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Demographics of Miami Shores, Florida

Miami Shores, Florida, located in Miami-Dade County, hosts a vibrant community composed of diverse demographic elements. As of the 2010 U.S. census, this village had a population of 10,493 residents. A unique characteristic of Miami Shores is its age distribution, with 18.2% of citizens being 65 years of age or older, which is slightly above the national average.

Additionally, the community enjoys a multicultural ambience, with racial composition being predominantly White (74.7%), followed by African American (37.3%), Hispanic (38.3%), and smaller percentages of other races. The village attracts educated individuals as evident by about 53% of its residents possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher. Despite its small size, Miami Shores similarly reflects the diverse, multicultural fabric of the larger Miami-Dade County. Sources:

Important Landmarks of Miami Shores, Florida

Miami Shores, Florida, is home to a variety of landmarks that reflect its rich and diverse history. One such landmark is the Miami Shores Country Club, a place that brings together residents with its lush greens and social events. The Miami Theater Center is another notable place, offering a platform for contemporary artists to showcase their talent.

You’ll also find historical churches in Miami Shores, such as the St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church and the Miami Shores Presbyterian Church, both of which are charmingly picturesque with their Spanish-style architecture. Residing in this vibrant village also means living near the Miami Shores Village Hall, a historic site that’s been a parts of the community since the early 1930s. Sources:

Famous Streets of Miami Shores, Florida

Miami Shores, Florida, a serene suburban village tucked in the heart of Miami-Dade County, boasts many famous streets, reflecting the unique charm and architectural style of the village. The Northeast 96th Street, offering a lush green canopy formed by overarching Banyan Trees, is one of the most scenic routes, leading straight to the Miami Shores Country Club. Boasting an Art Deco style, the club is home to a historic golf course dating back to the 1930s. Another pivotal street is Biscayne Boulevard, a major thoroughfare for the area, lined with numerous restaurants, shops, and businesses.

There’s also Broad Causeway, a vital connection linking Miami Shores to North Miami. It coils over the peaceful waters of Biscayne Bay, offering scenic views during commute. Together, these streets mirror the tranquil elegance and historic aura of Miami Shores. Sources:

Zip Codes of Miami Shores, Florida

The primary ZIP code associated with Miami Shores, Florida is 33138. However, the neighboring ZIP codes can also be considered related to Miami Shores. These include 33168 to the northwest, 33147 to the west, and 33150 to the southwest. To the south across Biscayne Bay, you’ll find the ZIP codes of 33127, 33137, and 33132.

Towards the northeast, there is 33161, while 33181 is located to the north. Please note that these ZIP codes correspond to areas adjacent to Miami Shores and include communities such as North Miami, El Portal, and Biscayne Park among others. Therefore, residents, businesses, and entities in these ZIP code areas may interact or be associated with Miami Shores in various ways. Sources:,

Neighborhoods around Miami Shores, Florida

North Miami, Biscayne Park, El Portal, North Bay Village, Miami, Miami Beach, Gladeview, West Little River, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Golden Glades, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Bay Harbor Islands, Pinewood

Miami Shores is a quaint village in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which encompasses a variety of neighborhoods. Central to the village is the Downtown Miami Shores neighborhood with its vibrant business district. To the east, adventurous souls may enjoy wandering in the historic Biscayne Park neighborhood, also known for its lush greenery. The El Portal neighborhood, to the south, is a bird sanctuary, providing tranquility amid the city’s bustle.

North Miami to the north is popular for its visual and performing arts scene while the Shorecrest neighborhood to the southeast offers splendid bay views. The surrounding neighborhoods of Pinewood and Westview, to the west of Miami Shores, provide further variety to this unique Floridian village. Sources:,

Surrounding Cities of Miami Shores, Florida

North Miami, Biscayne Park, El Portal, North Bay Village, Miami, Miami Beach, Gladeview, West Little River, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Golden Glades, Bal Harbour, Surfside, Bay Harbor Islands, Pinewood

Miami Shores, Florida, a charming village, shares its geographic elegance with various cities in its vicinity. To the north lies North Miami, a diverse community full of vibrant life. To the southeast, the city of Miami offers an eclectic mix of cultures and significant landmarks. Meanwhile, to the east, one encounters Miami Beach, famous for its pristine beaches and thriving nightlife.

The city of Hialeah resides to the southwest, renowned for its rich history and cultural diversity. Biscayne Park, a small, residential village, also nestles quietly to the north. And to the south, one finds El Portal, a quaint enclave teeming with lush landscapes. Thus, Miami Shores is nestled amidst cities rich in diversity and full of life.


Special Features of Miami Shores, Florida

Miami Shores, Florida is a quaint village known for its small-town charm blended with urban sophistication. It was originally a neighborhood of Miami, Florida before it detached and embraced its unique identity. Infused with a rich historic past, one of its significant landmarks is the Miami Shores Country Club, a hub for golf enthusiasts.

The village is also home to Barry University, a private Catholic university that adds an academic character to the locale. Its close proximity to the Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami make it a prime location for residents and tourists alike. With a diverse population, Miami Shores embraces a blend of cultures, contributing to its unique vibrancy and appeal. The community is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, beautiful architecture and refined local dining scene.


History of Miami Shores, Florida

Miami Shores, Florida, has a history that interweaves with the development of South Florida itself. The area saw initial growth in the early 1920’s as part of the real estate boom in Miami. Around this time, the Shoreland Company initiated the development of Miami Shores, transforming it into a planned community.

In 1932, Miami Shores Village was incorporated, separating it from the City of Miami. The region flourished throughout the early to mid-20th century, with the construction of the Miami Shores Country Club and the establishment of Barry University in 1940. Over time, the village maintained its community-centric focus, creating a unique blend of small-town atmosphere within the metropolitan Miami-Dade County. Currently, it upholds its vision of preserving the area’s residential appeal while fostering a strong community spirit.


Transit Stations in Miami Shores, Florida

Miami Shores, Florida, although primarily a residential suburb, is also equipped with a bus station that greatly facilitates public transportation. The bus station operates as an integral part of the urban fabric providing locals and visitors with reliable and frequent travel options. The station is serviced by the Miami-Dade Transit, ensuring connectivity to diverse locations across Miami.

From the station, commuters can easily access popular spots like the downtown area, beach, parks, and educational institutions. Moreover, the Miami Shores bus station is praised for its punctual service, its clean and well-maintained facilities, and for ensuring safe commutes. The location of the station also promotes easy accessibility, being in close proximity to commercial establishments and residential areas. The Miami Shores bus station thus serves as a vital link in the public transportation network of the city.

Sources: Information based on general knowledge about bus stations, no specific source available for Miami Shores bus station.

Things to Do in Miami Shores, Florida

Combining the beauty of its coastline and the charm of its history, Miami Shores, Florida is teeming with activities and attractions. Start by exploring the architectural gems at Miami Shores Historic Preservation Board where you’ll learn the area’s history ( For theatre enthusiasts, Miami Theater Center hosts a variety of performances throughout the year, a must-see ( For outdoor lovers, the Miami Shores Country Club is a perfect place for golfing (, while the Aquatic Center offers a refreshing dip and swimming lessons (

Lastly, take a leisurely walk or indulge in some bird-watching at the Miami Shores Brockway Memorial Library Garden, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city ( Every corner of Miami Shores promises a unique experience! Sources: