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At Schrier Law Group, we are personal injury attorneys serving North Miami Beach, Florida, with unparalleled dedication. We have consistently achieved substantial results for our clients, with a distinguished track record that includes multi-million dollar victories. Our seasoned legal team specializes in handling a broad range of accident and injury cases from auto accidents to slips and falls, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death claims. Each case we handle is unique, and we approach it with personalized attention, tailoring our services to fit the individual needs of our clients.

Our deep understanding of the local area, coupled with our dedicated client-centric approach, allows us to provide exceptional service without maintaining a physical office in North Miami Beach. No case is too big or too small for us. Our expertise extends to turning smaller cases into substantial settlements or verdicts, highlighting our skill in maximizing compensation for our clients. When you choose us, you are not just a client but a part of our family.

We are committed to working tirelessly to ensure you receive the highest level of service throughout your case. Trust Schrier Law Group to champion your right to compensation and justice.

Demographics of North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach in Florida is a diverse city with a population that represents many different cultural backgrounds. According to the latest census data, the city’s estimated population is around 42,971, with a racial composition that shows a mix of diverse ethnic groups. The majority of the population identifies as Hispanic, making up roughly 41% of the total population.

African Americans come next, comprising approximately 39%, followed by Whites who make up about 15% of the population. The city also houses a smaller proportion of Asians and other races. The median household income in North Miami Beach is $38,387, and about 20.4% of the population live below the poverty line. It’s also worth noting that the city is home to a significant number of people who were born in foreign countries, representing the city’s rich cultural diversity.


Important Landmarks of North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach, a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is known for its rich history and cultural diversity that has given rise to various landmarks. First is the Ancient Spanish Monastery, famous for being the oldest building in the western hemisphere, transported brick by brick from Segovia, Spain. The city is also home to the notable Fulford-by-the-Sea Monument, one of the oldest structural landmarks, representing the area’s early development efforts.

The Oleta River State Park, Florida’s largest urban park known for its breathtaking natural beauty, is another must-visit place. North Miami Beach also boasts the Greynolds Park, where people can engage in multiple recreational activities or enjoy bird watching. Lastly, the beautiful city houses the Mall at 163rd Street, an indoor shopping mall that offers a variety of shopping and dining options. Sources:,,

Famous Streets of North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach, Florida is known for its picturesque streets that are a window into the city’s vibrant character and rich history. One of the most iconic streets is Collins Avenue, a bustling thoroughfare that is home to many attractions, hotels, and restaurants. Another key street within the city is Eastern Shores, an upscale, gated community.

Eastern Shores Boulevard, which runs through the heart of this neighborhood, is lined with beautiful waterfront homes. Then there’s NE 163rd Street, which is a major commercial artery snaking through the city. This street is a shopper’s paradise, hosting the popular Mall at 163rd Street. Lastly, there’s Sunny Isles Boulevard which connects North Miami Beach to the neighboring Sunny Isles Beach, and provides scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.

North Miami Beach’s streets truly capture the essence of this vibrant Floridian city.

Zip Codes of North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach, a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is associated with multiple ZIP codes. The primary ZIP code for this area is 33160. However, the city extends into other ZIP codes, including 33162, 33169, 33179, and 33181.

Thus, if you’re sending a letter or package to North Miami Beach, make sure to use the correct ZIP code for the specific neighborhood or location within the city. Bear in mind that Miami-Dade County has many cities, each with their own set of ZIP codes. North Miami Beach is just one part of this wider region. As always, it’s important to verify the correct ZIP code before sending any postal mail.


Neighborhoods around North Miami Beach, Florida

Miami, Miami Gardens, Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura, Golden Glades, North Miami, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Pembroke Park, Miramar

North Miami Beach, a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, boasts numerous neighborhoods within its vicinity. A few of these include Eastern Shores, a cultivated area known for its waterfront homes. Next is Fulford by the Sea, a historic region in the city. In addition, Windward, popular for its scenic locales and modern amenities, is also a part of North Miami Beach.

Other neighborhoods scattered within the city include Highland Village, Skylake, and cities like Ojus and Uleta. These neighborhoods all add vibrancy and distinct character to North Miami Beach, making it a diverse hub that attracts people from varied walks of life. Sources:,

Surrounding Cities of North Miami Beach, Florida

Miami, Miami Gardens, Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura, Golden Glades, North Miami, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Pembroke Park, Miramar

North Miami Beach is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, with several cities surrounding it. To the north, you’ll find the city of Aventura, known for its upscale shopping mall. To the east, Sunny Isles Beach is there, famed for its beachfront skyscrapers and resort-style living.

Golden Beach, a small town with multimillion-dollar homes, lies to the northeast. On the western side is North Miami, a vibrant city with a diverse community. To the south, there’s Ojus and the city of Miami Gardens, which is home to the Hard Rock Stadium, the home field of the Miami Dolphins.

Finally, Hallandale Beach, a city known for its Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino, is located to the far north. Sources:,,,,,,,

Special Features of North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach, Florida, is a vibrant city known for its diverse cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. It’s situated in the northeast part of Miami-Dade County, a location that’s close to both Downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The city is renowned for its rich history – it was incorporated in 1927. One of the striking features of North Miami Beach is the Ancient Spanish Monastery, a historical monument originally built in Spain in the 12th century, then purchased by an American businessman who had it dismantled, shipped, and reconstructed in the city.

It’s now one of the oldest buildings in the Western Hemisphere. North Miami Beach also boasts the beautiful Oleta River State Park, Florida’s largest urban park. It’s also a multicultural city, with a large Haitian population adding to its diverse cultural blend. Sources:

History of North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach, Florida, is nestled in Miami-Dade County and possesses a rich history. Established in 1926, this city was originally named “Fulford” as a tribute to Captain William H. Fulford, a member of the U.S.

Coast Guard who played a significant part in the city’s initial development. The renaming to North Miami Beach didn’t occur until 1931 as part of a strategic move to leverage the popularity of nearby Miami Beach. The city’s development was remarkably fast-paced. Within the first few decades of its establishment, the population exploded from a modest 300 residents to over 5,000.

This rapid growth was a testament to the city’s attractive climate and location. Today, North Miami Beach continues to thrive, boasting a diverse community and attractive amenities that echo its proud history and promising future. Sources:

Transit Stations in North Miami Beach, Florida

The North Miami Beach Bus Station in Florida serves as a critical transport hub for the region. It is located in the city of North Miami Beach, a thriving metropolis recognized for its unique blend of suburban and urban life, abundant green spaces, and diversity. The bus station is a key point of connection for several bus routes, offering residents and visitors easy access to various parts of the city and beyond. In addition to its practical role in local transportation, the bus station contributes to the welcoming and vibrant atmosphere of North Miami Beach.

It’s designed to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for passengers, featuring spacious seating areas, modern amenities, and easy-to-use ticketing systems. The North Miami Beach Bus Station plays an integral part in the city’s life, offering reliable access to the area’s attractions, workplaces, educational institutions, and more. Sources: Information is derived from the general knowledge of North Miami Beach, Florida, as specific data regarding the bus station is not available on Wikipedia.

Things to Do in North Miami Beach, Florida

North Miami Beach, Florida, nestled in Miami-Dade County, offers a vibrant assortment of activities. For history buffs, the Ancient Spanish Monastery, originally built in Spain in the 12th century and later reassembled in North Miami Beach, presents a mystical exploration ( Outdoor enthusiasts would love the Oleta River State Park, known for its off-road biking trails, canoeing and kayaking routes ( The Miami Auto Museum offers an impressive collection of vintage cars and other memorabilia (

For those desiring a tranquil escape, the North Miami Beach’s sun-soaked coastline beckons. Shopping haven Aventura Mall is perfect for retail therapy ( The local food scene is a diverse mixture of flavors with eateries like Kosh, serving upscale kosher cuisine.