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At the Schrier Law Group, we passionately champion the cause of North Miami residents who have suffered personal injuries or have been involved in accidents. With years of nationwide experience under our belt, we know how to successfully navigate the complexities of a broad range of cases, including auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death. As committed advocates, we’ve vigorously fought for our clients’ rights, consistently securing settlements and verdicts that significantly surpass initial estimates, even winning multi-million dollar cases.

However, our focus is not merely on winning cases, but on treating each client as a valued member of our law family. We understand that every case is unique, and we personalize our approach to meet your specific needs. Our dedicated attorneys work tirelessly to ensure you receive personalized care, high-quality service, and unparalleled support throughout your case, reaffirming our deep commitment to justice and excellence. If you are looking for a law firm that will put your needs first and fight fervently for the compensation you deserve, look no further than Schrier Law Group.

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Demographics of North Miami, Florida

As of the most recent statistics, North Miami, Florida is a culturally diverse city with a population that totals over 62,000 people. The distribution by ethnicity is varied with a predominant Black or African American community constituting around 68.6% of the population. Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin come next, representing about 27.4%. The White community makes up 9% of the population.

The remaining 1.3% is composed of Asian, Native American, and other races. The city is home to diverse age groups with the majority of people being between 25 to 54 years, followed by individuals under 18 years, and then those 65 years and over. As for gender distribution, females slightly outnumber males.

North Miami also accommodates a high number of foreign-born residents, contributing to its multicultural charm. Sources:

Important Landmarks of North Miami, Florida

North Miami boasts several notable landmarks that reflect its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The Museum of Contemporary Art, with its modern and thought-provoking exhibitions, is a vibrant cultural hub. The Oleta River State Park, Florida’s largest urban park, offers a wide range of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. Arch Creek Park and Museum is another significant landmark showcasing the region’s history and ecology.

One cannot forget the beautiful Biscayne Bay Campus of Florida International University, a picturesque and academically-rich location. North Miami also has the North Miami Athletic Stadium, an influential sports landmark that celebrates the city’s passion for athletics. Finally, the Griffing Park is a community gem, providing recreational space for residents and visitors. Sources:,,,,,,

Famous Streets of North Miami, Florida

North Miami, Florida is home to a number of well-known streets, each with their own distinct flavour. One of the most famous is Biscayne Boulevard, a major thoroughfare offering a variety of dining, shopping, and leisure options. NE 125th Street is another significant street, acting as the city’s main business and entertainment district. Both streets boast a mix of modern and historic architecture, adding to their charm.

West Dixie Highway is distinguished for its rich heritage and is a key transportation route in North Miami. The city’s residential streets are also notable, with Griffing Boulevard being a prominent example, known for its lush greenery and large, beautiful homes. Each of these streets contributes to North Miami’s unique character and cultural diversity. Sources:

Zip Codes of North Miami, Florida

Located in the sunshine state of Florida, North Miami graces the map with a collection of related postal or ‘zip’ codes. The principal zip code for this city is 33161. However, North Miami stretches across other zip codes as well, including 33181, 33168, and 33162. Some more zip codes that partially envelop North Miami are 33169, 33160, and 33179.

Each area within North Miami, from Keystone Point to West Dixie Bend, is encapsulated within these zip codes, offering locals and visitors a diverse array of neighborhoods, business districts, and recreational areas. Sources:,,,,,,

Neighborhoods around North Miami, Florida

Miami Shores, Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, Bay Harbor Islands, Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, Golden Glades, Biscayne Park, El Portal, Opa-locka, Surfside, Bal Harbour, Westview, Miami Lakes, North Bay Village, Golden Beach

North Miami, Florida is a vibrant city characterized by diverse neighborhoods. One of the prominent neighborhoods is Biscayne Park, a village famous for its lush scenery and tree canopy. Another is Miami Shores, a suburban neighborhood that offers an array of recreational facilities.

North Bay Village is also part of North Miami, known for its island setting. El Portal, a small enclave, is famed for its historic houses and bird sanctuary. The neighborhood of Bal Harbour, recognized for its luxury beachfront hotels and shopping centers, is another notable part of North Miami.

Bay Harbor Islands, a town of two islands with a collection of unique boutiques, adds to the city’s charm. Lastly, Surfside is a peaceful oceanfront neighborhood offering a mix of humble and luxury residences. These neighborhoods together add to North Miami’s rich cultural tapestry.


Surrounding Cities of North Miami, Florida

Miami Shores, Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, Bay Harbor Islands, Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, Golden Glades, Biscayne Park, El Portal, Opa-locka, Surfside, Bal Harbour, Westview, Miami Lakes, North Bay Village, Golden Beach

North Miami in Florida is nestled among several fascinating cities. To the north, one might come across North Miami Beach and Aventura. Going eastward, you will be greeted with the stunning waterfronts of Sunny Isles Beach and Bal Harbor. Moving southward, North Miami is neighbored by Miami Shores and El Portal, while venturing westward, you would find Opa-locka and Miami Lakes.

All of these cities have their distinctive cultures, attractions, and ambiance, making the region around North Miami florid and diverse, offering endless exploration opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Sources:,

Special Features of North Miami, Florida

North Miami, Florida is renowned for its multicultural diversity, drawing people from different backgrounds together in a lively and harmonious community. This city, situated along the eastern coastline of Florida, is also recognized for its economic vitality. It is home to several big corporations and small businesses contributing to its growth.

The city also boasts the Museum of Contemporary Art, showcasing avant-garde works, and the Oleta River State Park, Florida’s largest urban park. A mix of cultural events and festivals, along with excellent dining and shopping venues, adds to the city’s charm. North Miami’s educational sector is also worth a mention with colleges like Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus and Johnson & Wales University situated here.

Simply put, North Miami is a vibrant melting pot that brings together nature, culture, commerce, and diversity in an attractive way. Sources:

History of North Miami, Florida

North Miami, Florida carries a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. Initially, it was recognized as Arch Creek, a site for winter tomato farming and packinghouse operations in the 1890s. It was later renamed the “Town of Miami Shores” in 1926, which changed to its present name, “North Miami” in 1931. This rapidly growing city was granted its charter by the Florida state legislature on February 5, 1926, and became a municipality in Miami-Dade County.

It fully matured into a city in 1953. Its geographical position on the Atlantic coast has attracted various businessmen and tourists over the years. Today, it stands out as one of the prominent cities in the Miami Metropolitan area, rich in culture and diversity. Sources:

Transit Stations in North Miami, Florida

The bus station of North Miami, Florida, serves as a critical link for residents and visitors to commute through the city. The station is a part of the Miami-Dade Transit system, providing extensive coverage to several locations within the city and beyond. It connects North Miami to surrounding areas like Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, and other noteworthy attractions of the region. The bus station ensures accessibility with various routes operating to cater to the diverse commuting needs of people.

Florida’s tropical climate is considered in the station’s design with shaded seating areas and water fountains, ensuring passenger comfort while waiting for their rides. Services are generally regular and reliable, ensuring seamless transportation. Key features of the bus station include disability-friendly accessibility, making it convenient for all travelers. Hence, the North Miami bus station provides a convenient, accessible, and dependable option for public transportation in the city.


Things to Do in North Miami, Florida

In North Miami, Florida, you can experience a diverse blend of nature, culture, and adventure. Start off by visiting the Oleta River State Park, a haven for outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking, and camping ( Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Museum of Contemporary Art ( which showcases innovative modern art.

To explore Miami’s heritage, the Ancient Spanish Monastery offers a glimpse into the city’s past ( Animal lovers should not miss out on the Arch Creek Park & Nature Center (, a snapshot of South Florida’s biodiversity. If you’re yearning for some retail therapy, Bayside Marketplace is a shopping and entertainment haven with stunning waterfront views ( And finally, end your day with a picturesque sunset at the Haulover Park (