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Expert Personal Injury Advocacy in Parkland, Florida by Schrier Law Group

At Schrier Law Group, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional personal injury and accident attorney services to the residents of Parkland, Florida, despite not having a physical office in the area. Our commitment to justice, demonstrated by our track record of securing significant verdicts and settlements, extends to a wide range of personal injury and accident cases such as auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death. Our client-centric approach, deep understanding of the local area, and tailored services make us an ideal partner in your quest for justice.

Our expertise covers a wide range of accidents and injuries, such as:.

  • Seasoned litigators with history of substantial results
  • Expertise in complex damages and injury claims
  • Proven record of winning million-dollar cases
  • Proficient negotiation skills for maximum recovery
  • Personalized client service.

In conclusion, we at Schrier Law Group take pride in our comprehensive range of personal injury and accident attorney services. From auto accidents, medical malpractice, workplace incidents, product liability to wrongful death cases, we’ve got you covered. Even though we’re not physically located in Parkland, Florida, our deep understanding of the locale enables us to serve you effectively. We’re recognized for our unique client-centric approach, exceptional track record and our ability to personalize our services to each client’s needs.

We are more than lawyers; we are your dedicated advocates, tirelessly working to deliver justice and substantial results that exceed expectations.


Located in Broward County, Florida, Parkland is a city known for its friendly, family-oriented community. According to the U.S Census Bureau 2020 data, Parkland has an estimated population of approximately 34,000 people. The city’s residents display diversity, with a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds.

The majority are White, with a significant presence of Hispanic or Latino, and a small proportion of African American, Asian, and other races. The city has a higher proportion of adults than teenagers and children, indicative of its attraction to families and retirees alike. In terms of employment, most of the city’s residents are engaged in management, business, science, and arts occupations.

This, combined with a high median household income, suggests a well-educated and affluent community.

Important Landmarks

Pine Trails Park

Pine Trails Park, a significant recreational site located in Parkland, Florida, has a deep connection with the community and legal sphere. Noted for its multitude of recreational facilities, the park gained national attention following the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018. The park soon became a space for public mourning and demonstrations, effectively turning it into a focal point for a nationwide debate on gun control laws.

Consequently, it’s not just a park but a symbol of a pivotal moment in America’s ongoing dialogue about gun laws and school safety. Pine Trails Park, therefore, stands as a testament to how public spaces can evolve beyond their original function and contribute profoundly to social and legal discussions.

Heron Heights Elementary

Heron Heights Elementary is a reputable and progressive educational institution located in Parkland, Florida. Named after the local heron birds that inhabit the area, the school opened in 2008 and has since served as a nurturing and advanced environment for student learning. The school holds significance in the region due to its stellar academic performance and commitment to educational excellence.

In the legal realm, the school strictly complies with the policies and regulations established by the Broward County Public Schools district, which ensures the rights and welfare of students, teachers, and staff are preserved. Heron Heights Elementary’s commitment to providing quality education while adhering to legal standards represents the important intersection of education and law.

Parkland Golf and Country Club

Parkland Golf and Country Club, located in Parkland, Florida, is a prestigious residential community that offers luxury living alongside world-class golfing facilities. Founded in 2003, the club’s centerpiece is its 18-hole, par-72 golf course designed by the renowned golf course architect, Greg Norman. This gated community also provides a wide range of amenities, including a Sports Club with fitness, spa, and tennis facilities.

While its primary function is to serve as a retreat for golf enthusiasts, it has a significant role in the local economy by attracting high-end property investment. The club’s activities are regulated by local laws and zoning regulations, ensuring that it maintains a balance between recreational use and environmental conservation. However, there are no specific litigations or legal controversies tied directly to Parkland Golf and Country Club as per current data available.

Doris Davis Forman Wilderness Preserve

The Doris Davis Forman Wilderness Preserve remains an important part of New York’s natural landscape. Its history dates back to Doris Davis Forman who advocated for the preservation of these natural spaces. In her honor, this wild preserve was named.

It holds immense ecological significance, providing a home for diverse wildlife species and ensuring their survival. It’s also a vital natural resource, fostering the growth of a variety of indigenous plants. From a legal point of view, the wilderness preserve serves as a testament to environmental conservation laws. It stands as evidence of the enforcement of measures designed to protect and maintain natural habitats.

This preserve is a living example of the legal protection accorded to wildlife and biodiversity in the country. Its existence continues to motivate more progressive environmental laws and policies.

Terramar Park

Terramar Park is a popular recreational park that has significance owing to its connection to the legal arena. The park’s development was a result of carefully crafted legal procedures and governmental regulations to ensure that it aligns with the environmental policies and urban development plans. The park’s establishment involved legal negotiations relating to zoning and land use, public safety regulations, and environmental impact assessments.

Notably, it had to comply with legal stipulations pertaining to public spaces, including accessibility and inclusivity. Furthermore, Terramar Park’s development is an example of the role of the legal system in balancing public recreational needs with ecological sustainability. It demonstrates how the law can facilitate the creation of spaces that benefit the community while minimizing ecological impact. Overall, Terramar Park’s existence is a testament to the intersection of urban development, legal frameworks, and environmental conservation.

Quigley Park

I’m sorry but there’s no credible or specific information available related to Quigley Park in context to its history, significance, or any connection to the legal arena. To provide accurate and thorough details, the source material needs to be reliable and comprehensive which is currently lacking for Quigley Park.

Parkland Amphitheater

Parkland Amphitheater, located in Parkland, Florida, is a significant communal space that intertwines local culture, performing arts, and outdoor leisure. Serving as a hub for community events, it hosts various cultural, festive, and entertainment activities throughout the year, strengthening the social fabric of the region and contributing to Parkland’s vibrant arts scene. It is an inclusive space, enhancing community interaction and encouraging diverse expressions of art and culture.

In the legal context, it upholds licensing rules, noise controls, and public safety regulations, ensuring an enjoyable yet respectful environment for its patrons. The park’s adherence to local ordinances and state laws showcases its commitment to being a responsible community space. In essence, the Parkland Amphitheater serves not just as an entertainment center but also stands as a beacon of local culture, community connection, and lawful conduct in the realm of public events.

Parkland Library

The Parkland Library, located in Parkland, Florida, USA, has a pivotal role in the life of the community. Its history traces back to a group of enthusiastic volunteers who established it in 1986; it has since grown significantly, now offering a wide range of services, including educational and entertainment resources. The library’s significance extends beyond just a repository for books, as it serves as a community hub where people gather, exchange ideas, and participate in various programs. As for connection to the legal arena, the library often hosts legal literacy programs and provides resources for legal research, making it not only a center for learning but also a facilitator for better understanding of the law among its patrons.

This further underscores the significance of the Parkland Library.

Tall Cypress Natural Area

Tall Cypress Natural Area, located in Coral Springs, Florida, is a notable public park recognized for its vast range of fauna and flora. Managed by Broward County Parks and Recreation Division, the area, spanning approximately 66 acres, serves as a haven for nature enthusiasts due to its rich biodiversity. The park is home to a broad spectrum of wildlife, including several bird species, making it a hotspot for birdwatchers. The elevated boardwalk offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the park’s wetlands without causing any disturbance.

From a legal perspective, the park is protected under U.S. law, highlighting its ecological significance and the nation’s commitment to environmental conservation. The preservation of such natural settings can also have implications for environmental law, such as issues related to land use, species protection, and ecological preservation. It is a testament to the balance between human development and natural preservation.

Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades Holiday Park, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, holds historical, recreational, and legal significance. Established in 1982, it provided access to the heart of the Everglades, a significant ecological system. The park gained fame as a filming location for “Gator Boys,” a reality TV show on Animal Planet.

The park’s relationship with the legal arena is visible through its commitment to comply with environmental laws. As the Everglades is a protected wilderness area, the park must follow strict regulations to preserve the delicate ecosystem. Their airboat tours, for example, are designed to educate visitors about the area’s unique flora and fauna without disturbing the environments.

Thus, Everglades Holiday Park serves not only as a vital connection to Florida’s ecological heritage but also as a testament to the importance of environmental legislation.

Coral Springs Museum of Art

The Coral Springs Museum of Art, nestled in the bustling city of Coral Springs, Florida, is a beacon of culture and artistry that keeps the city’s artistic heart beating. Established in 1997, the museum has since been a hub for artists and art enthusiasts, showcasing a variety of contemporary arts. It plays a significant role not just in the city’s cultural landscape, but also in its legal arena.

Through its Artists-in-Residence program, the museum provides a legal platform for artists to create, exhibit, and sell their works, while adhering to intellectual property laws. This offers a springboard for emerging artists without jeopardizing legal parameters. Furthermore, the museum’s commitment to education has placed it at the heart of public service, as it regularly organizes art classes, workshops, and lectures for various age groups, thereby fostering creativity within the bounds of law and order.

Butterfly World

Butterfly World, located in Coconut Creek, Florida, is a butterfly park that opened its doors to the public in 1988. It’s known to be the largest butterfly park in the world. Created by Ronald Boender, an American entrepreneur, and lepidopterist, Butterfly World is not only a tourist attraction but also has a significant role in the legal arena related to the preservation of endangered species.

The park is actively engaged in butterfly farming and research, promoting the conservation of butterflies. Their efforts have significantly contributed to the rejuvenation of the Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly population, an endangered species. This initiative not only helps in maintaining the biodiversity but also serves as a successful model for wildlife conservation laws globally. Legal authorities often refer to Butterfly World’s practices while drafting policies for endangered species.

Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is a notable recreational area nestled in Annapolis, Maryland. Its establishment in the mid-1980s came after an intense legal battle over the land’s destiny. Advocacy groups and local residents fervently opposed plans to develop a high-density residential area on this pristine landscape. Following a court ruling, the site was preserved as a park.

Today, Quiet Waters Park is cherished for its unique blend of recreational and environmental offerings, including ice-skating, woodland trails, and an art gallery. Furthermore, the ongoing management of the park ensures that legal guidelines concerning natural preservation and public use are adhered to. In its essence, Quiet Waters Park embodies a successful case of community involvement in environmental law and land use planning, with its history serving as a testament to the significance of public participation in democratic decision-making.

Xtreme Action Park.

Xtreme Action Park is a premier indoor entertainment venue located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Its history dates back to 2015 when it was established. The park offers an extensive variety of activities, including go-karting, bowling, arcade games, and escape rooms, making it a hotspot for family outings and corporate events.

In terms of its significance to the legal arena, Xtreme Action Park has demonstrated an exemplary record in enforcing and complying with all relevant local and state laws. This includes safety regulations related to indoor recreational facilities and employment laws. The park has also shown strong commitment to customer safety and welfare, emphasizing the importance of liability waivers and insurance coverage to protect both the business and its clients. In this way, Xtreme Action Park stands as an example of responsible business operation in the recreation industry.

Parkland, Florida, is known for its wealth of beautiful landmarks. This includes the scenic Pine Trails Park, a popular location studded with wide-open green fields, a children’s playground, and a memorial to remember the victims of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. In addition, you’ll find the Equestrian Center at Temple Park which is a hub of equestrian activities set within an impressive 12-acre site. The Doris Davis Forman Wildlife Preserve, a natural conservation area providing habitats to a variety of native wildlife species, is another remarkable landmark of Parkland.

Finally, Parkland’s Covered Bridge is a picturesque spot that adds to the city’s small-town charm. This quaint, wooden structure over a blue serenity lake is an iconic symbol of Parkland, encapsulating its peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Famous Streets

Parkland, Florida, is known for its stunning streets and lively neighborhoods, each carrying its unique charm. However, the city has some intersections infamous for accidents, constituting a safety risk to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Particularly, the junctions on University Drive and Holmberg Road have been reported as accident-prone areas that require extra caution while navigating. Overspeeding, distracted driving, and failure to yield right of way are some of the main causes of accidents in these areas.

When using these intersections, it is advised that road users adhere strictly to traffic laws, observe speed limits, and maintain high alert levels. It is equally important to look out for other road users and be prepared to react swiftly to any sudden movement. In the unfortunate event of an accident, victims should seek immediate medical attention and then legal assistance, if necessary. An experienced accident injury lawyer like at the Schrier Law Group can help navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring victims receive fair compensation for their injuries.

These seasoned professionals are knowledgeable in personal injury law and have a track record of successful representations in Parkland and the surrounding areas.

Zip Codes

  • 33067
  • 33073
  • 33076
  • 33428
  • 33498
  • 33071
  • 33065
  • 33075
  • 33321
  • 33323
  • 33322
  • 33351
  • 33319
  • 33324
  • 33325

Parkland, a Florida city located in Broward County, is represented by a few zip codes. The main zip code for Parkland is 33076, while the surrounding areas have their own individual zip codes. For instance, the nearby city of Coral Springs shares the 33076 zip code, but also has the 33065, 33067, 33071, and 33075 zip codes.

Coconut Creek, another neighboring locality, is identified by 33063, 33066, and 33073. The zip code 33321 represents the nearby city of Tamarac. Thus, these zip codes are significant for those seeking to understand the regional breakdown related to Parkland, Florida.


Parkland, Florida, is an area that embodies a hometown, small community charm while being interspersed with various neighborhoods. Some of these communities include Heron Bay, a flourishing neighborhood known for its communal amenities and luxury houses. Pine Tree Estates is another notable community, recognized for its spacious lots and nature-centered landscapes.

The Parkland Golf and Country Club also stands out with its top-tier golf course, country club amenities, and distinct residential properties. Parkland Isles is also recognized for its beautiful waterscapes and homes with serene lake views. Lastly, the Watercrest at Parkland community is renowned for its resort-style luxury living and family-friendly environment. Parkland truly offers a diverse range of options for anyone looking for a harmonious blend of comfort, luxury, and nature.

Surrounding Cities

Parkland, Florida, a charming city known for its low crime rate and high standard of living, shares its perimeter with multiple cities. To the north, it’s bordered by the city of Boca Raton. Coral Springs, its bustling neighbor, is to the east, while serene Coconut Creek lies to the southeast.

Tamarac and North Lauderdale, both maintaining a balance of residential and corporate zones, gently cradle Parkland on the south side. Notably, the Everglades Wildlife Management Area occupies a significant portion of Parkland’s western boundary, ensuring green views and a substantial buffer from the city of Southwest Ranches located a little farther west. Each neighboring city, with its unique character and diversity, complements the tranquil charm of Parkland, co-creating a dynamic and engaging regional tableau.

Special Features

Parkland, Florida is a unique city known for its dedication to maintaining a “park-like” character. Despite its growth and development, the city has passed numerous ordinances to preserve its original charm and aesthetics. Nestled within the busy South Florida metropolitan area, Parkland has managed to carve out a tranquil and serene environment, characterized by zoning laws that limit large-scale commercial developments. Its commitment to natural beauty has made it a haven for residents seeking to escape the bustling city life.

The city is also known for its top-rated schools and wide variety of recreational activities including equestrian facilities, golf courses, and sports fields. Moreover, Parkland prides itself on its tight-knit community, which was evident in the unity displayed following the tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


Parkland, Florida, is a remarkable city with a rich history. From its humble beginnings as a farming community in the early 1900s, it has evolved into a thriving slice of paradise. The city was incorporated on July 10, 1963 with the vision of preserving its “park-like” character.

This vision was evident as its early leaders posed strict zoning laws to guard against overdevelopment. Named for the park-like atmosphere, the city of Parkland was initially only a small part of a larger municipality known as the North Broward District. After incorporating, it gradually grew in size and population, reaching 32,202 residents as of 2020.

Despite its growth, Parkland has managed to retain its unique charm with its commitment to preserving green space and limiting commercial development. Today, it offers a serene and scenic retreat that serves as a testament to its historical mission of maintaining a park-like environment.

Transit Stations

The bus station in Parkland, Florida is a significant hub for local commuters. Operating as a central point for various bus routes, it plays an essential role in the local public transportation system. The station is well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a smooth journey for passengers.

It’s conveniently located in a prominent area of the city, making it easily accessible for residents and visitors. The bus station is designed in a way to accommodate large groups of people, minimizing congestion during peak hours. Furthermore, it adheres to rigorous safety standards, ensuring the wellbeing of all passengers.

The station also has multiple platforms, making it convenient for passengers to transition between different bus routes.

Things to Do

For a delightful experience in Parkland, Florida, start your journey with the Pine Trails Park, a lovely green space with playgrounds, multipurpose fields, a concert stage, and walking trails. Then, you might want to explore Parkland’s famous Farmer’s Market that offers a variety of locally-grown fresh produce. For the wine enthusiast, the Wine Spectator Grand Tour Miami, hosted by the renowned Wine Spectator magazine, is a perfect avenue to indulge in over 244 wines rated 90+ points. Parkland also presents a rich wildlife experience at the Everglades wildlife sanctuary, the largest rehabilitation center for wildlife in Florida.

If you’re looking for some adventure, Coral Springs Museum of Arts offers art classes and exhibitions. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Calypso Cove Aquatic Facility for a fun-filled family day. Do remember to check the official websites for timings and entry fees.