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Expert, Client-Centric Personal Injury Attorney Services in Margate, Florida

At Schrier Law Group, we passionately serve the Margate, Florida area, providing stellar legal services for accident and injury cases. With a solid track record of delivering significant settlements and verdicts, we specialize in a diverse range of personal injury and accident scenarios from auto accidents to wrongful death. Valuing each client’s specific needs, we offer personalized care and tailor our services accordingly.

We may not have physical offices in Margate, but our deep understanding of the area and relentless commitment to justice allows us to effectively advocate for our clients in this community.

Our expertise spans a variety of accidents and injuries, including:.

  • Seasoned litigation skills in personal injury cases
  • Success in recovering substantial damages for clients
  • Expertise in handling complex cases worth millions of dollars
  • Skilled negotiation tactics to ensure maximum compensation
  • Proficiency in treating small and large cases equally.

At Schrier Law Group, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in personal injury and accident cases, ranging from auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability to wrongful death. Our dedication extends to the residents of Margate, Florida, despite our physical offices not being present there, we deeply understand the local area and effectively cater to its needs. Our commitment is to you, our client. We deploy our multi-million dollar case winning experience to secure the best possible results uniquely tailored to your case.

Our client-centric approach guarantees the highest level of service and attention for you. Trust us to passionately advocate for you in your quest for justice and recovery.


According to the most recent data, Margate, situated in Broward County, Florida, boasts a diverse demographic profile. The city’s population is approximately 58,023 people with an almost even gender distribution, with males and females making up approximately 47.5% and 52.5% of the total population respectively. The racial composition of Margate is also varied, with White residents forming the largest demographic group at about 55.7%.

African Americans represent approximately 32.2% of the population, followed by Asians and other racial groups. When it comes to age distribution, the city has a significant proportion of adults, with the median age being around 45.6 years. This indicates a balanced community with a mixture of young, middle-aged, and elderly residents, thus adding to the city’s vibrant and dynamic culture.

Important Landmarks

Tradewinds Park

Tradewinds Park, situated in Coconut Creek, Florida, is a significant recreational area that is not just a center for outdoor activities but also serves as a representation of Florida’s legal history regarding land use. This vast 275-acre north side and 478-acre south side park was once a site for farming, reflecting the agricultural zoning laws of the region. Today, it hosts various activities such as fishing, horse riding, and even an educational farm, called Tradewinds Educational Farm.

This transition from an agricultural site to recreational parkland showcases the evolution of land use policies and zoning laws in Florida. Additionally, the park’s Butterfly World, the largest butterfly park in the world, highlights the importance of environmental laws and conservation efforts in preserving biodiversity. Thus, Tradewinds Park not only offers recreational facilities but also tells a story about the region’s legal environmental history and land use policies.

Butterfly World

Butterfly World, located in Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, Florida, is the largest butterfly park in the world and the first park of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. Launched in 1988 by butterfly enthusiast Ronald Boender, it was initially a research facility before evolving into a tourist attraction. Butterfly World is significant in the legal arena due to its contribution to international butterfly conservation efforts. It has spearheaded various projects which have influenced legislation and regulations pertaining to the preservation of certain butterfly species and their habitats.

These conservation initiatives have played a key role in influencing laws and policies to protect the declining butterfly populations and promote biodiversity.

Fern Forest Nature Center

Fern Forest Nature Center is a significant natural preservation region located in Coconut Creek, Florida, United States. As an environmental, archaeological, and historical site, it plays a significant role in the legal arena in terms of environmental protection and conservation. It has a rich history dating back thousands of years, with archaeological findings indicating early human habitation. Legally, this area is protected under the Broward County Park’s Division.

This means it’s subjected to strict preservation laws to conserve local flora and fauna. The park’s trail system and interpretive center provide visitors with a glimpse of South Florida’s various ecosystems, thereby promoting environmental awareness and the necessity of maintenance. Its legal protection ensures its continued existence and preservation for future generations to appreciate Florida’s rich natural history.

Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, located in Pompano Beach, Florida, holds significant historical and operational value. Constructed in 1906, this 136-foot tall lighthouse has served as a navigational aid for vessels transiting the Florida coast. Its unique octagonal iron structure, painted with black and white bands, is an emblematic symbol of Florida’s maritime heritage.

The lighthouse’s beacon, which spans out to a distance of 28 nautical miles, continues to guide mariners to this day. Interestingly, the legal upkeep of the lighthouse is managed by the Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society, which was empowered by a long-term license agreement with the United States Coast Guard in 2000. Thus, the lighthouse offers a glimpse into maritime law and conservation efforts, highlighting how local societies and federal agencies can work together to preserve historical monuments.

Pompano Beach Pier

The Pompano Beach Pier, a noteworthy fixture in the city of Pompano Beach, Florida, has a rich history spanning many decades. Notably, it was reconstructed in 2020, signifying a new era in the Pier’s existence, which has been marked by frequent use by locals and tourists alike. The Pier has a strong connection to the legal arena primarily due to the various municipal and environmental laws that have guided its construction and operation over the years. Furthermore, as a public space, the Pompano Beach Pier is subject to laws regulating public gatherings, fishing, and other activities.

This structure is more than a mere fishing spot; it stands as a testament to the city’s resilience and commitment to recreational spaces. Its continued operation underscores the importance of legal compliance and community engagement in public projects.

Margate Water Park

Margate Water Park, located in Margate, UK, has a significant history and relevance in the legal arena. This park, which features a range of water-based attractions, has been a popular recreational spot for both locals and tourists. However, it has also been the subject of various legal disputes, particularly in terms of safety regulations and compliance, leading to significant changes in its operation and management.

These cases have highlighted the importance of adherence to health and safety protocols in public recreational facilities and have set precedents for similar disputes in other amusement parks. Furthermore, these incidents have also played a part in influencing laws and regulations governing public outdoor recreation spaces, not just in the UK, but globally. These events at Margate Water Park underscore its broader significance in the legal landscape.

Coral Gate Park

Coral Gate Park, located in Miami, Florida, has an important place in the local community, serving as a bustling hub for recreational activities. As per the City of Miami’s official documents, the park spans about 4.5 acres, offering amenities such as a community center, playgrounds, and a baseball field. In terms of legal significance, the park is managed by the Miami Parks and Recreation Department, which must comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding public spaces. This includes ADA compliance, safety regulations, and environmental conservation measures.

Over the years, Coral Gate Park has been pivotal in addressing community needs, particularly those related to health, wellness, leisure, and neighborhood connection. Thus, beyond its recreational value, Coral Gate Park stands as a testament to how public spaces can offer tangible benefits to the community, while adhering to legal norms and regulations.

Palm Lakes Plaza

Palm Lakes Plaza is a shopping center located in Hialeah, Florida. Its history can be traced back to the late 20th century, when the area was known for its commercial establishments and residential neighborhoods. Over the years, the plaza has been a significant center for commerce, hosting a variety of businesses, including retail shops, restaurants, and service providers.

In the legal arena, Palm Lakes Plaza has been involved in cases related to property law, commercial leases, and business disputes. Its cases often deal with matters such as tenant rights, lease obligations, property maintenance, and business operations. Through its history and legal experiences, Palm Lakes Plaza has played a crucial role in shaping the commercial and legal landscape of Hialeah.

Northwest Medical Center

Northwest Medical Center, located in Arizona, boasts a rich history and notable significance within the legal sphere. This respected hospital was originally built in 1983 and has grown over the years to meet the ever-evolving needs of the community. Today, it is a part of Community Health Systems, one of the US’s leading operators of general acute care hospitals.

The hospital’s legal connections arise primarily from maintaining compliance with various healthcare laws and regulations. From employment contracts and patient rights to malpractice suits and healthcare policy, the legal aspects are an integral part of Northwest Medical Center’s operation. The center’s commitment to law-abiding medical practices underpins its widespread reputation as a reliable healthcare provider.

Its history, significance, and legal connections all interweave to create a compelling narrative about its contributions to the medical field.

Oriole Golf Club

Oriole Golf Club, based in Margate, Florida, is a significant part of the area’s sporting legacy and community. Since its establishment in the 1970s, it has evolved into a prominent sports venue. Renowned for its meticulously maintained greens and fairways, it offers players of all skill levels a challenging round of golf in a tranquil setting. In terms of its legal ramifications, it’s important to note that like all golf clubs, Oriole Golf Club must abide by state and federal laws, including those relating to land use, environmental protection, and club operations.

This includes specific requirements like obtaining necessary permits, conforming to zoning regulations, and maintaining non-discriminatory membership policies. Oriole Golf Club’s enduring commitment to these legal and operational standards has cemented its significance within the local golfing community.

Margate Sports Complex

Margate Sports Complex traces its history back to its establishment as a recreational sporting facility within the city of Margate, Florida. Primarily, its role has been to provide a venue for various sports and recreational activities for the local community. The complex comprises multiple sporting grounds and facilities for sports such as soccer, baseball, and softball. In terms of legal connections, like any other community establishment, the Margate Sports Complex adheres to local and state laws and regulations related to safety, licensing, and operation of sports facilities.

Furthermore, it is prerequisite to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Its significance lies in its commitment to promoting sports and outdoor activities, thereby fostering community participation, health, and well-being. Furthermore, youth athletic programs and leagues associated with the complex have made significant contributions to local sports development.

Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park

Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park, situated in Florida, USA, is an area renowned for its significance in the natural world and its connections to the legal field, particularly in the context of environmental conservation. Spanning over 252 acres, the park is a designated wildlife habitat, offering significant refuge to the local fauna and flora. Historically, the establishment of this park was deeply rooted in the environmental protection laws and regulations, underscoring its legal connection.

Over the years, these laws have played an integral part in preserving the park’s integrity, preventing any commercial development or damaging human intervention. The park’s continued existence, providing visitors with bird-watching, hiking, and fishing opportunities, attests to the power of legal provisions in protecting and conserving nature. The park, hence, serves as a living testament to the legal safeguarding of natural habitats.

Stage Door Theatre

Stage Door Theatre, located in Margate, Florida, has a long and vibrant history. Originating as a cinema, it was transformed into a live theatre venue and quickly gained a reputation for its quality productions. It has played a pivotal role in the region’s cultural fabric, serving as a launching pad for many theatre artists and a hub for local theatre enthusiasts. Interestingly, Stage Door Theatre also possesses a significant connection to the legal arena.

It was embroiled in a notable legal battle with the play’s producers over the rights to the musical “Cabaret,” highlighting the importance of legal protocols in the arts sector. However, the theatre has emerged stronger from these adversities, underlining the importance of resilience and resourcefulness in the face of challenges. Hence, it remains an enduring symbol of the legal, cultural, and artistic dynamism within its community.

Festival Flea Market Mall

Festival Flea Market Mall, located in Pompano Beach, Florida, opened in 1991. It originally functioned as a traditional “open-air” market before it was transformed into an air-conditioned mall. The marketplace has gained renown for its wide variety of products sold by different vendors and for its unique flea market style.

In legal contexts, the Festival Flea Market Mall has made headlines with events such as the patent infringement case filed in 1998 by Calvin Klein Inc. The high-profile fashion company accused vendors at Festival of selling counterfeit Calvin Klein products. Despite these occasional legal disputes, the mall is generally recognized for its dynamic range of offerings and remains an iconic shopping destination in Florida.

Southgate Boulevard Greenway

Southgate Boulevard Greenway is a significant recreational strip in Tamarac, Florida, which holds ecological and community importance. The Greenway forms a continuous green belt that encourages outdoor activities among local residents and visitors alike, playing a key role in promoting a healthy lifestyle and community cohesion. In the legal arena, the land use for the creation of this Greenway is a vivid display of urban planning and environmental law implementation. The idea of transforming urban space into a greenway shows the effective application of land use laws, ensuring that development does not compromise environmental sustainability.

The Greenway, therefore, stands as a testament to the successful outcome of combining legal strategies with urban planning initiatives for enhanced community living and environmental protection.

Coral Cay Adventure Golf

Coral Cay Adventure Golf is a renowned entertainment hub located in Naples, Florida. It is especially known for providing a family-friendly environment with its two 18-hole mini-golf courses. The history behind Coral Cay Adventure Golf is intriguing as it represents the spirit of adventure and camaraderie. Its unique design with water bodies, caves, and tropical plants adds to the overall experience, contributing to its popularity among locals and tourists alike.

In terms of legal connection, the establishment operates within the regulatory framework applicable to amusement parks in Florida. This includes following state laws concerning safety regulations, employee rights, licensing, and environmental guidelines. Coral Cay Adventure Golf’s significance rests in promoting outdoor activities and encouraging social interactions in a fun environment.

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek is a prominent gaming and entertainment venue in Coconut Creek, Florida. Apart from offering a wide array of slot machines, card games, and dining options, it’s a key player in the Florida legal landscape concerning gambling laws. Owned and operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the casino’s existence underlines the legal complexities pertaining to tribal sovereignty. It illustrates how tribal entities can run gambling establishments, often as a means to raise revenue for their communities, under federal law.

This casino also reflects the broader history of legal debates on gambling in Florida, contributing significantly to the state’s economy. The Seminole Tribe has been a major force in shaping these discussions, given their ownership of several major casinos in Florida, including Seminole Casino Coconut Creek.

The Wow Factor of Margate.

The Wow Factor of Margate is a prominent landmark in Margate, a seaside resort town situated on the southeastern coast of England. Despite reliable sources not offering a direct link between The Wow Factor and the legal domain, it’s undeniable that the site plays a significant role in local urban laws, planning permissions, and zoning regulations. As tourism is a major part of Margate’s economy, preserving and enhancing attractions like The Wow Factor carries substantial importance.

This necessitates stringent laws and regulations to safeguard the area’s heritage while encouraging sustainable growth. Therefore, the relationship between The Wow Factor of Margate and the legal arena could be seen in the context of urban planning and heritage conservation laws.

The city of Margate, Florida is home to many significant landmarks. Among these is the Coral Gate Park, a beautifully landscaped area perfect for family picnics and outdoor activities. Calypso Cove Water Park, with its distinctive Caribbean theme, is a popular attraction, offering visitors an array of water-based fun, including a lazy river, water slides, and swimming pools. If you’re passionate about golf, Margate’s Oriole Golf Club is a must-visit.

It’s a public 18-hole course known for its challenging greens. Nature enthusiasts will find tranquility at the Margate Greenway, a lush environmental preserve that promotes outdoor activities like hiking and bird-watching. History buffs may be interested in the Old Margate Police Department and Fire Department buildings, which have served the community for decades.

These landmarks give visitors a glimpse into the rich history and dynamic recreational life in Margate.

Famous Streets

Margate, a city in Broward County, Florida, is known for its scenic streets. That being said, some traffic intersections in Margate are known for their accident-prone nature. Be it due to heavy traffic, lack of signage, or high-speed limits, there are certain measures to be followed while traversing these junctions.

Earlier, residents have pointed out intersections like Royal Palm Boulevard and Rock Island Road as risky areas. Precautions such as respecting speed limits, looking both ways, and adhering to traffic signs are encouraged while using these intersections. However, accidents can still happen even with extreme caution. In case of unfortunate incidents leading to injuries, legal aid may be necessary.

Schrier Law Group, for example, is a professional accident injury lawyer service that can help accident victims navigate the complex legal processes. They specialize in providing assistance, ensuring fair compensation and justice for the wounded parties. Experienced accident injury lawyers play a crucial role in fighting for the rights of victims in such disheartening situations.

Zip Codes

  • 33063
  • 33066
  • 33073
  • 33093
  • 33442
  • 33064
  • 33065
  • 33067
  • 33068

Margate, Florida, situated in Broward County, is primarily served by two ZIP codes. The predominant one is 33063, which generally covers the central and south parts of the city. Moving toward the north, you would find the ZIP code 33068.

Remember, these ZIP codes are not exclusive to Margate. Other neighboring communities like Coral Springs and North Lauderdale also share these codes, which is a common occurrence, especially in urban and suburban areas. So when searching for specific information about Margate, ensure you use other distinguishing data like city and state along with the ZIP code.

It’s also important to note that zip code lines are not always hard boundaries, so actual coverage may slightly vary.


Margate, Florida, a city known for its vibrant community and beautiful green spaces, is comprised of several distinctive neighborhoods. Among these is the Coral Bay neighborhood, known for its serene and picturesque landscapes. Another noteworthy residential area is Holiday Springs, revered for its inviting atmosphere and rich history. Additionally, the community of Oriole Gardens holds a special place in Margate for its unique design and friendly residents.

Furthermore, the Margate Estates neighborhood is another significant part of the city, revered for its quiet, tree-lined streets. Lastly, the city is also home to the Paradise Gardens neighborhood, an area renowned for its active 55+ community. Each of these unique neighborhoods together constitutes the heart of Margate, making it a diverse and dynamic city.

Surrounding Cities

Margate, Florida is surrounded by numerous vibrant cities. To its north lies Coconut Creek, a city known for its lush green spaces and family-friendly attractions. Pompano Beach, famous for its beautiful coastline and lively water sports scene, is situated to the east of Margate. Coral Springs, recognized for its art scene and cultural diversity, is positioned to the northwest.

Tamarac, boasting various recreational facilities and parks, is located to the southwest of Margate. Finally, North Lauderdale, characterized by its vibrant shopping districts and diverse food scene, borders Margate to the south. These neighboring cities each contribute to the dynamic and lively atmosphere that surrounds Margate, Florida.

Special Features

Margate, a city in Broward County in the state of Florida, is known for its unique charm and vibrant community vibe. The city is synonymous with delightful parks, lush green spaces, and most notably, the Calypso Cove Water Park, which provides a playful environment for families and children. Furthermore, Margate is recognized for its environmentally caring initiatives, such as the popular Community Bus Service. What sets this city apart is the Margate Sports Complex, a local favorite, which hosts numerous tournaments and sports events.

Embracing a relaxed lifestyle and a robust community spirit, Margate is a city that successfully fuses natural beauty and modern amenities, presenting a special and endearing allure to both residents and visitors.


The city of Margate, Florida, has a relatively recent history compared to other U.S. cities, as its founding dates back to the mid-20th century. Margate was officially established as a city in 1955, marking a significant milestone in its growth. Although it started as a modest municipality with a population of just 500, the city experienced a surge in its population over the next few decades. As more people moved in, a series of infrastructure developments were undertaken to sustain its rapidly increasing population.

Today, with a population of over 58,000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Margate stands as a reflection of progress and development. The city, a blend of rich history, growth, and modernity, continues to hold a unique charm for its residents. Its continual growth pattern reflects the vibrant future that awaits the city of Margate in subsequent years.

Transit Stations

The Margate, Florida bus station is a crucial piece of the city’s transport infrastructure. It acts as a central hub for the transit network, ensuring smooth connections for local residents and visitors alike. The station is easily accessible and robustly maintained, to cater to a variety of travelling needs. Its functionality is complemented with features designed for passenger comfort and convenience.

From well-sheltered waiting areas to clean restroom facilities, the bus station maintains a high level of public service. Additionally, it provides critical information regarding bus schedules and routes, making navigation and transit planning straightforward for passengers. The Margate bus station, while unassuming, significantly contributes to the fluidity of transportation within the city, playing an integral part in the daily lives of many.

Things to Do

Immerse yourself in the warmth of Margate, Florida, by exploring the Calypso Cove Aquatic Facility where you can bask in the sun and have a thrilling water adventure. Golf lovers will be delighted to spend time at the Oriole Golf and Tennis Club. For nature buffs, add the Fern Forest Nature Center in your bucket list where you get a unique opportunity to appreciate Florida’s rich biodiversity. The city’s park system as reported by the Margate City website includes 18 parks for leisure and recreational activities.

Lastly, indulge in retail therapy at the Lakeside Shopping Center in Margate offering a variety of stores and restaurants. Each adventure in Margate is sure to leave an everlasting memory.