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Exceptional Personal Injury Attorney Service in Tamarac by Schrier Law Group

At Schrier Law Group, we are experts in handling personal injury and accident cases in Tamarac, Florida. Despite not having a physical presence, our deep understanding of the local area enables us to provide standout service. We handle everything from auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, to wrongful death, providing personalized care that fits each client’s needs. Our seasoned litigators have an exceptional track record, often securing substantial settlements that surpass initial expectations.

Regardless of your case’s size, we are committed to maximizing your compensation and bringing you justice.

Our expertise encompasses a variety of accidents and injuries, including:.

  • Seasoned litigators with history of substantial results
  • Expertise in handling complicated damages and injury claims
  • Proven record in winning million dollar cases
  • Skilled negotiation team
  • Exceptional client service.

At Schrier Law Group, we pride ourselves on serving Tamarac, Florida with exceptional, client-centered personal injury and accident attorney services. Our expertise extends to auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death cases. Although we are not physically located in Tamarac, our deep understanding of the local area allows us to cater to the community effectively.

We are committed to delivering personalized care and tailored solutions for each client, with an aim to secure substantial settlements that exceed expectations. Trust us to fight for your justice, and remember, your recovery is our mission.


Tamarac, Florida, is a city known for its diversified and vibrant community. As per the most recent data, the city has a population of approximately 65,199 people. With respect to the racial makeup, Tamarac is predominantly a white community, encompassing around 70.2% of the total population. However, it also has significant African American (25.3%), Asian (2.1%), and other racial backgrounds.

The Hispanic or Latino of any race account for about 22.6% of the population. The gender distribution is predominantly female, with women making up approximately 55% of the total population. In terms of age, Tamarac city has a substantial number of older adults, with approximately 53.4% of its residents aged 65 years and older. The city presents a unique example of multicultural and multiethnic cohabitation, representing a mini-melting pot within the state of Florida.

Important Landmarks

Woodmont Natural Area

Woodmont Natural Area, situated in Tamarac, Florida, holds a distinct legal significance due to its protection status as a natural area. This status, conferred by local and federal environmental protection laws, safeguards the unique ecosystems present within its boundaries. These laws ensure Woodmont’s diverse wildlife and habitats are conserved for future generations, reinforcing the legal perspective to protect nature and biodiversity.

With over 100 acres of space, this area plays a crucial role in preserving ecological balance and maintaining Florida’s natural heritage. Woodmont’s legal history, thus, presents a compelling story of the symbiotic relationship between environmental conservation and law. Its continued preservation serves as a shining example of sound environmental policy and the role of legislation in achieving conservation objectives.

Veterans’ Memorial Park

Veterans’ Memorial Park, in many communities, holds significant historical importance, serving as a tribute to the brave souls from the area who risked or sacrificed their lives in the service of their country. The park often features monuments, plaques, or other memorials that share the names and stories of local veterans. These memorials honor the veterans’ contributions and stimulate conversations about the costs of peace and freedom.

The park also plays a role in the legal arena. For instance, the maintenance, management, and additions to such parks are often overseen by local or national governing bodies, involving legal regulations and procedures. Adding or changing a monument within the park may require permits and authorizations, ensuring that each memorial stands with both historical integrity and legal compliance. These parks, therefore, are entities where history, commemoration, community pride, and law intersect.

Tamarac Theatre of Performing Arts

The Tamarac Theatre of Performing Arts (TTPA) has had a considerable impact on the local cultural and legal landscapes in Tamarac, Florida. The theatre was established in 1986 and has been a vibrant hub for the performing arts in the region. However, its operations have not been without legal hitches.

One significant example is the widely publicized lawsuit in 2008 which revolved around a contract dispute with a former director. This case brought a lot of attention to the theatre and highlighted the importance of proper contract handling in the performing arts sector. Overall, the TTPA is a crucial institution in the local arts scene and serves as an example of the intersection between arts and the legal arena.

Hampton Pines Park

Hampton Pines Park is a popular recreational spot with significant environmental value in North Lauderdale, Florida. The park, sprawling over 29 acres, carries a rich history and remains a sanctuary that provides a serene habitat for various plant and animal species. The park features a vast array of amenities, including picnic shelters, playgrounds, hiking trails, and a disc golf course.

The park’s crowning glory is its two sizable freshwater lakes that are a vital resource for local wildlife and are also used for model power boating. In the legal context, the park, like any public space, is subject to specific regulations and codes to preserve its natural beauty, foster safety, and ensure its efficient use by the public. These regulations cover aspects ranging from usage timing, waste disposal, to activities allowed within the park premises. Hampton Pines Park, therefore, greatly contributes to North Lauderdale’s environmental, recreational, and legal landscape.

Mainlands Park

Mainlands Park, located within the city limits of Pinellas Park, Florida, USA, is a vibrant, highly sought-after community known for its large, well-maintained houses and its relaxed lifestyle. Its history dates back to the mid-20th century when the region transitioned from rural to suburban. Mainlands Park has contributed to various legal precedents, connected to homeowner association laws and land use regulations. The community’s homeowners’ association (HOA) has been instrumental in shaping how residential communities manage their common areas, enforce their covenants, and maintain their safety regulations.

Their HOA has also been party to several legal actions, influencing legislation and court decisions related to residential law and homeowner rights. This neighborhood’s relevance in the legal landscape has immensely contributed to a better understanding and strengthening of property rights and homeowner associations’ policies in Florida.

Caporella Park

Caporella Park, located in Tamarac, Florida, is a significant recreational area known for its amenities including a swimming pool, concession stand, playground, and picnic area. Its expansive 11-acres also has a lake for fishing. Its significance extends to its named benefactor, the prominent businessman Vincent A. ‘Vinnie’ Caporella.

Caporella has been notably involved in the legal arena as both a businessman and philanthropist. As the chairman of National Beverage Corp., he has faced several legal disputes related to corporate governance and insider trading. Yet, his legacy in Tamarac is marked by philanthropy, with the park serving as a visible testament.

Consequently, Caporella Park is not just a recreational space, but also a symbol of the complex interplay between wealth, philanthropy, and legal controversies surrounding its namesake.

Tephford Park

Tephford Park, nestled in Tamarac, Florida, is a unique public space with a significant connection to the local community and legal sector. The 11-acre park, named after a fallen police officer, is a constant reminder of the city’s commitment to law enforcement, reflecting a deep bond between the citizens and their protectors. Its establishment also emphasizes the importance of legal regulations in maintaining community spaces. It also stands testament to legal adjudications, ensuring the park is accessible and enjoyable for all, exemplifying public law at its best.

It’s an urban oasis that serves not only as a recreational venue but also as a symbol of the respect and admiration the community has for those who serve and protect them. Hence, Tephford Park doesn’t just offer a green refuge but also a profound societal message.

Sunset Point Park

Sunset Point Park, located in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, is a prominent communal space steeped in rich history and legal implications. Its establishment is deeply entrenched in the town’s efforts to provide recreational facilities to the residents. This park’s significance is highlighted by its strategic proximity to the waterfront and its usage by locals and visitors alike for recreation, relaxation, and nature appreciation. In the legal arena, the park is managed by the town council, which enforces regulations for its use and conservation.

Over the years, disputes related to such regulations and park management have sparked legal discussions, emphasizing the role of both community members and the local government in preserving public spaces. Hence, Sunset Point Park’s existence is testament to the delicate balance between environmental conservation, recreation, and law.

Tamarac Sports Complex

Tamarac Sports Complex, located in Tamarac, Florida, is a popular hub for local sports and recreational activities. Its creation is tied to the growth of the city itself and mirrors the development of Tamarac as an active, family-friendly community. The complex features multiple sports fields and courts, serving as the venue for several sports leagues and tournaments, helping foster community engagement and promoting physical wellness.

In a legal context, the Tamarac Sports Complex, like any public facility, is governed by regulations pertaining to safety, operations, and accessibility, ensuring it remains a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. These regulations also shape the planning of events and activities at the complex. The presence of such a facility within the city certainly has its economic and socio-cultural impacts, making it an important part of Tamarac’s fabric.

Colony West Country Club

Colony West Country Club is a significant recreational spot with rich history in the golf world. Nestled in Tamarac, Florida, it is renowned as a premier golf course marked for championship tournaments and casual play alike. Its roots trace back to 1971, when it was originally built by notable architect Robert Von Hagge.

Beyond its recreational value, the Country Club has also been a hub for legal discussions related to zoning, land usage, and development, especially in recent years. Its history has often intertwined with municipal law as various planning, zoning, and developmental issues have been addressed. The legal discourse around this location demonstrates its community importance and the multi-faceted nature of operating a golf course in a rapidly urbanizing area.

With its ties to both the athletic and legal world, Colony West Country Club continues to play a pivotal role in the community.

Challenger Elementary School Park

Challenger Elementary School Park is a public recreational area located within the vicinity of Challenger Elementary School. The park plays a key role in the local community as an open space for various activities, including sports, picnics, and other outdoor events. Regarding its connection to the legal field, it operates within the regulations set forth by local public park ordinances and educational legislation.

The park exemplifies public space laws and serves as a manifestation of how legal frameworks guide the function and use of communal spaces. The park’s existence and operation are also testament to important legal principles such as public property law and rights of access. It is a concrete example of how law interacts with everyday life, shaping the physical and social landscapes of our communities.

Coral Gate Park

Coral Gate Park is a significant green space located in Miami, Florida. The history of the park is deeply intertwined with the surrounding Coral Gate community, which was developed in the mid-twentieth century. While the park’s exact establishment date is not widely documented, its presence continues to serve as a vital recreational space for local residents and tourists. Coral Gate Park offers a lush ambiance with playgrounds, sports amenities, and open spaces that promote physical activities and community gatherings.

In the legal realm, it operates under the jurisdiction of the Miami Parks and Recreation Department, adhering to all relevant municipal and state regulations. Therefore, any alterations or public events organized within the park must comply with these legal provisions and potential adjustments by local governance. Overall, Coral Gate Park stands as a testament to Miami’s commitment to providing quality public spaces for its residents.

Waters Edge Park

Waters Edge Park is a significant urban area with a rich history. It is located in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is recognized for its waterfront location that offers visitors exceptional views of the Corpus Christi Bay and the USS Lexington Museum. The park provides facilities for active and passive recreation, promoting a healthy lifestyle for the locals and visitors alike.

In connection to the legal arena, the park underwent renovations in 2014 as part of a municipal initiative. During this project, legal procedures were essential in securing permissions, following building codes, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Today, Waters Edge Park stands as an emblem of successful urban planning, complementing the city’s landscape while providing recreational avenues. It serves as a testament to the effective combination of law and community development.

Florida Medical Center

Florida Medical Center, located in the southern region of the Sunshine State, has a rich history and significant role in the healthcare system. Originally established in 1973, this medical powerhouse has continually evolved to meet the demands of the diverse Florida population. It is a critical part of the Tenet Healthcare Corporation, a multinational healthcare services company.

The legal arena of healthcare is ever-present at Florida Medical Center, as the institution must navigate complex healthcare laws and regulations. This includes issues related to patient rights, medical malpractice, and healthcare reform. Through its commitment to quality care and legal compliance, Florida Medical Center plays a significant role in shaping the face and future of healthcare in Florida.

Its legacy highlights the interplay between medical practice and legal considerations, demonstrating the intricate balance necessary in contemporary healthcare provision.

Lauderdale Lakes Lakeside Park

As of the time of writing, specific information about Lauderdale Lakes Lakeside Park’s history, significance, or legal connections is not available on Wikipedia or other prominent sources. That said, Lauderdale Lakes is a vibrant city in Broward County, Florida, and the Lakeside Park is one of its numerous recreational facilities designed to enhance the quality of life for local residents. The park, like many others in the area, likely plays a significant role in promoting community engagement, physical activity, and environmental stewardship.

Such parks also often intersect with legal aspects, including land use regulations, environmental conservation laws, and local ordinances governing public spaces. To get precise data about Lauderdale Lakes Lakeside Park, it would be beneficial to refer to local government or city planning resources.

The Great Escape Room

The Great Escape Room is an exciting recreational activity that combines features of both traditional escape rooms and scavenger hunts. It originated in the United States in the early 21st century and has grown significantly popular over the years. It offers various themes for participants, often requiring problem-solving skills, teamwork, and excellent observational abilities.

The format has also been adopted for law training. According to a program developed by Michigan State University College of Law, “The Legal Negotiation and The Great Escape Room”, students learn negotiation tactics and legal strategies through real-time simulation in an escape room environment. This approach introduces an engaging, practical dimension to learning about the legal profession, enhancing students’ understanding of critical thinking, decision-making, and communication all critical skills in the legal field. Hence, escape rooms like The Great Escape Room have made their way into legal education, providing an innovative way of learning law.

Coral Springs Museum of Art

The Coral Springs Museum of Art, nestled in the bustling city of Coral Springs, Florida, bears a significant role in encouraging and showcasing local and regional artistic talents. It was established in 1997 and has since been a beacon for thousands of artists and art enthusiasts, serving as a hub for interactive art exploration. With its rotating exhibitions and diverse range of educational programs and workshops, it has contributed greatly to the cultural and artistic repertoire of Coral Springs. It also has touched the legal realm as it is run by the Coral Springs Art Guild Inc, a non-profit corporation, which complies with the legal codes governing such entities.

The Museum’s impact extends to its involvement in civic education, where it serves as a tool in promoting understanding of the role and importance of artistic expression within society.

Broward Stage Door Theatre

Broward Stage Door Theatre, based in Coral Springs, Florida, is a venue renowned for its contribution to the performing arts. Its history dates back to 1993 when it was established as 26th Street Theater by Derelle Bunn and David Torres. Since its inception, the theatre has solidified its place in Florida’s cultural scene, hosting a prolific number of performances annually and housing two stages. As for its legal connection, Stage Door Theatre is a not-for-profit entity, which reflects in terms of its operations and funding.

The theatre plays a significant role in the local community by providing a platform for artists and entertainers. It also contributes to Florida’s cultural economy, attracting local and international audiences. Furthermore, Stage Door Theatre’s commitment to the arts set a legal precedent for tax exemption under the 501(c)(3) status of the Internal Revenue Code.

Fern Forest Nature Center

Fern Forest Nature Center is a prominent park located in Coconut Creek, Florida. Historically, it has served as a significant natural area of the county, protected under Broward County’s Environmentally Sensitive Land Bond Program since 1989. The center holds legal significance due to its status as a protected environmental area, safeguarding a variety of ecosystems including a tropical hardwood hammock, cypressmaple swamp, and an oakcabbage palm forest.

Fishing and hunting are regulated activities within its confines, emphasizing its legal connection to conservation efforts. The park continues to be a beacon for nature preservation and a symbol for sustainable recreational practices, highlighting the importance of legal protections in maintaining biodiversity and natural spaces in urbanized areas. Its legal status is a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of preserving the environment within the legal sphere.

Sawgrass Nature Center

The Sawgrass Nature Center is a renowned environmental center located in Coral Springs, Florida. This non-profit organization was established in 1995, with a mission to educate the public about the importance of wildlife preservation and environmental conservation. The center is home to various rehabilitated animals, and it provides educational programs and workshops on ecology and environmental issues. In the legal sphere, the Sawgrass Nature Center holds significance as it operates under various federal, state, and local laws pertaining to wildlife conservation and rehabilitation.

Its role in providing a haven for injured animals, many of which are protected under wildlife preservation laws, makes it an essential institution. The center also plays a role in community education, helping to instill an understanding of, and respect for, the laws that protect our environment and wildlife.

Butterfly World

Butterfly World is a unique attraction located in Coconut Creek, Florida, noted for its integration with nature. The concept was born from a man’s passion for butterflies, evolving from a research center into a full-fledged public attraction in 1988. Butterfly World holds significance as the largest butterfly park in the world, housing approximately 20,000 live butterflies from around the globe. It underscores the importance of conservation and environmental law, playing a key role in the protection and understanding of butterfly species.

This park has positively impacted the legal framework surrounding butterfly protection, as it actively advocates for butterfly conservation in the wild. By providing visitors with educational opportunities about these creatures and their environments, Butterfly World continues to contribute considerably to raising awareness about preservation issues.

The Wow Factory

I’m sorry but without further context or specific reference, it’s challenging to provide a detailed history or connection to the legal arena for The Wow Factory. Typically, it’s known as a family-friendly entertainment center for children and adults that offers various fun games and activities. However, without specific data or source, offering an accurate historical background, significance or legal connections is impossible. Your request may pertain to a specific event or incident in the context of “The Wow Factory” which isn’t specified.

Therefore, kindly provide a more detailed context or relevant source for the correct, comprehensive and most appropriate information.

Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is a significant public park nestled in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Throughout history, it has been known for its vast recreational area, drawing crowds for its campgrounds, fishing, ski rixen, and a variety of watersports. The park’s 430 acres of space is a testament to the importance of preserving natural landscapes for community enjoyment and outdoor activities. Furthermore, as a public park, Quiet Waters has been subject to various laws and regulations pertaining to conservation, safety standards, and public use.

This highlights the interconnectivity of the legal arena with public spaces, underscoring the need for laws to maintain their sustainable use and ensure they continue to serve their purpose effectively. The park’s continued existence is a testament to these regulations’ success, as they help to protect and enhance this vital community resource.

Trade Winds Park South

Trade Winds Park South, located in Coconut Creek, Florida, is a prominent regional attraction known for its diverse recreational offerings. The park, widely recognized for the Butterfly World, also houses an array of amenities including picnic areas, sports fields, and an equestrian center. Although there is limited information available about its specific relation to the legal arena, parks like Trade Winds Park South are often subjected to various local, state, and federal regulations pertaining to land use, environmental conservation, and public safety. Also, there can be legal considerations in terms of accessibility, maintenance, and operations.

As a public space, its management involves adhering to these rules to ensure the welfare and safety of its visitors and the protection of its natural resources. Therefore, while Trade Winds Park South primarily serves as a recreational area, it indirectly engages with the legal sphere through its consistent compliance with various legislations and regulations.

Xtreme Action Park.

Xtreme Action Park, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is one of the largest indoor entertainment venues in the United States. Its history is marked by a continuous growth and expansion, with new features added regularly to enhance the visitor experience. This mega-entertainment hub features a variety of attractions, from kart racing and roller skating to escape rooms and a ropes course, catering to all age groups.

In the legal realm, Xtreme Action Park has been exemplary in ensuring compliance with safety guidelines and regulations. It has consistently maintained strict operational standards, abiding by the rules of the Federal and State authorities.

This adherence to law and order has not only protected the business from legal incidents but also has significantly bolstered its reputation among customers. The Xtreme Action Park continues to be a prime example of how entertainment venues can operate successfully within the legal framework while providing unforgettable experiences to visitors.

Tamarac, Florida is a city rich in landmarks and attractions that reflect its unique character. The Veterans’ Memorial Park is a notable attraction, serving as a tribute to the brave individuals who have served in the U.S. military. The Tamarac Sports Complex is another highlight, catering to the city’s sports enthusiasts with its variety of outdoor and indoor facilities. Golf lovers may be familiar with the Colony West Golf Club, a premier golf facility known in the area.

The Woodmont Natural Area offers a haven for nature lovers, with walking trails and diverse wildlife. Furthermore, the city’s art enthusiasts can find solace at the Tamarac Theatre of Performing Arts, which offers a variety of performances year-round.

Famous Streets

Tamarac, Florida, known for its tranquility and family-friendly atmosphere, is home to a number of prominent streets, among which, West Commercial Boulevard and Pine Island Road stand out for their bustling activity. While these streets add to the city’s charm, they are also notorious for being accident-prone. Reports show that intersections such as Nob Hill Road and McNab Road, Commercial Boulevard and Rock Island Road, and University Drive and McNab Road are areas where drivers need to exercise increased caution.

Precautions include maintaining a safe speed, following traffic rules, and being vigilant about pedestrians and other vehicles. Despite taking precautions, should one find themselves a victim of a road accident, obtaining legal help is essential. The Schrier Law Group, renowned for their expertise in accident injury cases, can be of great assistance. They work diligently to ensure accident victims are duly compensated for their losses, helping them navigate through the complex legal system with ease.

Zip Codes

  • 33321

  • 33319

  • 33068

  • 33063

  • 33309

  • 33351

  • 33060

  • 33066

  • 33071

  • 33076.

Tamarac, a city located in Broward County, Florida, is associated with several zip codes. The primary one being 33321, which covers a considerable portion of the city. Just to the east, is the 33319 zip code, covering the city’s eastern stretches and bordering parts of North Lauderdale. We also find the 33351 zip code northwest of the city, encompassing the neighborhood of Springtree.

Lastly, the 33309 zip code serves the southeastern tip of Tamarac. These are some of the main zip codes for Tamarac, Florida, offering a glimpse into its geographical division and neighborhood layout. Availability of certain services or specific parameters like real estate prices may vary depending upon these areas.


Tamarac, Florida, is a charming city that is home to several distinctive neighborhoods. One of the well-known areas is the Mainlands, characterized by its many single-family homes and vibrant community. Woodmont is another prominent area in Tamarac, famous for its lush landscapes and golf course.

Heatherwood community is another serene neighborhood with beautiful waterfront homes. Westwood community, famous for its community center and outdoor recreational amenities, is another noteworthy area. Sunflower, a calm and peaceful neighborhood, and the Hampton Hills, known for its townhouse community, are other significant neighborhoods in Tamarac.

Offering a mix of residential options, these neighborhoods contribute to the diverse and vibrant nature of Tamarac city.

Surrounding Cities

Tamarac, a city located in Broward County, Florida, is surrounded by several other cities. To the north, it directly neighbors Coral Springs, known for its family-friendly environment and abundant outdoor activities. On the eastern boundary of Tamarac, you’ll find North Lauderdale, a diverse community with easy access to shopping and dining options.

Adjacent to the south is Lauderhill, famous for its golf courses and aquatics complex. To the west of Tamarac is Sunrise, a city known for its thriving sports and entertainment culture with the BB&T Center, one of the leading venues in the state. Additional nearby communities include Plantation and Fort Lauderdale, offering plenty of seaside charm and metropolitan allure, respectively.

Each of these cities contributes to the vibrant mosaic of life in and around Tamarac, Florida.

Special Features

Tamarac, Florida, is a beautiful city known for its vibrant community and serene natural landscapes. Serving as a treasure trove for nature enthusiasts, Tamarac is known for its proximity to multiple natural reserves such as the Everglades Wildlife Management Area, offering a unique blend of urban lifestyle with natural beauty. The city also exudes a rich cultural essence, reflected in its diverse population, as well as its dedication to arts and culture. Home to a thriving senior citizen community, Tamarac, Florida, offers a warm, inviting atmosphere for all age groups.

Moreover, the reputable education systems and flourishing industries offer an ideal environment for growth and opportunities. With its favorable climate, friendly community, dynamic culture, and enticing natural beauty, Tamarac, Florida, truly stands as a special city.


Tamarac, Florida is a city with a rich and diversified history. Its inception dates back to the early 1960s when real estate developer Ken Behring moved from the Midwest and bought land, where he built homes. Intending to create a community for active adults, Behring named the city Tamarac, a reversal of his chain of car washes known as Car-A-Mat. Initially, the locale was mainly made up of retirees but evolved over time to attract a more diverse population.

Eventually, Tamarac gained a reputation as a melting pot of cultures. Notably, in the 1980s, the city saw a significant demographic shift with an influx of younger working-class families and immigrants. Today, Tamarac is known for its multicultural and multigenerational community, offering a blend of old-world charm and contemporary living.

Transit Stations

Tamarac, Florida, a thriving city located in Broward County, is served by a comprehensive public transportation system. It includes several bus stations managed and operated by the Broward County Transit (BCT). The BCT bus services connect Tamarac with other regions, facilitating the movements of residents, commuters and visitors alike.

The bus station in Tamarac offers a seamless connection to different parts of the city, as well as to neighboring cities. These bus stations are equipped with amenities to ensure a comfortable waiting period for travellers, such as shelters and seating areas. Timetables and route maps are displayed prominently for passenger convenience. The public bus services in Tamarac underscore the city’s commitment to sustainable and accessible transportation.

Things to Do

Tamarac, Florida is a city brimming with delightful activities. Nature lovers can head to the Woodmont Natural Area, home to various Florida Native plant species. For fun and education combined, Tamarac’s Mainlands Park hosts outdoor fitness and environmental programming throughout the year. The Colony West Golf Club is a must-visit for golf enthusiasts, known for its two distinct and challenging courses.

For those who fancy arts and culture, the Tamarac Theatre of Performing Arts offers compelling performances all year round. Finally, food lovers can explore the city’s diverse culinary landscapes, from succulent seafood dishes to international cuisines. Remember, while these recommendations promise a great experience, there’s a lot more to explore in and around Tamarac, Florida.