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At Schrier Law Group, we bring deep understanding of the local area of Pembroke Park, Florida, and an exceptional track record in successfully handling personal injury and accident cases. Our seasoned team specializes in a wide array of accident types including auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace incidents, product liability, and wrongful death cases. Despite not maintaining physical offices in Pembroke Park, our commitment to client-centric approach, personalized service provision and unwavering pursuit for justice ensure we effectively serve our clients, delivering substantial results. Each case is unique; we tailor our services to meet your recovery and justice needs.

We are experts in a variety of accidents and injuries, including:.

  • Seasoned litigators with history of delivering substantial results
  • Expertise in handling complicated damages and injury claims
  • Proven track record in winning cases worth millions of dollars
  • Skilled negotiation team to maximize settlement value
  • Personalized service treating every client like a close friend or family member.

As the Schrier Law Group, we bring our vast expertise in personal injury and accident representation to the residents of Pembroke Park, Florida. Our wide-ranging services encompass auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death. Despite not having a physical office here, our deep understanding of the local area enables us to offer effective service provision. We take pride in our exceptional track record, our personalized, client-centric approach, and our ability to tailor services to meet individual needs.

Trust us to fight for the justice you deserve and guide you on the path to recovery.


According to the United States Census Bureau, Pembroke Park, Florida, is home to a richly diverse population. As of the 2010 Census, there were approximately 6,102 people residing in the town. The racial makeup of the town is diverse with a significant representation of African American residents, accounting for 58.9% of the population.

White residents account for 35.3% of the total population, while individuals of Hispanic or Latino origin make up around 32.1%. Other races, including Asian, Pacific Islanders, and those identifying as two or more races, comprise the remaining demographic. The median age in Pembroke Park is about 40 years, and there is a slight female majority. These demographics reflect a vibrant and diverse community where people from different ethnic and racial backgrounds coexist.

Important Landmarks

Anne Kolb Nature Center

The Anne Kolb Nature Center, established in 1996, is an important ecological and recreational reserve located in Hollywood, Florida. The center is named after Anne Kolb, a renown journalist, and Broward County Commissioner known for her pioneering environmental advocacy. The nature center is home to an extensive range of wildlife and features a variety of nature trails, providing a valuable experience for nature enthusiasts and promoting environmental education. The center’s existence is tied to legal history, as Kolb fought hard to protect the area from development projects, leading to its preservation and the precedent for preserving such ecological spaces.

Today, the Anne Kolb Nature Center stands as a testament to Anne Kolb’s vision and activism in environmental law and urban planning, and continues to serve as a habitat for numerous endangered species while offering recreational and learning experiences for visitors.

Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach, located in Florida, holds historical significance as a vibrant, cultural hub that has played an important role in shaping local laws and regulations. Established in 1925, it quickly blossomed into a tourist hotspot, driving economic growth and subsequent regulatory changes. These changes were particularly relevant in the area of construction law, as the beach’s popularity necessitated strict building codes to ensure safety and preserve the area’s picturesque charm.

In recent years, the city’s legal landscape has also been influenced by environmental legislation, aimed at preserving Hollywood Beach’s natural beauty and precious ecosystems. The significance of Hollywood Beach extends beyond its physical boundaries, reflecting in its contribution to the evolution of local legal framework and policy making.

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is a globally recognized entertainment venue owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Established in 2004 in Tampa, it has since expanded, with locations in Hollywood, Florida and internationally. It’s renowned for its guitar-shaped Hard Rock Live arena, and has become a significant destination for gaming, fine dining, and globally recognized concerts. From a legal perspective, the complex is situated on the tribe’s reservation land, and its operation leverages the US federal law, Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (1988), allowing Native American tribes to run such establishments.

It’s a testament to the evolution of sovereignty rights and serves as a significant source of income for the tribe, contributing to their economic development. It also highlights the legal intricacies tied to tribal gaming in the US.

Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino

Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino, nestled in Hallandale Beach, Florida, has a long and storied history, touching on the worlds of both sport and law. Established in 1939, it has been a leading light in the world of thoroughbred racing for decades, hosting prestigious events like the Florida Derby. However, it also has deep connections to the legal field. In 2005, for example, it became a casino as well as a racetrack after a state-wide referendum on slot machines was passed, thereby altering the legal landscape for gambling in Florida.

These developments have not only elevated the importance of Gulfstream Park in the state’s entertainment industry but also underscore its pivotal role in influencing legal debates and decisions pertaining to gambling and race track operations in Florida.

Topeekeegee Yugnee Park

Topeekeegee Yugnee Park, often referred to as T.Y. Park, is a public urban park located in Hollywood, Florida. Its name, derived from the Seminole Indian language, is a testament to the park’s connection with indigenous cultural heritage. The term “Topeekeegee Yugnee” literally means “meeting or gathering place.” According to Broward County Parks Division, this 138.6-acre sanctuary is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its legal significance.

It hosts numerous public events each year, potentially subject to varying laws and regulations. There may be permits needed, laws about noise control, environmental protection, and public safety that need to be considered when organizing events. The park is a vital public space, fostering community relationships and serving as a symbol of the complex interplay between nature, culture, and law.

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is a vibrant cultural institution located in Hollywood, Florida. It has a rich history dating back to 1975 when it was established. This center plays a significant role in promoting arts and culture through exhibitions, performances, and education.

Notably, it has paved the way for the appreciation and understanding of contemporary visual and performing arts. In the legal arena, the Center maintains compliance with laws governing nonprofit organizations and engages in activities that comply with its mission and vision. The Center contributes immensely to the cultural life of the community, enhancing enjoyment and understanding of the arts.

It continues to be a hub of cultural exchange and learning, offering a diverse range of programs for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Hallandale Beach

Hallandale Beach, located in Broward County, Florida, has a significant history and legal connection as an epicenter of regional economic and tourism activity. Its inception can be traced back to 1895, originating as a settlement for Swedish immigrants, before attaining city status in 1957, as per the municipal charter. The area’s significance lies in its strategic location, known for its beautiful beach, racetrack and casino, making it an attraction for tourists and investors. Legally, Hallandale Beach operates under a commission-manager government, which has contributed greatly to shaping the area’s development policies and regulations.

The city’s legal arena is crucial in protecting City’s natural resources, addressing housing issues, and ensuring sustainable development for future generations. Therefore, the area’s historical, economic, and legal facets collectively contribute to its unique identity and continued growth.

Yellow Green Farmers Market

The Yellow Green Farmers Market, located in Hollywood, Florida, is deeply entrenched in the region’s history, culture, and community life. Its significance transcends the regular commerce of fresh produce, as it provides a platform for local farms, artisans, and small businesses. The market hosts more than 300 vendors and has emerged as an epitome of sustainable living and local economic growth.

In the legal context, the Yellow Green Farmers Market serves as an example of the positive impacts of legislation that encourages local agricultural initiatives and supports small businesses. It also highlights the importance of health and safety regulations in public spaces, especially concerning the selling and consumption of food. This marketplace also serves as an illustration of the legal obligations and considerations associated with running a large, open-to-the-public community market.

Hollywood North Beach Park

Hollywood North Beach Park is a highlight among the parks in Broward County, Florida. Since its inception, the park has played an integral role in the local community, being a preferred destination for recreational activities and a haven for wildlife. The Park’s location provides stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, making it a hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

Its popularity, however, transcends its recreational value. The Park has also seen its fair share of legal disputes, predominantly related to land use and environmental conservation issues. These legal battles have often resulted in shaping land use policy, promoting environmental sustainability and shaping the future of the park. The Park’s history, therefore, serves as a microcosm of the wider challenges of balancing urban development, recreation, and environmental preservation.

Hollywood Boardwalk

The Hollywood Boardwalk, a key attraction in Hollywood, Florida, is famous for its vibrant and multicultural atmosphere. With a rich history dating back to the 1920s, this iconic beachside promenade has long been a gathering place for locals and tourists alike. It underwent significant renovations in the 1970s and transformed into a thriving hub of leisure and entertainment. While it is far removed from courtrooms and legal drama, the boardwalk has been subjected to several legal regulations, particularly concerning zoning and business licensing.

As per the City of Hollywood’s municipal ordinances, all businesses along the boardwalk must follow specific guidelines to preserve the area’s unique aesthetic and cultural character. Therefore, the Hollywood Boardwalk serves as a testament to the intrinsically legal nature of urban development, shaping and being shaped by local laws and policies.

Hollywood Beach Theatre

Hollywood Beach Theatre, located in Hollywood, Florida, has a history tied closely to the arts and entertainment. This outdoor theatre, situated on the award-winning Hollywood Beach Broadwalk, is a popular hub for tourists and residents alike. The venue uniquely serves as a meaningful connection to the city’s legal arena because it operates under a special events permit issued by the Hollywood City Commission.

This authorizes performances, concerts, festivals, and community-based events at the theatre. A staging ground for public art and a social gathering point, the Hollywood Beach Theatre remarkably encapsulates the essence of community spirit and city regulations working hand-in-hand. Its operational framework underlines the importance of legal permissions and policies in orchestrating public entertainment, making it a living testament to the power and reach of local government in shaping cultural landscapes.

Artspark At Young Circle

Artspark at Young Circle, located in Hollywood, Florida, is a significant cultural and recreational hub. It is home to a variety of events and showcases, many of which are connected to the legal field, such as community awareness campaigns and justice-themed art installations. Over the years, it has developed into a vital space for community engagement and education, fostering dialogue on various legal issues. By hosting events and offering a platform for expression, Artspark assists in bridging the gap between the community and legal entities, promoting understanding and active participation in local civic matters.

Its contribution in providing a space for open discussions related to law and justice underscores its unique role and importance in the local community.

Ives Estates Park

Ives Estates Park is a valuable public amenity located in the neighborhood of Ives Estates in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The park, managed by the Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, has a significant role in offering recreational opportunities for residents and fostering community engagement. It offers sports fields, basketball courts, a fitness zone, a playground, and a community center where people can participate in activities and events. The park also holds legal importance as public spaces are often focal points of land use laws and regulations.

These laws govern how such spaces are developed, maintained, and utilized, impacting the vitality of the community. By offering a conducive environment for leisure, sports, and community interactions, the park significantly contributes to the quality of life in the Ives Estates locality.

Oleta River State Park

Oleta River State Park, located in northeastern Miami-Dade County, Florida, has a rich history and a significant connection to the region’s legal and environmental framework. As Florida’s largest urban park, it plays an important role in ensuring the protection of the local environment and biodiversity. The park was established in 1986, cementing its legal standing and protection under state law.

Its notable for its vast recreation options, including Florida’s premier mountain bike trails, and its vital mangrove forest which is crucial for maintaining local ecological balance. It is named after the Oleta River, which has historical significance dating back to the Tequesta Native American tribe. This designation also legally protects the river from pollution and development, ensuring the preservation of the area’s cultural, historical, and ecological values.

Calder Casino

Calder Casino, located in Miami Gardens, Florida, is known for its vibrant gaming and entertainment options. Established in 1971, the Calder Casino was initially a race track, showcasing the beauty and elegance of thoroughbred racing. However, the grandeur of the casino took off in earnest in 2010 when the Calder Casino expanded its offerings to include a wide assortment of slot machines and poker games.

With the realization of its increasing importance in the economic landscape of the local area, Calder Casino became a key player in the local, state, and national legal arena. It was instrumental in shaping and navigating state-level gambling and betting laws, making significant contributions to the feasibility and potential of state-regulated gambling. While the Calder Casino continues to preserve its legacy in horse racing, its influence in the realms of legal and commercial practice remains an indelible part of its identity.

North Perry Airport

North Perry Airport, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, has a history that dates back to World War II. Initially constructed as an auxiliary field for the military, it later transitioned to meet the needs of the civilian community. The airport has great significance not only for its economic contribution but also in the legal realm due to its safety concerns.

In the past, North Perry faced legal scrutiny following instances of accidents and crashes which led to investigations and implementations of stricter safety protocols, according to Federal Aviation Administration regulations. As a result, it is constantly monitored and regularly updated to meet safety standards, demonstrating a connection between the airport operations and legal aspects. The case of North Perry Airport thus exemplifies how legal systems interact with and influence the management of key infrastructures.

Pembroke Lakes Mall

Pembroke Lakes Mall is a significant commercial hub located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Since its inception, the mall has served as a cornerstone for the local economy and is among the city’s key retail destinations. Owned by Brookfield Properties Retail Group, Pembroke Lakes Mall features several high-end stores, dining options, and entertainment facilities, catering to a diverse set of shoppers.

In a legal point of view, the mall also plays an essential role in adhering to local and national retail laws, considering the wide array of businesses operating within its jurisdiction. Therefore, it contributes to the broader discussion on commercial law, particularly on aspects such as contracts, property rights, and employer-employee relations. The mall’s history and continued operation underscore its critical role in influencing retail legislation and shaping Pembroke Pines’ commercial landscape.

Miramar Regional Park

Miramar Regional Park, situated in Miramar, Florida, carries an interesting history and significance. As a 173-acre park opened in 2013, it is managed by the Broward County Parks and Recreation Division. It serves as a haven for community recreation and outdoor activities, offering facilities such as a water park, fitness station, and sports amenities.

As for its legal connection, the park operates based on bylaws and regulations outlined by the managing body, ensuring safety and enforcing rules to promote a healthy environment. Moreover, the allocation of public land for the park involved regulatory and legal processes under the county government. This park symbolizes a successful blend of urban planning and legal frameworks.

Boomers! Vista View Park

Boomers! Vista View Park is a highly significant area due to its long-standing history and connection to the legal arena. Situated in California, this park was initially a landfill before its transformation into a public space teeming with diverse recreational activities. The transition wasn’t smooth sailing as it entailed numerous legal proceedings over the years. The park became a flashpoint of controversy, instigating environmental protection laws and regulations.

In addition, the locality’s decision-making process related to park development was subjected to judicial and public scrutiny, thereby shaping the legal landscape around public spaces. Today, Boomers! Vista View Park is not only a cherished communal location for local residents and visitors, but it also stands as a testament to the intricate interplay between urban development and environmental protection laws. It continues to resonate as a symbol of successful civic engagement and the importance of legal procedures in public space utilization.

Greynolds Park.

Greynolds Park, located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, boasts a rich history and has made its mark in the legal arena. Formerly an abandoned rock quarry in the 1930s, the 249-acre site was transformed into a park following the efforts of County Commissioner Charles H. Crandon. It was named after A.O.

Greynolds, the head of Ojus Rock Company, who donated the land. The park became a significant symbol of nature conservation and environmental justice. Its legal significance arises from the struggles to protect it from urban development threats. One such instance was in 1989 when a lawsuit was filed to prevent a proposed highway construction through the park.

In essence, Greynolds Park demonstrates the importance of environmental law in preserving urban natural habitats for future generations.

Despite being one of the smallest towns in Florida, Pembroke Park is home to a couple of notable landmarks. One of its prime attractions is the Lake Forest Park, an inviting green space that features a network of walking trails, picnic spots, and play areas, making it a favorite spot for locals and tourists who enjoy outdoor activities. Another impressive landmark is the sizable Hollywood Greyhound Race Track, renowned for live racing and poker games. Additionally, the town has several beautiful lakes, including Lake Helen, offering splendid views and opportunities for fishing.

Pembroke Park is also known for its mobile home parks and luxury RV resorts like Bamboo Lakes and Dale Village, serving as winter homes for many residents.

Famous Streets

Pembroke Park in Florida is known for its vibrant streets, filled with local businesses and eye-catching palm-lined boulevards. However, like any thriving community, it has its share of accident-prone intersections due to heavy traffic or complex road designs. Particular areas that require extra caution include the intersections on Hallandale Beach Boulevard and the I-95 interchange, notorious for high-speed collisions. Residents and visitors in Pembroke Park always need to maintain a high level of vigilance when navigating these areas, practicing defensive driving, and adhering to speed limits and traffic rules.

In case of an unfortunate event, a professional accident injury lawyer, like those at Schrier Law Group, can offer invaluable assistance. This team of legal experts will help navigate the complexities of legal proceedings, advocating for their client’s rights and ensuring they receive fair compensation for their injuries. It’s always crucial to reach out to experienced legal professionals in such scenarios, as they can turn a potentially harrowing experience into a much more manageable process.

Zip Codes

  • 33009
  • 33020
  • 33023
  • 33179
  • 33180
  • 33019
  • 33021
  • 33160
  • 33312
  • 33004

In Pembroke Park, Florida, the primary zip code is 33023. This small town is located inside Broward County, which is seated in the southeast part of the state. It’s important to note that other zip codes in the surrounding areas of Broward County, which could be relevant depending on the specific location being referred to in Pembroke Park, include 33009, 33021, 33020, 33312, and 33004. These codes represent different regions of the county with Pembroke Park being nestled among them.

As geographical boundaries and postal routes can sometimes overlap, these nearby zip codes may also be applicable when considering mail delivery, property zoning, or community planning in relation to Pembroke Park.


Pembroke Park is a town situated in Broward County, Florida that exhibits a unique diversity of neighborhoods. The town, nestled between Hollywood and Hallandale Beach, is known for its trailer parks, which cater to a dynamic resident population. These include popular areas such as Bamboo Lakes, Holiday Park, and Park Lake Estates, each offers a distinct lifestyle with communal amenities. Additionally, the town is recognized for its commercial areas, such as the Hallandale Beach Boulevard and Park Road corridor that complement the residential zones.

Being a friendly, small community town, Pembroke Park embodies a comforting atmosphere in its varied neighborhoods. The beautiful Lake Shore Park also adds to the scenic charm of the area. Thus, the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods of Pembroke Park give it a unique character in the heart of Florida.

Surrounding Cities

Pembroke Park, located in the state of Florida, is surrounded by various cities and towns. To the north, it shares borders with Hollywood, a vibrant city known for its beautiful beaches and colorful boardwalk. West Park bounds it on the western side while Hallandale Beach is situated to the east. Pembroke Pines, known for its suburban vibe and green spaces, is in the vicinity as well.

It is also close to Miami Gardens, a city famous for the Hard Rock Stadium and its bustling jazz scene. Lastly, to the south of Pembroke Park lies the city of North Miami beach, recognized for its mix of cultures and cuisines. Overall, Pembroke Park is surrounded by a mix of cities that offer a variety of cultural, gastronomical, and entertainment experiences.

Special Features

Pembroke Park, Florida, is noteworthy for several reasons. Located in Broward County, this town is a small yet diverse community. According to the 2010 census, it has a rich cultural diversity with a population that includes a significant number of Hispanic and African-American residents. The town is particularly recognized for its vibrant commercial sector, mainly centered on mobile home parks and recreational vehicle (RV) parks.

It’s unique in the sense that it hosts more mobile homes and RV parks than traditional single-family homes, making it a hub for a distinctive lifestyle. Additionally, its location in South Florida, close to Miami and Fort Lauderdale, offers residents and visitors access to larger urban areas while maintaining a small-town feel.


Pembroke Park, a town in Broward County, Florida, is steeped in a rich and diverse history. The town was incorporated in 1957 and has since emerged as a multi-cultural hub in the southeastern part of Florida. Like many other towns in the Sunshine State, Pembroke Park’s history is deeply woven with the natural beauty of Florida, offering an array of outdoor activities, which were and are an integral part of its community life. Notably, the town is acclaimed for its lush green parks and a lake that covers over 50 acres.

The town’s early years saw a progress in housing and commerce, and now it is home to a multifaceted mix of businesses, industries, and residential areas. Over the years, Pembroke Park’s evolution encapsulates a quintessential snapshot of Floridian history, characterized by growth, diversity, and a vibrant community life.

Transit Stations

Pembroke Park, a small town in Florida, boasts an accommodating bus station that forms part of the state’s well-connected transport network. The area is serviced by the Broward County Transit system, providing locals and visitors reliable connections throughout the region. Significant for its community-centric approach, this bus station caters to the transport needs of the residents and aids in their movement across the city and beyond.

The station is strategically located, ensuring smooth accessibility for all commuters. It is equipped with necessary amenities, contributing to a comfortable and safe transit experience. The bus station in Pembroke Park, Florida serves as an essential link in the regional transportation infrastructure, playing vital role in sustaining the local economy and enhancing the quality of life for its residents.

Things to Do

Pembroke Park, Florida, offers an array of unique experiences that you can immerse yourself into. You can start by exploring the Anne Kolb Nature Center, a lush haven for nature lovers that showcases tropical rainforests and marine life. A few miles away is the gorgeous Hollywood North Beach Park, perfect for beachgoers and picnic enthusiasts. For those who favor equine activities, a visit to the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino is recommended.

It offers horse racing, shopping, live events, and a casino to entertain every member of the family. The Pembroke Lakes Mall is the place for shopaholics boasting a myriad of stores and eateries. For the golfers, the Orangebrook Golf and Country Club is an exquisite 18-hole course to practice your swing. Lastly, you might want to visit the ArtsPark at Young Circle which regularly hosts local artists and live performances.