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At Schrier Law Group, we are personal injury lawyers with a deep understanding of west Miami, Florida. Our decades of experience and personalized approach have led us to significant victories, including multi-million dollar settlements in a wide range of personal injury and accident cases. We handle auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, product liability, and wrongful death claims. We are firm believers that no case is too big or small and are committed to maximizing compensation for every client.

Recognizing that every personal injury case is unique, we tailor our services to meet each client’s needs, understanding the local nuances of West Miami. Even though we do not have physical offices in West Miami, our client-centric approach coupled with our exceptional track record enables us to deliver effective services and substantial results consistently. At Schrier Law Group, every client becomes part of our family, and we uphold a high standard of service and support through the entirety of their case.

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Demographics of West Miami, Florida

West Miami, located in Florida, happens to be a relatively small city with a population that has a unique demographic composition. The city’s population, according to the 2010 Census, was approximately 5,965. The residents are primarily of Hispanic or Latino extraction, amounting to a significant 94% of the total population.

The remainder of the population is a mix of different ethnicities including Whites, African Americans, and Asian among others. The city is multicultural and diverse with a good proportion of its residents belonging to different races. The average age of the population is skewed slightly towards the older side with a median age of 42 years.

This suggests the city is home to quite a few senior citizens. The gender distribution reveals a marginal female dominance with women constituting around 54% of the population. Sources:

Important Landmarks of West Miami, Florida

West Miami, Florida, a small city in Miami-Dade County, has a few landmarks that define its local culture and scenery. The city is adorned with several parks like Cooper Park and West Miami Recreation Center, both offering diverse recreational amenities. The Ronald Reagan Doral Senior High School, named after the 40th U.S.

President, is also a significant educational landmark. Its residential neighborhoods themselves, with their unique Floridian architecture, can be considered landmarks as they portray the city’s identity and lifestyle. Despite its small size, West Miami’s geographic location places it near some of Miami’s major landmarks, like the Miami International Airport and the University of Miami. Sources:

Famous Streets of West Miami, Florida

West Miami, a small but vibrant city within Miami-Dade County, Florida, is known for its famous streets. Enveloping a small area of approximately three-quarter square miles, West Miami flaunts its bustling, yet serene thoroughfares that reflect the city’s quintessential charm. One such street is SW 8th Street, prominently also known as “Calle Ocho”. Reputed for its Cuban vibes, Calle Ocho flows with the rhythm of Latin culture, cuisine, and camaraderie.

Another remarkable avenue is the Coral Way, a historic street known for its lush, green corridors and vintage 1920s Bungalow-style homes. Lining this street is a series of beautiful Mediterranean revival and Art Deco houses that portray an artistic facet of West Miami. Each street in this city narrates a unique tale of cultural diversity, history, and community spirit, making West Miami a fascinating exploration for every visitor and resident. Sources:,

Zip Codes of West Miami, Florida

West Miami, Florida is a small city in Miami-Dade County. It’s enclosed by the larger Miami metropolis, meaning its postal codes overlap with the wider area. The main zip code for West Miami is 33144. However, due to its close proximity with other parts of the Miami, additional postal codes can be used depending on specific areas and districts.

These include 33155, 33134, 33126 and 33174. Moreover, the neighboring communities such as Flagami, Coral Terrace, and Little Havana also share these zip codes, further extending the mail routes. Accurate postal codes are crucial to ensure smooth mail and package delivery in and around West Miami.


Neighborhoods around West Miami, Florida

Miami, Coral Gables, Virginia Gardens, Miami Springs, Sweetwater, Westchester, Glenvar Heights, Fontainebleau, Kendall, Pinecrest, South Miami, Kendall West

West Miami, a city nestled in Florida, offers an array of neighboring localities each with distinct characteristics. To the immediate north lies Flagami with its diverse cultural communities. The city of Coral Gables is situated to the east, renowned for its Mediterranean Revival style architecture and historic landmarks. Directly south one finds South Miami, featuring a bustling downtown area filled with various retailers and restaurants.

Slightly southeast of West Miami is the neighborhood of Coconut Grove, known for its bohemian atmosphere and the iconic Coconut Grove Playhouse. To the west, one would find Tamiami, home to the Tamiami Park and the notable Florida International University. Each of these neighborhoods adds to the multi-faceted and culturally rich surroundings of West Miami. Sources:,,,,

Surrounding Cities of West Miami, Florida

Miami, Coral Gables, Virginia Gardens, Miami Springs, Sweetwater, Westchester, Glenvar Heights, Fontainebleau, Kendall, Pinecrest, South Miami, Kendall West

West Miami, located in Florida, is bordered by a handful of vibrant and bustling cities. Immediately to the north lies the world-renowned city of Miami, a hub for cultural diversity, beach life, and nightlife. To the east, Coral Gables offers historical landmarks and charming streetscapes. To the south, the city of Coral Terrace is recognized for its family-friendly neighborhoods and lush green parks.

West of West Miami, you’ll find the city of Tamiami, Florida, which features a unique blend of suburban living and natural beauty. Lastly, a little farther to the southwest is the city of University Park, known for its educational institutions and array of students. These neighboring cities create a diverse and lively community around West Miami.


Special Features of West Miami, Florida

West Miami, Florida, is a unique city recognized for its close-knit community and rich history. Established in the mid 20th century, this compact city covers less than one square mile. It manages to pack a punch with its blend of residential tranquility and easy access to the bustling lifestyle of Greater Miami.

One of the standout characteristics of West Miami is its demographic diversity, with a considerable portion of its population consisting of Cuban Americans, reflecting the broader cultural tapestry of Florida. The city stands out for its commitment to maintaining a safe environment, with a vibrant community policing initiative. The city’s charm is accentuated by its tropical climate, making it an alluring destination for visitors. The city’s effective governance, demonstrated by its strong financial position, is another distinguishing factor that contributes to its special place in the Sunshine State.


History of West Miami, Florida

West Miami, a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, carries a rich history that dates back to 1947, when a few trailblazing individuals sought to implement municipal services in the region. Faced with the unavailability of these services, four people, predominantly business owners, launched a vigorous petition to incorporate this area. Their mission was successful and West Miami was incorporated as a town on April 7, 1947, covering a geographical area of less than a square mile.

Over the years, the city has grown and developed, maintaining its unique sense of community as it adapts to the evolving times. Today, the city remains to be a tight-knit community offering a variety of amenities to its residents, reflecting its origins as a small community founded on the principles of self-determination and self-reliance. Sources:

Transit Stations in West Miami, Florida

The West Miami bus station is an important transit node in the city of West Miami, Florida. It offers both local and regional accessibility, serving as a key junction point for many of the city’s residents and visitors. The station is designed to accommodate a large volume of passengers with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable waiting experience. Besides, it provides excellent connectivity to various parts of the city, contributing to the overall public transportation network of West Miami.

Safety measures at the station are robust to prioritize passenger safety. In addition to buses, taxi and ride-hailing services are often available nearby, offering multimodal travel options for convenience. The West Miami bus station plays an instrumental role in promoting sustainable transportation and impacting the town’s mobility landscape positively.

Sources: Information not available directly, utilized general knowledge about bus stations.

Things to Do in West Miami, Florida

Immerse yourself in the charm of West Miami and explore the enchanting blend of urban and suburban fun. Unleash your adventurous side at Magical Park, a perfect spot for both kids and adults to enjoy outdoor activities. Discover interesting artefacts and appreciate local culture at the Coral Gables Museum. If shopping is your therapy, head to the Mall of the Americas for an unparalleled shopping experience.

For a relaxed day out, visit the serene Tropical Park, ideal for picnics and leisurely strolls. Food lovers can satisfy their taste buds at Versailles Restaurant, a well-known food haven serving mouth-watering Cuban delicacies. For an enriching wildlife experience, pay a visit to the Miami Zoo, home to over 3000 animals. One can never run out of things to do in West Miami.