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At Schrier Law Group, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional accident and injury attorney services in Miami Lakes, Florida. Despite not having a physical office in the area, our seasoned team keenly understands the local nuances, enabling us to excel in cases involving auto accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death. Our distinct track record, which includes securing multi-million dollar verdicts, embodies our relentless pursuit of justice and excellence. Guided by a client-centric approach, we treat each case as a unique endeavor, aligning our legal strategies to the specific needs and expectations of our clients.

We believe that no case is too small or too complex for us, and our expertise lies in uncovering the true value of every claim, often leading to larger settlements or verdicts than initially anticipated. At Schrier Law Group, you’re not just a client but part of our family. We commit to providing the highest standard of service and personalized care, working tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Entrust us with your personal injury case, and begin your journey towards justice and recovery.

Demographics of Miami Lakes, Florida

Miami Lakes, Florida, is a vibrant community located in Miami-Dade County with an estimated population of 31,628 people as of 2020. The town’s population has a diverse ethnic composition, with the largest group being Hispanics accounting for 84.7% of the residents. Whites constitute about 11.5% of the population, followed by African Americans at 1.5%, and Asian Americans at 1%, with the rest being other races or multiracial. The town’s median age is approximately 40.4 years.

Miami Lakes also has a significant number of households, averaging 2.9 persons per household. The town exhibits an impressive mix of cultural diversity within its population, reflecting its rich community spirit and multifaceted lifestyle. Sources:

Important Landmarks of Miami Lakes, Florida

Miami Lakes, Florida is home to several prominent landmarks that add charm and character to the town. The Main Street Playhouse, a community-based theater, is a cultural hub that hosts engaging performances and enriching educational programs. Spanish Lakes, a vast residential community with lush green landscaping, is another emblematic site.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, a prayer house dating back to several decades, adds a spiritual dimension to the neighborhood. The Royal Oaks Park, a recreational zone featuring sports fields and playgrounds, is a favorite among locals. The Miami Lakes Educational Center represents the academic side of the town, providing quality education to the youth.

The heart of the town is epitomized by the Miami Lakes Town Center, a bustling commercial center with numerous shops and restaurants. Sources:

Famous Streets of Miami Lakes, Florida

Miami Lakes, a town in Florida, is well-regarded for its beautifully landscaped streets. Main Street, a commercial hub lined with restaurants, boutiques, and office space, is regarded as the town’s central artery. The scenic Miami Lakes Drive, on the other hand, is an important east-west thoroughfare that connects different parts of the town. Another famous street is New Barn Road, which is a hub of residential activity.

It’s named after the historic dairy barn that used to be located in the town. Each of these streets contributes to Miami Lakes’ reputation as a town that artfully blends residential, commercial, and communal spaces, offering something for everyone who visits or makes it their home. Sources:

Zip Codes of Miami Lakes, Florida

Miami Lakes, a lovely town in Florida, is serviced by a range of zip codes, covering different neighborhoods and areas within its boundaries. One of the primary zip codes that defines Miami Lakes is 33014. However, it isn’t the only one associated with the town. There are also the zip codes of 33016 and 33018, which encompass different parts of the town.

To the north, you’ll find the 33015 zip code, which also delivers mail to a portion of Miami Lakes. It’s important to note that these zip codes aren’t exclusive to Miami Lakes; they also service various nearby areas and neighborhoods. The selection of the correct zip code depends largely on the specific location within this scenic Floridian town. Sources:,

Neighborhoods around Miami Lakes, Florida

Hialeah, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Miami Gardens, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Miami Springs, Doral, Coral Gables, Miami, Miami Shores, Opa-locka, West Miami

Miami Lakes, located in the state of Florida, boasts of several closely related neighborhoods with unique attributes that make each special. Royal Oaks is one such neighborhood, noted for its lush tree-lined streets and family friendly atmosphere. Windmill Gate, on the other hand, is known for its parks and recreation areas.

Loch Lomond is famous for its tranquil lake from which it derives its name. Miami Lakes Town Center is the bustling heart of the community featuring retail stores, dining options, and businesses. Lastly, Lake Patricia, a more residential area, offers well-kept homes and a peaceful ambiance.

Among these neighborhoods and beyond, there’s a little something for everyone in Miami Lakes. Sources:

Surrounding Cities of Miami Lakes, Florida

Hialeah, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Miami Gardens, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Miami Springs, Doral, Coral Gables, Miami, Miami Shores, Opa-locka, West Miami

Miami Lakes, Florida, is known for its tree-lined streets and beautiful lakes, but it’s also conveniently located near a variety of other appealing cities. To the southeast is the vibrant city of Hialeah, known for its strong Cuban and Latin American influence and thriving arts scene. Directly south, you’ll find Miami Springs, a city appreciated for its unique architectural style and rich history.

To the west lies Miramar, a city that blends a suburban feel with available urban amenities. If you head just a bit northeast, you’ll reach Miami Gardens, a city that’s home to the Hard Rock Stadium and numerous gardens and parks. Each of the neighboring cities offers a unique blend of culture, history, and attractions, adding to the appeal of the region surrounding Miami Lakes.


Special Features of Miami Lakes, Florida

Miami Lakes, Florida is distinguished by its unique history and design. Incepted in the 1960s from dairy farmland, the city is an early example of a master-planned community and is designed around man-made lakes. The community’s planning has resulted in a harmonious blend of residential, commercial, and communal spaces. The town’s leisure activities include signature tree-lined streets, 23 parks, numerous eateries, and shops.

Miami Lakes is known for its distinct architecture, featuring a Spanish-style design theme that runs throughout the town. Additionally, Miami Lakes hosts a lively events calendar, including an annual jazz festival, theater performances, and art exhibitions, assuring a vibrant cultural scene. Its progressive urban planning, unique history, and vibrant culture make Miami Lakes a gem in the heart of Florida.


History of Miami Lakes, Florida

Miami Lakes, Florida, has a rich history that spans hundreds of years, from its origins as a dairy farm to its current status as a thriving town. The Graham family, renowned for their political legacy, recognized the potential of the area and began planning for a master planned community in the late 1950s. Their vision laid the foundation for the town’s development. The Town of Miami Lakes was formally incorporated on December 5, 2000, becoming one of the youngest cities in Miami-Dade County.

The town’s design was intentionally implemented to discourage transient traffic and promote a sense of community among the residents. Its nearly 30,000 residents enjoy a unique blend of suburban and urban living with a strong focus on community amenities and a commitment to preserving the town’s distinctive character. Sources:

Transit Stations in Miami Lakes, Florida

The Miami Lakes Bus Station, located in Miami Lakes, Florida, operates as a critical node within the larger South Florida public transportation network. This bus station facilitates local, regional as well as intercity transit connections, serving as an important hub for the Miami-Dade Transit authority, offering numerous bus routes that connect diverse neighbourhoods. Notably, the bus station not only aids in local commuting but also fosters connections to broader transportation services such as Metrorail and Metromover lines, availing seamless commuting for residents, commuters, and tourists alike. Enhanced with modern amenities, the bus station ensures comfortable waiting areas and information points, improving the overall transit experience.

Furthermore, the bus station’s location exhibits a high degree of accessibility, which conveniently navigates to and from various key points in Miami Lakes and surrounding areas. Sources:,

Things to Do in Miami Lakes, Florida

Miami Lakes, Florida offers various exciting activities and places to discover. An outdoor enthusiast would love the Amelia Earhart Park, a 515-acre urban park with a petting zoo, bike trails, and picnic areas. For those into art and culture, the Main Street Playhouse often features local theatrical productions.

Film buffs can catch the latest blockbusters at the Cobb Miami Lakes 17 Theatre. The Miami Lakes City Hall itself is also a historical landmark worth visiting, with its signature clock tower and pine trees. Foodies can savor unique, authentic Cuban cuisines in the local Miami Lakes eateries. Golf enthusiasts won’t be left out as the popular Shula’s Golf Club promises a fantastic experience.

For those looking to unwind with shopping, the Main Street Miami Lakes offers countless stores and boutiques. Sources:,,,,