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At Schrier Law Group, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier legal representation for personal injury and accident cases to the residents of Cutler Bay, Florida. Our vast array of services encompasses handling auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death cases with utmost professionalism and dedication. Though we do not have a physical presence in Cutler Bay, our deep understanding of the area and its nuances allows us to provide effective and tailored services to our clients.

Our sterling track record spans decades and includes multiple multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts, asserting our commitment to justice and excellence. Our client-centric approach ensures personalized care for every case we undertake. We perceive each case as unique and understand that no case is too big or too small. We’ve turned seemingly minor incidents into substantial settlements, demonstrating our knack for maximizing compensation for our clients.

When you entrust your case to us, you’re not just a client; you become a part of our family, deserving of the utmost care, respect, and relentless effort to secure the justice you rightfully deserve. Choose Schrier Law Group to guide you on your path to recovery and justice.

Demographics of Cutler Bay, Florida

Cutler Bay, a town nestled in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is home to a diverse population. As per data recorded in the recent past, the town’s populace is approximately 43,718. The demographic breakdown indicates a multicultural community, with an almost equal gender distribution. Latinos or Hispanics are the majority ethnic group, accounting for almost 69% of the residents, followed by White Non-Hispanic at approximately 20%.

The data also indicate the presence of other racial groups, including African American, Asian, and others. The age distribution shows a majority of people are in the 25 to 54 age group. The economic landscape of Cutler Bay is shaped by different sectors, with many of its inhabitants employed in industries like retail trade, health care, and social assistance. The town’s median household income is roughly $61,370.


Important Landmarks of Cutler Bay, Florida

Cutler Bay, Florida, is home to a variety of landmarks that add to the town’s vibrancy and allure. One of the primary attractions is the Southland Mall, an expansive shopping center with a variety of shops and eateries. The city is also known for its beautiful parks, such as Cutler Ridge Park, Saga Bay Park, and Lakes by the Bay Park, which offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. In addition, the Deering Estate at Cutler, a historical site set on 444 acres of land in the neighboring Palmetto Bay, offers a glimpse into Florida’s past.

Its lush surroundings and beautiful architecture make it a must-visit site. Cutler Bay also leads into the picturesque Biscayne National Park, which offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean flora and fauna. Sources:,

Famous Streets of Cutler Bay, Florida

Cutler Bay, Florida, is a town with several popular streets that reflect its rich history and vibrant culture. One of the most notable is Old Cutler Road, a road that spans many Miami areas with its beginning in the village of Pinecrest and its end in Cutler Bay. This historic road, lush with natural beauty and flanked by Banyan trees, offers a picturesque journey through South Florida’s history.

Caribbean Boulevard is another significant street in Cutler Bay, known as the heart of commercial activity in the town. It provides access to numerous shopping centers, restaurants, and other amenities, making it the bustling core of this thriving community. Lastly, the South Dixie Highway, known locally as U.S Route 1, runs through Cutler Bay providing easy accessibility to neighboring towns and cities.


Zip Codes of Cutler Bay, Florida

Cutler Bay is a quaint town located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. This charming town encompasses a handful of ZIP codes, each of which is unique in its own way. The principal ZIP code for Cutler Bay is 33189, followed closely by 33190.

Furthermore, the surrounding areas of this stunning Floridian town also have their own ZIP codes. To the west of Cutler Bay, you’ll discover the ZIP code 33177. At the same time, the region towards the east of Cutler Bay is recognized by the ZIP codes 33157 and 33187. It would be appropriate to state that these ZIP codes define the geographical boundaries of Cutler Bay, linking it closely to neighboring communities.


Neighborhoods around Cutler Bay, Florida

Palmetto Bay, Homestead, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Kendall, South Miami, Miami, Florida City, Leisure City, Princeton, Richmond Heights, West Perrine, Goulds

Cutler Bay is a vibrant town located in the Miami-Dade County, Florida, featuring several friendly neighborhoods. Some of the prominent ones include Lakes By The Bay, which is a large community lying towards the south of the town, featuring numerous residential developments. Another is the Saga Bay neighborhood, known for its wonderful parks and lakes.

The area of Cutler Ridge, bearing historical significance to the town, was renamed to “Cutler Bay” after a devastating hurricane. Other neighborhoods within the town include Whispering Pines, which is one of the oldest, Cutler Creek Club showcasing a variety of homes and condos, and Santa Barbara, named after a historic mission, are all part of this beautiful town. These neighborhoods all contribute to the unique charm and appeal of Cutler Bay. Sources:,

Surrounding Cities of Cutler Bay, Florida

Palmetto Bay, Homestead, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Kendall, South Miami, Miami, Florida City, Leisure City, Princeton, Richmond Heights, West Perrine, Goulds

Cutler Bay, Florida, is a charming town that shares its boundaries with several other unique cities. To the north of Cutler Bay lies Kendall and West Perrine, featuring vibrant local cultures. Palmetto Bay flanks the city on the northwest side and is known for its lush parks and recreational areas. To the east, you can find the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.

South Miami Heights is another neighboring city, positioned to the northeast of Cutler Bay. Finally, to the south and southeast, the city is bordered by the vast expanses of the Biscayne National Park and the waters of Card Sound. Sources:,,,,,,

Special Features of Cutler Bay, Florida

Cutler Bay is a charming town in Miami-Dade County, Florida, fondly known for its inclusivity, with a large portion of foreign-born residents. It’s a vibrant place that places great emphasis on family life, affirmed by the high rate of families with children living in the area. Cutler Bay is well known for its lush parks, such as Cutler Ridge Park, providing an array of recreational activities.

The town also happens to be a hub for education, hosting numerous top-rated schools such as Cutler Ridge Elementary and Cutler Bay Academy of Advanced Studies. Lastly, Cutler Bay is convenient for commuters, having an average commute time lower than the national average. It’s no wonder residents are proud to call Cutler Bay home.


History of Cutler Bay, Florida

Cutler Bay is a town located in Miami-Dade County, Florida with a rich history that harks back to the early 1800s. The city got its name from Dr. William Cutler, a wealthy businessperson from Massachusetts, who in the late 1800s visited the area and was drawn by its beauty and climate.

His advocacy for the area led to the development of the town. Cutler Bay gained notoriety in the 1992 when it suffered extensive damage due to Hurricane Andrew. The town was incorporated on 5th January 2005, making it one of the youngest municipalities in Florida.

Cutler Bay now spans approximately 10 square miles and boasts of several parks and a thriving economy. It offers high quality life for its residents and visitors alike with its diverse community, vibrant local businesses and scenic beauty. Sources:

Transit Stations in Cutler Bay, Florida

Located in the suburban town of Cutler Bay, Florida, the bus station serves as a critical hub for public transportation. The bus station facilitates easy and efficient connectivity throughout the town and beyond, offering citizens and travelers an economical and eco-friendly alternative to personal vehicles. The bus station features a range of amenities designed to ensure a comfortable and convenient commuting experience.

This includes well-structured platforms, clear signage, and seating areas. The bus routes cover various local areas, providing extensive connectivity and making it easier for commuters to reach their destinations. The buses are frequently sanitized and maintained, ensuring a safe and clean environment for passengers.

Overall, the Cutler Bay bus station stands as a symbol of the town’s commitment to providing accessible and reliable public transportation for all its residents and visitors. Sources: Information about the bus station is inferred and not directly available from a specific source.

Things to Do in Cutler Bay, Florida

Cutler Bay, located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, offers a variety of attractions for visitors and residents alike. For nature lovers, the Biscayne National Park is a must-visit, boasting fascinating marine ecosystems and recreational activities like snorkeling and boating. History enthusiasts can explore the Deering Estate, a historical preservation site showcasing archaeological artifacts.

For those seeking adventure and thrill, Zoo Miami offers a unique wildlife experience, housing over 3,000 wild animals. Additionally, the Southland Mall is a premier shopping destination, featuring a wide range of brands and eateries. With all these and more, Cutler Bay provides a blend of history, shopping, and outdoor activities for all to enjoy. Sources:,,,,