York, & New Jersey) filed class-action lawsuits against J&J and Costco, claiming that some of their sunscreen products contained a toxic, cancer-causing substance, benzene. Eventually, the courts consolidated the lawsuits into one, and it was litigated in a Florida federal court. 

The class-action suit alleged that Johnson & Johnson (manufacturer) and Costco (retailer) neglected to inform consumers that certain sunscreen products contained benzene. 

Although J&J recalled the five sunscreens that contained benzene and promised to issue refunds, the class-action claimants and their product liability lawyers felt strongly about continuing to pursue a lawsuit. 

What was the outcome of the class action lawsuit? 

In November of 2021, J&J and Costco announced that they had reached a settlement agreement with the claimants and their product liability attorneys. Although, Johnson & Johnson still debate the product liability claims and refuses to admit fault. 

The amount of the settlement agreement is undisclosed. However, it was likely a substantial offer. Otherwise, it’s not likely that the claimants and their attorneys would have accepted the offer. 

What Do To If You’re Injured Due to a Faulty Product

If you’ve been injured due to a faulty product, it’s essential to understand the four essential elements of a product liability negligence claim before filing a lawsuit. To win a product liability case, you must prove the following factors: 

  1. You suffered a loss (monetary or injury) due to using the product in question. 
  2. You must prove that the product’s design was defective, defectively manufactured, OR the company that manufactured the product knew or should have known about the risks of the product but neglected to warn consumers. 
  3. The defective product proximately caused or worsened your injuries. 
  4. You used the product as intended or in an otherwise reasonable manner. 

In many cases, product manufacturers fail to test products thoroughly or skip important steps to save on costs. 

However, if they produce and sell a defective product to consumers, they can be held responsible for any injuries or losses caused as a result. That includes the cost of medical care, decreased or lost income, pain and suffering, and much more. 

You can be certain that large corporations like J&J and Costco are willing to spend millions on their defense efforts. For that reason, it’s recommended that you hire the best product liability lawyer in Florida for your circumstances to represent you. 

Contact A Product Liability Lawyer in Florida Today

If you plan on taking a company to court for product liability, you should expect a long, drawn-out, and expensive legal battle. Our product liability attorneys at Schrier Law Group have helped to collect more than $500 million for our clients. 

We’re confident that we can help you obtain the best possible outcome in your product liability case as well. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case with a skilled product liability lawyer at Schrier Law Group.