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We, at Schrier Law Group, are more than just personal injury lawyers; we champion your cause, delivering significant results consistently across Surfside, Florida. No matter whether it’s an auto accident, slip and fall injury, medical malpractice, workplace accident, product liability, or wrongful death, our seasoned litigators handle each case distinctively, navigating complex injury claims to secure settlements and verdicts that exceed expectations. Our expertise extends into the Surfside locale, despite not having physical offices there, as we are well-versed with the local territories. Our decades of experience, coupled with a track record including multi-million dollar cases success, attests to our unwavering commitment to justice, excellence, and client service.

We comprehend that each personal injury case is inherently unique. Thus, regardless of the apparent severity of an incident, we have the capabilities to unearth the true value of your claim, often transforming small claims into significant verdicts or settlements. With a tailored, client-centric approach, we provide personalized care for every case, treating you as part of our family and ensuring that you receive the highest quality of service throughout your case.

So, if you’ve suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve the best. Let us champion your cause Your path to recovery and justice starts with Schrier Law Group.

Demographics of Surfside, Florida

Surfside, situated in Miami-Dade County, Florida, represents a diverse community with a demographic mix. As of the 2020 census, the town hosts a population of around 5,744 people. The population is composed of different age groups, with the median age being approximately 49 years. The town is home to a variety of racial and ethnic groups with a predominant share of White residents, followed by Hispanics or Latinos.

The residents boast a high level of education, with a significant majority holding a bachelor’s degree or higher educational qualifications. The median household income in Surfside is notably higher than the national average, painting a picture of a relatively affluent community. Furthermore, the town has a gender composition that is slightly tilted towards females.


Important Landmarks of Surfside, Florida

Surfside, Florida, a beautiful beachfront town, is home to several landmarks. Among them is the iconic Surf Club, a historic structure that was established in the 1930s and has since been revamped into a luxury Four Seasons hotel. The town also boasts the Surfside Community Center, a hub for local activities, with amenities including a recreational pool, children’s plunge pool, and a jacuzzi. Surfside’s main shopping district, Harding Avenue, is an attraction of its own, offering an array of shops, restaurants and cultural experiences.

Additionally, the pristine beach extending over a mile along the Atlantic Ocean, is a notable landmark and recreational spot for both locals and tourists. Sources:

Famous Streets of Surfside, Florida

Surfside, Florida is renowned for its charming residential areas and bustling commercial regions, woven together by an array of famous streets. Collins Avenue, an important thoroughfare, is noted for its fine dining restaurants, retail outlets and hotels including the celebrated Four Seasons Hotel. Harding Avenue is another prominent street, featuring an array of shops and local businesses. 88th Street, also known as Abbott Avenue, is distinguished by its residential appeal, showcasing Surfside’s tranquil, family-friendly atmosphere. 96th Street, the main shopping, dining, and business district of Surfside, is often bustling with activity. The street’s prominence extends to its role as the location of Surfside’s municipal buildings.

These famous streets, with their unique attributes, altogether embellish the charm and charisma of Surfside, Florida. Sources:

Zip Codes of Surfside, Florida

Surfside, Florida, is a vibrant town in Miami-Dade County, and its associated zip code is 33154. This bustling region is neighbored by multiple areas, each with their own relevant zip codes. Bal Harbour with zip code 33154 lies to the north of Surfside. To the south, you’ll find Miami Beach that carries the zip codes of 33140, 33141, and 33139.

Consequently, Biscayne Bay to the west uses the zip codes of 33181, 33180, and 33160, while the Atlantic Ocean to its east doesn’t carry a zip code. These zip codes encapsulate the residential, retail, and recreational areas around Surfside, contributing to its lively community environment. Sources:,,

Neighborhoods around Surfside, Florida

Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, North Bay Village, Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami, Indian Creek, Biscayne Park

Surfside, Florida is a quaint town nestled in Miami-Dade County. The town is composed of several neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics. To the north of Surfside lies the upscale Bal Harbour, renowned for its luxury shops and beachfront hotels.

The vibrant North Bay Village sits to the west, offering beautiful views of Biscayne Bay. To the south, you’ll find the residential area of Bay Harbor Islands, known for fine dining and boutique shopping. Directly adjacent to Surfside on the east is the Atlantic Ocean, with the beachfront neighborhood offering ocean views and a relaxed coastal lifestyle. On the mainland side of Surfside, there’s the diverse neighborhood of North Beach, filled with lots of recreational parks, restaurants and shops.


Surrounding Cities of Surfside, Florida

Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, Bay Harbor Islands, North Bay Village, Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami, Indian Creek, Biscayne Park

Surfside, Florida, a charming town in Miami-Dade County, boasts of picturesque locations and sprawling beaches. Several cities and towns nestled around Surfside add to its allure. To the south lies the bustling city of Miami Beach known for its vibrant nightlife and serene beaches.

Towards the west, you stumble upon North Bay Village, a trio of islands known for their stunning waterfront views. The north welcomes you to Bal Harbour, a haven for luxury shopping and fine dining. On the east, there’s the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. A little further northwest, you’ll find Miami Shores, a village known for its historic buildings and tree-lined streets.

Biscayne Park with its lush greenery seems just a stone’s throw away to the west. Sources:,,,,,

Special Features of Surfside, Florida

Surfside, Florida, is a town nestled between the city of Miami Beach and Bal Harbour Village. Its uniqueness stems from its scenic beauty provided by the Atlantic Ocean on the East and Intracoastal Waterway on the West. With a small-town charm and a population of around 5,744 people as of 2019, it provides a tranquil, community-oriented environment.

Surfside is renowned for its diverse shopping district and pristine, uncrowded beaches. The town is also home to a community center that offers a multitude of recreational activities and classes. Furthermore, architectural enthusiasts would appreciate Surfside’s integration of Art Deco and Miami Modern architecture in its structures. Surfside, Florida indeed is a hidden gem that offers an endearing mix of the serene and the cosmopolitan.


History of Surfside, Florida

Surfside, Florida, a tiny seaside town, was incorporated in 1935 and is situated in the heart of Miami-Dade County. It has a rich history and was primarily developed between the 1920s and 1950s, a period of significant growth for the region. Surfside was originally a milk farm, but it transitioned into an actual town due to its favorable location near the Biscayne Bay. The beauty of the area attracted many, resulting in the high-rises that presently dominate the town’s skyline.

Despite its rapid urbanization, Surfside has retained its small-town charm. It is known for its pristine beaches and a vibrant community spirit that dates back to its founding years. Today, it is a sought-after tourist destination.

Surfside still keeps its historical essence intact while continuously evolving with modern characteristics. Sources:

Transit Stations in Surfside, Florida

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Things to Do in Surfside, Florida

Surfside, Florida, a charming, laid-back town located on Miami’s picturesque coastline, offers a plethora of engaging activities. Tourists can soak up the sun on the pristine Surfside beach, known for its clear waters and soft sand. For shopping enthusiasts, the Bal Harbour Shops, offering high-end shopping and dining experiences, is a must-visit. The Surfside Community Center is perfect for families, providing a recreational water park and pool.

Nature lovers could explore the nearby Oleta River State Park, Florida’s largest urban park, offering diverse activities like kayaking and biking. Cultural enthusiasts shouldn’t miss The Holocaust Memorial, a strikingly profound tribute to Holocaust victims. Art buffs can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art for an eclectic collection of modern artwork. Sources:,,,,