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Expert, Client-Centric Personal Injury Services in Southwest Ranches, Florida

At Schrier Law Group, we are your dedicated advocates in Southwest Ranches, Florida, specializing in a broad spectrum of personal injury and accident cases. Our expertise extends to auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death. Though we may not physically be in Southwest Ranches, we have a deep understanding of the local area and provide our services effectively and efficiently.

Each case is handled with personalized care and tailored to our client’s unique needs. Our exceptional track record, including securing multi-million dollar settlements, stands as a testament to our commitment to justice and excellence.

We are experts in a variety of accidents and injuries, such as:.

  • Seasoned litigators with history of substantial results
  • Expertise in handling complex damages and injury claims
  • Proven track record of winning multi-million dollar cases
  • Exceptional negotiation skills for obtaining large settlements
  • Personalized service to every client treating them as a close friend or family member.

In conclusion, we at Schrier Law Group, though not physically located in Southwest Ranches, Florida, comprehend the local area and its unique legal aspects, and are fervently committed to ensuring justice for our clients. With our years of experience handling cases covering auto accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death, we pledge to work zealously for you. Each client is treated personally and every case is tailored to suit specific needs.

Our track record speaks volume of our dedication to client care and our ability to secure satisfactory settlements and verdicts. Trust in our capabilities; remember, your fight is our fight.


Southwest Ranches, a town located in Broward County, Florida, is known for its demographic diversity. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2019, the town has a population of approximately 7,958 residents.

The town is racially diverse, with a majority of the population being White (82.9%), followed by Hispanics (28.2%), African Americans (4.8%), and Asians (2.3%). The age distribution in the town is well-balanced, with 22.5% of the population under 18, and 16.1% being 65 years or older. The gender makeup of the town is also quite evenly split, with 48.7% of the population being male and 51.3% being female.

The residents of Southwest Ranches, Florida, are also fairly educated, with 37.4% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Important Landmarks

Chapel Trail Nature Preserve

Chapel Trail Nature Preserve is a renowned wildlife sanctuary nestled in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The preserve encompasses a sprawling area of around 450 acres, offering a tranquil oasis for visitors. Given its significance, the preserve was established as a crucial environmental conservation area. The preserve’s existence and management conform to various federal and state environmental laws, aimed at protecting its unique ecosystem from degradation.

Legally protected, it provides a safe habitat for numerous endemic and migratory species, reinforcing its importance in maintaining biological diversity. Over time, the preserve has played a pivotal role in facilitating environmental research and education, fostering a broader understanding of Florida’s ecosystem. As an interconnected part of the local community, it serves as a living testament to the importance of environmental law in preserving our natural heritage and ensuring a sustainable future.

Southwest Ranches Equestrian Park

Southwest Ranches Equestrian Park, located in the town of Southwest Ranches, Florida, is renowned for its rich tradition of maintaining and preserving equestrian and rural lifestyles. Established in 1996 to avoid annexation by Pembroke Pines, the town and its park have become a critical representative of the legal right of regions to decide their own development course. The community prides itself on preserving green spaces for equestrian activities, a unique stance in the urban progress narrative.

Southwest Ranches Equestrian Park exemplifies this commitment, offering a haven for horse enthusiasts and upholding the town’s resistance to encroaching urbanization. The Park’s existence is a testament to how local ordinances can cultivate distinctive community identity, balancing development and sustainability interests. It stands as a symbol of legal autonomy in urban planning and the preservation of cultural heritage.

ATI Career Training Center

ATI Career Training Center, a vocational institute based in the U.S., has a checkered history, particularly in the legal domain. During its operations from 1965 to 2013, it faced significant legal scrutiny which unfortunately led to its shutdown. In 2011, ATI was sued by both the Florida Attorney General’s office and the U.S.

Justice Department for deceptive practices, including misrepresentation of its job placement rates. These instances underscore ATI’s contentious relationship with the legal system and illustrate the importance of educational institutions maintaining ethical practices and transparency. The closure of the school, which once had 24 campuses in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and New Mexico, serves as a vital case study for the for-profit education sector about the dire consequences of legal improprieties.

Billie Swamp Safari

Billie Swamp Safari, located in Clewiston, Florida, is a wildlife park on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. The park offers visitors insight into the culture, lifestyle, and history of the Seminole Indians through various displays and presentations. Furthermore, it plays a significant role in the legal arena as it is situated on a sovereign nation.

The Seminole tribe has its own laws and governance systems. Visitors to Billie Swamp Safari not only enjoy the natural environment and wildlife but also experience the legal complexities of tribal sovereignty. The park’s existence underscores the importance of legal understanding in multicultural settings. It’s a place where ecology, Native American culture, and the understanding of legal jurisdiction coalesce into a vibrant educational and recreational experience.

Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a historic 60-acre botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary located in Davie, Florida. Originally established as a citrus orchard by Floyd L. and Jane Wray in 1927, it’s now home to over 3000 species of rare and exotic, tropical, subtropical, and native plants. The estate also boasts one of the largest collections of Florida’s native wildlife, including alligators, bobcats, eagles, otters, panthers, peacocks, and flamingos. Flamingo Gardens is integral in the legal context for its contribution to wildlife conservation and education.

It serves as a rescue and rehabilitation facility for injured wildlife protected under state and federal laws. The property itself is a historic landmark and operates under specific regulations and restrictions, further emphasizing its legal significance. Overall, Flamingo Gardens is an influential entity, serving a crucial role in environmental preservation, community education, and legal wildlife protection.

C.B. Smith Park

C.B. Smith Park, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, is more than just a recreational area. Named after Cecil B.

Smith, a Broward County commissioner and a former Pembroke Pines Mayor, the park serves as a testament to his commitment to the community. Noted for its lush landscapes, it goes beyond serving the recreational needs, playing a crucial role in the regional water management system with a significant emphasis on flood control. The park provides an array of services like RV camping and has a large water park, Paradise Cove. It has also served as a venue for significant events such as the annual Chili Cook-Off concert.

Its significance extends to the legal arena as it is managed based on the zoning laws and usage regulations set by the Broward County Parks and Recreation Division.

Pines Ice Arena

Pines Ice Arena, nestled in the heart of Pembroke Pines, Florida, is a significant community hub that offers an array of ice-related activities, including hockey leagues and skating lessons for individuals of all ages. It is the largest ice skating arena in South Florida, with two NHL regulation-sized ice rinks. Pines Ice Arena has also been linked to the legal sphere, particularly for its efforts to ensure safety and compliance with municipal and federal regulations.

For example, it strictly adheres to standards set by USA Hockey and the US Figure Skating Associations, thereby contributing to the reputation of Pembroke Pines as a city that promotes safe and healthy recreational activities. Its robust legal compliance coupled with its commitment to foster a fun and inclusive environment makes Pines Ice Arena a cherished asset in the local community.

Vista View Park

Vista View Park, located in Davie, Florida, boasts a vibrant history and significant connections to the legal arena. The park, commonly recognized by its 40-foot-high hill born from empty rock quarries, is now a tranquil recreational area with various facilities, including sports fields and trails for walking or jogging. The transformation from mining site to public park is a testament to laws and regulations regarding land reclamation.

Environmental laws in particular have been instrumental in the revitalization process. From a legal standpoint, the successful conversion project showcases the law’s role in ensuring land use is beneficial to the broader community, thereby highlighting the significance of legal procedures in urban development. Furthermore, the park serves as a prime example of successful execution of environmental laws that ensure former industrial lands are safely and effectively reclaimed for public use.

Everglades Holiday Park

Everglades Holiday Park, nestled in the Florida Everglades, is a popular tourist destination known for its airboat tours and gator shows. Its establishment dates back to 1982 when George M. Bridges, Jr., bought the land and developed the park. The park’s iconic alligator show was made nationally famous by the ‘Gator Boys’ television show on Animal Planet.

Beyond its entertainment value, Everglades Holiday Park has a significant legal connection as a wildlife sanctuary, contributing to the preservation and protection efforts of the Florida Everglades. It functions under strict environmental regulations and participates in the legal management of the Everglades’ ecosystem. Notably, the park’s efforts to manage and protect the alligator population have been legally recognized. Thus, Everglades Holiday Park serves as an emblem of environmental conservation within the legal framework.

Bergeron Rodeo Grounds

The Bergeron Rodeo Grounds, located in Davie, Florida, is a historically significant arena with connections to the legal domain. Initially developed in the early 1940s as a rodeo facilitating space, it has grown over the decades to become a multi-purpose facility. It has hosted a multitude of events, from large-scale concerts and rodeos to cultural festivals. The historical significance of the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds lies in its representation of the city’s western-themed architectural look that Davie has maintained.

This area has seen its fair share of legal implications, primarily in terms of land disputes, zoning issues, and event sanctioning. The arena’s development, maintenance, and operation require continuous navigation through complex local and state regulations, making it an important player in local legal matters. Its long-standing presence provides a window into the legal, economic, and socio-cultural evolution of Davie city and its surroundings.

Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium, located in Miami Gardens, Florida, enjoys historical and legal significance in multiple ways. Adopted in 2016 by Hard Rock Cafe International, the stadium draws its name from a legal contract, thus signifying the intersection of sports and corporate sponsorship law. Additionally, the stadium has a rich history within the sports world. Since its inception in 1987, it has been the home to the Miami Dolphins, and has hosted multiple Super Bowl games, World Series, and an array of other major events.

Furthermore, Hard Rock Stadium is an emblem of how urban planning and legal frameworks intersect, considering that persistent legal squabbles had a pivotal role in determining its vicinity. From hosting massive sporting events to embodying legal aspects of urban development and corporate sponsorship, the Hard Rock Stadium indeed has a rich story to tell.

Young At Art Museum

The Young At Art Museum is a renowned children’s museum in Davie, Florida that dedicates itself to nurturing children’s creativity and inspiring a lifelong appreciation for art and culture. Established in 1989, the museum has emerged as a significant cultural resource, integrating education and art. Additionally, it has held a pivotal role in socioeconomic development by providing art education for underserved youth in the area. In the legal domain, in 2017, the museum was involved in a financial controversy relating to the repayment of a multimillion-dollar bond to Broward County.

The issue was finally resolved when the museum agreed to become a part of the Broward County library system. This event underlines the museum’s legal journey and its commitment to continue providing valuable resources to the community.

Tree Tops Park

Tree Tops Park, located in Davie, Florida, is a 243.3-acre urban park that continues to play a significant role in preserving and enhancing the area’s natural environment. Opened in 1980, it not only serves as a recreational space but also a preservation zone boasting a lush pine island. Its significance extends to the legal arena, as this natural gem embodies crucial elements of environmental law and policy.

Over the years, the park has witnessed legal debates on environmental conservation, the protection of endangered species, land use, and zoning laws. In essence, Tree Tops Park showcases how legal instruments can be used to safeguard natural habitats while ensuring they are accessible for public enjoyment and education. This ongoing relationship between law and nature not only facilitates the conservation of the park but also establishes a balance between human recreation and wildlife protection.

Country Estates Fishing Hole Park

Country Estates Fishing Hole Park, a revered natural landmark, is located in Country Estates, Florida. This park has historical significance, providing a connection to the area’s past with its unique and clean environment for the community to enjoy. Additionally, it serves as a major recreational area offering fishing activities and other outdoor pursuits.

The park has also been crucial in terms of legalities. It embodies the environmental laws and regulations that have been in place to protect and maintain its ambiance. These regulations, aimed at preserving the park’s biodiversity and ensuring sustainable use of its resources, have been crucial in binding the community to responsible practices. Therefore, Country Estates Fishing Hole Park serves not only as a recreational site but also as a physical embodiment of laws that have shaped its existence.

Miramar Regional Park

Miramar Regional Park, located in Miramar, Florida, is renowned for its expansive facilities, including an Olympic-size aquatic complex, sports fields, and walking trails. In relation to the legal arena, this public park is governed by the Broward County Parks and Recreation Department, which is responsible for ensuring the park’s compliance with local, state, and federal laws, such as health and safety regulations and environmental standards. The park plays a significant role in the community, providing a space for residents to engage in recreational activities, hold community events, and foster a sense of civic pride. Its establishment and ongoing existence showcase the local government’s commitment to uphold the community’s rights to public spaces and the social benefits they offer.

Notably, any disputes or legal issues arising within the park are handled under the jurisdiction of the county’s legal system.

Frank Veltri Tennis Center

The Frank Veltri Tennis Center, located in Plantation, Florida, holds a significant place in the American tennis landscape. The center, named after the former Mayor Frank Veltri, who was instrumental in the city’s development, is renowned for its facilities and the high-profile tournaments it hosts. Notably, the center serves as the venue for the prestigious Orange Bowl International Tennis Championship, an annual tournament with a rich history in promoting young tennis talent. The center’s connection to the legal arena is marked by the fact that Frank Veltri, besides being a major political figure, was also a practicing attorney.

His leadership was crucial in shaping the center as a hub for professional tennis. The Veltri Tennis Center, therefore, embodies the synergy of sports and law, reflecting the vision of a legal luminary who also served the community’s recreational needs.

Sawgrass Recreation Park

Sawgrass Recreation Park, located in Weston, Florida, is a key attraction famed for its airboat tours in the Everglades. The park, with a rich history, opened its doors in the 1950s and has since allowed visitors to explore and appreciate the diversity of Florida’s wildlife. Due to its unique location and ecosystem, the park also plays an important role in environmental legislation. It’s situated in the Everglades, a unique tropical ecosystem legally protected by multiple layers of federal, state, and local laws.

Tour operators and park officials must follow strict regulations to protect the environment, including laws regarding the treatment of wildlife and preservation of natural resources. Thus, Sawgrass Recreation Park is not only a place for leisure and enjoyment but also holds a significant position in the area of environmental law and conservation.

Yellow Green Farmers Market.

The Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida, is a major hub for local produce, artisan food, and craft vendors. Opening its doors in 2010, the market has grown significantly over the years to house over 300 booths in a 100,000 square feet covered space. Its historical significance is rooted in its mission to encourage the local community’s entrepreneurial spirit. Here, many small businesses have thrived by offering unique and locally sourced products directly to the consumer.

In connection to the legal arena, the market must comply with numerous health and safety regulations to foster a safe environment for its vendors and visitors. Moreover, each vendor is also responsible for adhering to specific laws and regulations related to the food, products, or services they offer.

Nestled in Broward County, Southwest Ranches, Florida, boasts several fascinating landmarks. It is home to “Rolling Oaks Park”, a charming recreational area where residents and visitors escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The town also proudly houses the “Frontier Town”, a popular community gathering spot known for its flea markets and rodeos.

Southwest Ranches is also renowned for its Sanctuary, an untouched natural area that pays homage to the town’s rural character and equestrian roots. However, perhaps the most distinctive landmark is the “Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park,” a testament to the town’s deep connection with horses and cowboy culture. This park is a hotspot for horse shows, training, and riding activities.

Every corner of this small town provides a glimpse into the area’s unique mix of rural and equestrian living.

Famous Streets

Southwest Ranches, located in Broward County, Florida, is known for its rural atmosphere and large residential lots. The town has several famous streets, notable among them are Griffin Road, Stirling Road, and Sheridan Street. However, these streets and intersections have recorded a higher rate of accidents over the years.

Precautions are advised, particularly at rush hours, and drivers are advised to stick to the speed limits, wear seat belts and avoid distracted driving. In case of an accident, immediate medical attention should be sought, and the incident should be reported to the police. An experienced accident injury lawyer, such as those from the Schrier Law Group, can help victims navigate the complex legal aftermath of an accident.

The professionals can assist in gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and presenting the case in court to ensure fair compensation. Their expertise in personal injury law in Florida is invaluable in such situations. It is crucial to contact an accident injury lawyer as promptly as possible to protect one’s legal rights in the aftermath of an accident in Southwest Ranches, Florida.

Zip Codes

  • 33330
  • 33331
  • 33332
  • 33026
  • 33027
  • 33328
  • 33029
  • 33314
  • 33325
  • 33326

Southwest Ranches, a town located in Broward County, Florida, is home to numerous zip codes that signify different areas within its boundaries. The main zip code for this town is 33330. Other zip codes that partially cover Southwest Ranches include 33331 and 33332.

These zip codes are used to deliver mail and packages, locate businesses, and define school districts among other utilities. Depending on where you are in Southwest Ranches, you might find yourself in any one of these zip codes. It’s vital to note that these zip codes aren’t exclusive to Southwest Ranches and may extend to neighboring areas. To ensure you have the correct zip code for a specific location in Southwest Ranches, it’s suggested to use a reliable online map or postal service tool.


Southwest Ranches, a town situated in Broward County, Florida, United States, is known for its rural and equestrian lifestyle. Interestingly, this town doesn’t have a typical “neighborhood structure,” but for the sake of identification, it can be divided based on the geographic subdivisions. There are several distinct areas within Southwest Ranches which include Rolling Oaks, Sunshine Ranches, Country Estates, Green Meadows, and Landmark Ranch Estates. Each area has its unique charm, offering residents a serene, countryside feel amidst the bustling city of Florida.

Rolling Oaks and Sunshine Ranches, for example, are famous for their horse-friendly environment, while Landmark Ranch Estates is known for its luxury homes, making Southwest Ranches a captivating place to reside or visit.

Surrounding Cities

Southwest Ranches, Florida, is nestled amongst several prominent cities. To the north, you’ll find the vibrant city of Weston, known for its family-friendly environment and high-rated schools. Davie, recognized for its Old Florida charm and equestrian roots, is located east of Southwest Ranches.

The city of Pembroke Pines, with its vast shopping arenas and recreational facilities, is situated to the southeast. Miramar, another inviting community known for its cultural diversity, is located to the south. Finally, located to the west is Everglades Holiday Park, where one can enjoy airboat tours and get up-close with Florida’s iconic alligator population. Overall, Southwest Ranches’ location offers a blend of suburban life, outdoor activities, and proximity to bustling urban centers.

Special Features

Southwest Ranches, situated in Broward County, Florida, is known for its rural appeal. It is distinctively noted for its commitment to preserving the community’s rural lifestyle, stating that it “strives to maintain a lifestyle that keeps the outdoorsman, the equestrian, and the agriculturist alive.” The town promotes equestrian lifestyle and outdoor activities, with numerous horse ranches and farms. Southwest Ranches is also one of the few areas in South Florida that is dedicated to protecting and preserving a rural and equestrian lifestyle. The town embodies a unique sense of community spirit with special programs, events, and volunteer opportunities that encourage neighborly interaction.

It also boasts of vibrant natural beauty with a plethora of open spaces, parks, and trails. This unique blending of rural charm, community spirit, and outdoor life, sets Southwest Ranches apart in the urban landscape of Florida.


Southwest Ranches, a town in Broward County, Florida, is known for its rural atmosphere and commitment to preserving its equestrian lifestyle. The town, born out of the desire of residents to prevent surrounding cities from annexing their area, was founded on June 6 of 2000, making it one of the youngest in the state. With a population of nearly 8,000, it is characterized by its sprawling estates, riding trails, and nature reserves. Despite its rapid growth, the town has maintained its commitment to retaining its rural charm and equestrian roots.

According to the town’s planning and zoning laws, houses must have a minimum lot size of one acre, which is a testament to its dedication against overdevelopment. Through such strategies, Southwest Ranches has managed to safeguard its unique identity and lifestyle.

Transit Stations

The bus station in Southwest Ranches, Florida, plays an integral part of the town’s public transportation system. Located in the heart of this small town, the bus station provides residents and visitors with convenient access to a wide range of areas. With multiple routes serving the station, it connects Southwest Ranches to other parts of Florida, thus facilitating effortless commutation. Aside from its excellent connectivity, the bus station is known for its modern amenities and cleanliness, enhancing the overall travel experience.

It is a bustling hub of activity, as it caters not just to daily commuters, but also to tourists exploring the natural beauty and unique charm of Southwest Ranches. Despite being a small town, Southwest Ranches takes pride in its efficient and accessible public transportation system, making it an ideal place to live or visit.

Things to Do

While visiting Southwest Ranches in Florida, kick-start your adventure by immersing yourself in nature at Southwest Meadows Sanctuary. Perfect for bird-watching and wildlife spotting, this sanctuary is known for its pristine surroundings. Next, embark on a horseback riding adventure at Bar-B-Ranch, one of the largest riding stables in the area. For history buffs, a trip to the Old Davie School Historical Museum could be enlightening.

This museum offers insights into Florida’s early pioneer life. Wind up your day by relishing some mouth-watering dishes at locally-loved restaurants like Romeu’s Cuban Restaurant. Whether it’s nature, history, or food you’re interested in, Southwest Ranches has something unique to offer its visitors.