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Seven Reasons Why Boating Accidents Occur


Boat sinking into the water after a boating accident

Boating accidents make always news. Maybe it’s because of how it looks on camera. Maybe it is because they are rarer than typical car accidents. But beyond the headlines, one or more of a handful of causes are usually to blame. There are some common boating situations to avoid so that accidents are less likely. However, in the event that you or a loved one is in a boating accident, it is time to contact Schrier Law Group to discuss what your options are. We are here to assist, help, and litigate.


Just because a marine towing company can quickly bring rescue in a gas can on a small body of water, running out of gas in the middle of the Gulf Stream, or in choppy waters, the situation can be dire. How can this happen? Maybe you miscalculated your bearing and burned up too much fuel finding your way, or you fished or cruised longer than you intended. Perhaps you skirted unexpected storms or ran offshore to avoid them. Or maybe you just plain forgot to gas up. Things happen. Don’t let it! Plan ahead so this doesn’t happen to you.


Sometimes entertaining (for some), often embarrassing, and often truly dangerous that is grounding your boat. You don’t want to ground your boat. You want it safe on the water. Stay sober, slow down, keep watch, and keep afloat. In the water but stuck on a bar, you’ll likely be eager to yank the boat off the rocks and end the humiliating drama.


An overboard tumble can be an embarrassing situation unless you knock yourself out on the way over. Now you have a whole different issue. People don’t naturally float face up, so be sure to wear a life jacket that will flip you over. Also, remember that solo boaters who fall overboard are likely to watch the boat run off into the distance. Wear the emergency cut-off-switch lanyard, or its modern, electronic replacement, which kills the motor if anyone wearing a sender falls over. This will cut down on any chances that the boat turns and comes at you.


Thank goodness, boat fires are rare. This is due to spark-protected mechanical systems and double-clamped fuel lines. Still, it pays to be safe. Always be sniffing around for fuel fumes. Look for obvious fuel spills or leaks, or a rainbow-hued slick on bilge water. Never start a marine engine without running the bilge blower for at least five minutes. Make sure you have fire extinguishers aboard, rated for fuel or electrical fires, and that they’re still charged. Have them inspected or replace them if in doubt.


One of the most common causes for boating accidents is not matching your speed to the conditions or settings. At night you can’t necessarily trust your senses to determine a clear path.


“I didn’t see them coming!” is the too-often an explanation for boat crashes. Well, see them coming, by maintaining a lookout whether underway or at anchor.


Alcohol slows reflexes and clouds judgment. Both can lead to an accident. Why chance it?

If you follow this list on how to be careful while on the water, you will be dramatically less likely to have a boating issue, or worse, a boating accident. In the event that this was not avoided and you or a loved one need representation due to a boating accident, you want to contact the Schrier Law Group to represent you now! We are here to represent and support!