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Expert, Compassionate Personal Injury Representation in Lauderhill, Florida

At Schrier Law Group, we are experienced personal injury and accident attorneys dedicated to providing exceptional legal services in Lauderhill, Florida. Our seasoned team is adept at handling a variety of cases, including auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death. While our physical offices are not located in Lauderhill, we possess a deep understanding of the local area and provide efficient and effective service. Our client-centric approach, underpinned by personalized care and a commitment to justice, has led to a record of achieving substantial results and multi-million dollar settlements.

Our expertise spans a variety of accidents and injuries, including:.

  • Seasoned litigators proficient in personal injury law
  • Expertise in handling complex damages and injury claims
  • Specialize in unlocking the true value of a case
  • Able to take on any size case from small to large
  • Offer personal and dedicated service to all clients.

In Lauderhill, Florida, we at Schrier Law Group extend our comprehensive range of personal injury and accident attorney services, promising an effective, personalized and client-centric approach. Our seasoned litigators, with deep understanding of the local area despite not having a physical office, capably handle a broad scope of cases, including auto accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, product liability, workplace accidents, and wrongful death. Our exceptional track record, marked by significant verdicts and settlements, is a testament to our dedication and expertise. Through our unwavering commitment to justice and excellence, we ensure each client receives the highest level of service, transforming their path to recovery and justice.


Lauderhill, located in Broward County, Florida, is a city characterized by its diverse demographics. According to the latest available data from the U.S. Census Bureau, it has a population of about 71,625.

This population is largely made up of African-Americans, comprising nearly 79.3 percent of the city’s total residents. Caucasians represent a smaller proportion, accounting for approximately 13.3 percent of the population. Other significant ethnic groups include Hispanic or Latino people, who make up 20.2 percent.

The city also houses a mix of other races. The age distribution in Lauderhill is also diverse, with a broad range of ages represented among the city’s residents. Furthermore, the city is known for its considerable Caribbean population, particularly Jamaican and West Indian residents. The overall picture is of a culturally rich and demographically varied city.

Important Landmarks

Central Broward Park & Broward County Stadium

Central Broward Park & Broward County Stadium, located in Lauderhill, Florida, is an important regional venue with connections to both the sports and legal arena. The park, encompassing over 110 acres, includes the only cricket stadium in the U.S. certified by the International Cricket Council. It also houses a large water park and hosts other sports like soccer and netball.

The park’s development has faced legal issues, including a lawsuit filed by local residents over concerns of noise and light pollution. This led to significant modifications in the park’s design and operation rules to minimize its impact on surrounding neighborhoods. Therefore, the stadium and park serve as a case study in balancing regional recreational needs against local residential concerns within the legal framework.

Lauderhill Performing Arts Center

The Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, commonly known as LPAC, is a celebrated cultural institution situated in Lauderhill, Florida. The center, opened in January 2016, is a hub for arts and entertainment, playing a pivotal role in the city’s cultural and economic development. LPAC hosts a wide range of programs and events, from local plays to national touring concerts, fostering community engagement and the appreciation of arts.

With regards to the legal arena, the center regularly hosts public meetings, forums, and civic events, thus establishing itself as a key venue for gatherings and discussions around local and national policies. Furthermore, its promotion of cultural diversity through arts could inform decisions about laws and policies related to cultural preservation and promotion. The LPAC’s rich contribution to the performing arts scene and its civic involvement has greatly bolstered Lauderhill’s cultural and social landscape.

Veterans Park

Veterans Park, as its name suggests, is a tribute to military veterans. It serves as a tangible expression of the nation’s appreciation for the sacrifices and successes of its veterans. Throughout history, these sorts of memorial spaces have been used for a variety of purposes, from commemorating specific events to fostering a sense of national unity. They are also often utilized as venues for Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies.

In terms of legal significance, such spaces are generally protected under laws relating to public parks, and often benefit from specific legislation designed to preserve their status as memorials. This is intended to ensure that all citizens, both now and in the future, have the opportunity to honor the contributions of veterans in a setting befitting their service to the country.

Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens

The Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens is a 1.5-acre lush landscape situated in Lauderhill, Florida. The area is named after Ilene Lieberman, a prominent figure in Broward County who served as Mayor and Commissioner for many years. This garden is not only known for its botanical beauty but also for its significance in the legal arena. One of its attractions, the Tree of Life, is a popular spot for weddings, making the garden a legal venue for matrimonial ceremonies.

The garden’s allure and charm, along with it being a legal wedding venue, make it an integral part of Broward County’s public and cultural life. It showcases the rich botanical diversity of the region and at the same time, pays homage to one of its respected public servants, adding more depth to its significance.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is a region with rich historical significance located in the Bronx, New York. Its history dates back to the 17th century when it was originally settled by a group of European settlers. Over centuries, it has become a multicultural neighborhood with a vibrant community.

The legal connection of Castle Hill dates back to its early settlement days when property laws and regulations were established. In the modern era, the area has been a hub for legal developments and trends. Further, it’s crucible to several noteworthy court cases and trials that have shaped the legal landscape not only of the Bronx but of New York city at large. Castle Hill’s history and connection to the legal arena is a testament of its import role in the societal and legal transformation of the region over the centuries.

John E. Mullin Park

John E. Mullin Park, located in Florida, United States, is a testimony to the city’s commitment towards offering recreational spaces for its citizens. Named after a well-known attorney, John E.

Mullin, the park highlights the link between the legal and civic landscapes of the city. Mullin was a prominent figure in the legal community, whose contribution extends beyond legal affairs to developing the urban fabric of the city. The park, offering facilities such as swimming and space for other sports activities, stands as a symbol of Mullin’s vision for a community that values both the rule of law and the space for recreation and leisure. Thus, the park not only celebrates Mullin’s legal career but also his dedication to the city’s development and welfare.

West Wind Park

West Wind Park, located in Ontario, Canada, is home to a large wind farm that plays a crucial role in the region’s renewable energy portfolio. The park is considered an important asset in the effort to combat climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Its turbines generate significant amounts of clean, renewable energy, contributing to Ontario’s position as a leader in sustainable energy production in Canada.

From a legal perspective, the development and operation of West Wind Park has likely been subject to numerous regulations and policies related to environmental protection and renewable energy. These might touch on issues such as land use, noise pollution, and bird and bat mortality. Thus, the park is not only significant for its environmental contributions, but also plays a role in shaping energy policy and regulations.

Welleby Park

Welleby Park is a notable outdoor space situated within Sunrise, Florida, renowned for its greenery, peaceful atmosphere, and community-centric attitude. The park, spanning over 20 acres, features various amenities, including a playground, picnic areas, and courts for various sports. It is often a hub for local events and community gatherings, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the residents. In a legal context, Welleby Park is governed by the City of Sunrise, whose local laws and regulations apply.

These laws ensure the protection and preservation of the park’s environment and its amenities, plus the safety and orderliness of the park visitors. The park’s existence in itself is a testament to the effective zoning regulations and city planning by local authorities. Consequently, Welleby Park plays an important role in promoting community interaction while adhering to the legislative boundaries set by the local authorities.

Inverrary 2500

Inverrary 2500 is a prominent residential area located in Lauderhill, Florida, notable for its ties to the legal field. This connection stems from the high profile lawsuit involving the Inverrary 2500 Homeowner’s Association in the early 2000s, which set important precedence for homeowner’s association laws within the state. The case revolved around the interpretation of residential agreements and the rights of the homeowners, leading to a critical examination of association governance.

This case emphasized the significance of clarity in documentation and legal compliance for homeowners’ associations, contributing to changing legal landscapes nationwide. The Inverrary 2500 case is a prime example of how residential areas can influence and be influenced by the legal arena, leaving a lasting impression on housing and property laws.

Piper High School Baseball Field

Piper High School Baseball Field stands as a testament to the school’s rich history in athletics, particularly in baseball. The field has likely served as a training ground for many student-athletes who have gone on to play at collegiate and professional levels. The potential connection to the legal arena could be through cases related to athletic injuries, discrimination in sports, or even issues related to the use and maintenance of the field.

While there is no readily available specific legal case related to Piper High School Baseball Field, its existence within the school system means it must adhere to district rules and local ordinances, as well as state and federal laws regarding safety standards, equal opportunity, and accessibility.

Jackie Gleason Park

Jackie Gleason Park, located in Miami, Florida, is a public area named after the famous actor and comedian Jackie Gleason. The park holds significant sentimental value, considering Gleason’s significant contributions in the entertainment industry, particularly his role in “The Honeymooners.” Its naming also underscores the recognition and appreciation of Gleason’s work in the local community. The connection to the legal arena comes into play with the legal protocols that govern public spaces. The establishment, maintenance, and operational rules of Jackie Gleason Park are subject to the local governing body’s jurisdiction.

This implies compliance with laws regarding public safety, environmental conservation, among others. Therefore, while serving as a tribute to an entertainment icon, Jackie Gleason Park also reflects the dynamics of legal frameworks in managing public spaces.

Lauderdale Lakes Lakeside Park

Lauderdale Lakes Lakeside Park is a notable landmark within the city of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Its history correlates with the trajectory of the city’s formation itself, as Lauderdale Lakes was chartered in 1961. An important aspect of the Lakeside Park is its significance within the legal arena, as it is public land overseen by the local city government.

The management of this public space is crucial, as it is subject to the regulations and policies concerning public parks, ensuring it’s well-kept, accessible, and safe for all visitors. Its existence is an example of how law, local governance, and community needs interact to create public spaces for recreation and communal activities. Thus, the Lauderdale Lakes Lakeside Park provides a fascinating intersection of history, law, and societal implications.

Sunrise Civic Center

The Sunrise Civic Center, located in Sunrise, Florida, is a hub for local community engagement, providing a wide range of facilities from an aquatic complex to a theater and an art gallery. Its significance lies not only in fostering local culture and arts, but also for its potential role within the legal field. This venue is often utilized for public meetings, hearings or community forums which may directly or indirectly pertain to municipal or state legal issues.

It provides a platform for local governance to interact with the public and discuss legal matters, zoning changes, public safety concerns or other area-specific legalities. Conceivably, it could also serve as a venue for legal workshops or presentations on law-related topics, thus playing a pivotal role in raising legal awareness amongst the community.

Tamarac Veterans Park

Tamarac Veterans Park, located in Tamarac, Florida, is a significant historical landmark dedicated to honor the military veterans. Throughout its history, the park has served as a scenic space for reflection, remembrance, and recreation, highlighting the valor and sacrifices of American servicemen and women. The park holds a legal significance in terms of property rights, public land use, and municipal ordinances governing parks and recreational areas.

It showcases the intertwining link between the local government, communities, and their role in preserving historical and cultural heritage. Various events, including Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies, are organized at the park, creating a direct line of connection between the legal realm, the community, and the space itself. These gatherings reiterate the importance of civic participation and the legal protection of public spaces like Tamarac Veterans Park.

Sunview Park.

Sunview Park, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a renowned recreational hub that hosts diverse outdoor activities. Around since the 1970s, the Park’s history is closely tied to the local community’s growth. It has served as an essential public space for families, youth, and outdoor enthusiasts, providing various amenities like sports fields, jogging trails, and picnic spots.

In a legal context, Sunview Park, like other public parks, falls under the purview of local and state laws, ensuring its preservation and accessibility. It is subject to regulations covering environmental conservation, public safety, and land use. In enforcement of these laws, Sunview Park continues to espouse the balance between recreational use and conservation.

The Park, with its age-long existence, holds historical significance, serving as an enduring symbol of Fort Lauderdale’s dedication to promoting a healthy, inclusive, and sustainable community.

Lauderhill, Florida, is blessed with remarkable landmarks that evoke historical significance and tourist appeal. One notable landmark is the Inverrary Country Club, a premier golf destination, renowned for hosting PGA tournaments. Additionally, the Central Broward Regional Park and Stadium stands as a notable sports and recreational facility. It plays host to international cricket matches and boasts expansive green spaces for outdoor activities.

The Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, famed for its excellent acoustics, presents an array of theatrical and musical productions, establishing it as a key cultural landmark. Finally, the Veterans Park, dedicated to military veterans, is another historical spot that underscores Lauderhill’s respect for its heroes. Each of these landmarks contribute to the unique character and appeal of Lauderhill, Florida.

Famous Streets

Lauderhill, Florida hosts several famous streets including West Sunrise Boulevard, State Road 7, and West Oakland Park Boulevard. However, certain intersections in Lauderhill are known for being accident-prone, leading to frequent mishaps. For example, the intersection of State Road 7 and Northwest 16th Street was identified as the most dangerous intersection in Broward County based on the number of accidents.

Precautions that can be taken when using these intersections include observing the speed limit, staying aware of other motorists, paying attention to traffic signs, and avoiding distractions like cell phones. Despite taking these precautions, accidents can still occur and can lead to serious injury. In such unfortunate circumstances, the expertise of a professional accident injury lawyer, like those at the Schrier Law Group, becomes invaluable.

They can help victims navigate the complex process of claiming compensation, dealing with insurance companies, and ensuring that their rights and interests are upheld in the face of such traumatic incidents. Their vast experience in dealing with accident injury cases in and around Lauderhill can prove to be a significant aid to victims seeking justice.

Zip Codes

  • 33311
  • 33313
  • 33319
  • 33351

Lauderhill, a city located in Broward County, Florida, is associated with a number of ZIP codes. The main ZIP codes for Lauderhill include 33311, 33313, 33319, and 33351. Each of these ZIP codes represents different areas of the city. For instance, 33311 primarily covers the eastern part of the city, while 33313, 33319, and 33351 generally represent the central, western, and northwestern parts of Lauderhill, respectively.

It’s important for residents and visitors to know their exact ZIP code for purposes such as mailing, locating a business, or accessing local services. A ZIP code can influence many aspects of life in a city, from the quality of local schools to local amenities and home prices.


Lauderhill, Florida, is a city located in Broward County and belongs to the Miami metropolitan area. Although Lauderhill itself is a standalone city, it is in close proximity to several neighborhoods that add to the rich cultural and social mix of the region. These neighborhoods include Lauderdale Lakes, Plantation, and Sunrise. Lauderdale Lakes lies to the east of Lauderhill and is known for its waterways and lakes.

On the west, there’s Plantation, which is recognized for its lush green landscapes and the famous Plantation Preserve Golf Course. North of Lauderhill, you’ll find the city of Sunrise, renowned for its entertainment arena, BB&T Center, and the large retail complex, Sawgrass Mills. Each of these neighboring cities has its own unique charm and contributes to the diverse tapestry of the Lauderhill area.

Surrounding Cities

Sprawling around the city of Lauderhill in Florida, we find a collection of vibrant municipalities, each with its own unique character and charm. To the north, we have Tamarac, a city known for its diverse recreational activities and parks. Moving eastwards lies Plantation, an area highlighted for its natural environment and bustling businesses. The southern neighbor is Lauderdale Lakes, a community with a rich cultural and historical heritage.

To the west, we approach Sunrise, a city that shines with a balance of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Meanwhile, Fort Lauderdale, with its stunning beaches and impressive arts scene, occupies the southeast. North Lauderdale and Margate complete the circle to the northwest, offering quaint neighborhoods and friendly communities.

These are just some of the cities that surround and enrich the community experience around Lauderhill, Florida.

Special Features

Lauderhill, Florida, is special for many distinctive features. It carries a vibrant Caribbean flavor, owing to its significant Jamaican population. This cultural influence reflects in the city’s annual events, the cuisine, and the music, making it a unique touch of Caribbean charm in the heart of Florida. The city is also well-known for its verdant golf courses, notably the Lauderhill Golf Course, a place of picturesque beauty and challenge for golf enthusiasts.

Lauderhill has a strong sense of community with numerous parks and recreational facilities that cater to all age groups, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Its location within the Miami metropolitan area also provides the residents and visitors alike easy access to the dynamic surroundings while maintaining its tranquil and welcoming environment. It’s a perfect blend of cultural diversity, sporting attractions, and Florida’s quintessential sunny charm.


Lauderhill, Florida, has a history that dates back to the mid-20th century. The city was initially conceived as a planned community by developer Herbert Sadkin, who named it “Sunnydale”. However, upon hearing the name, comedian Jackie Gleason, who resided in nearby Inverrary, remarked that the name sounded more like a cemetery rather than a community.

This led Sadkin to rename it “Lauderhill”. The City of Lauderhill was officially incorporated on June 20, 1959. In its early days, Lauderhill was predominantly a retirement community of Jewish residents, but by the 1970s, it started to transform into a more diverse community. The city has continued to grow and develop over the years, and today it is known for its rich diversity, vibrant cultures, and thriving commercial sectors.

Transit Stations

Lauderhill, Florida is a vibrant city known for its rich cultural diversity, and one of its essential transport hubs is the bus station. The bus station offers a gateway to the surrounding locales, serving as a vital transportation node for residents and visitors. This bus station plays a significant role in the everyday lives of the residents, facilitating their commute to work, school, and other destinations. The bus station is managed by Broward County Transit, ensuring timely bus schedules and efficient services.

The bus routes cover numerous areas in and around Lauderhill, making it a critical part of the city’s public transportation system. The bus station in Lauderhill not only contributes significantly to the local economy but also helps in reducing traffic congestion and improving the overall quality of life in the city.

Things to Do

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and entertainment of Lauderhill, Florida. Start your journey at the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, a hub for thrilling performances and exhibitions. Switch gear and indulge your love for sports at the Central Broward Park & Broward County Stadium, a mecca for cricket fans.

Step into the world of commerce at the Lauderhill Mall, replete with diverse shops and eateries. Unwind amidst nature at the verdant Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens, or explore the city’s history at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center. For golf enthusiasts, the Inverrary Golf Course is not to be missed.

Round off your day with sumptuous Caribbean flavors at local gem, Jerk Machine. Enjoy!