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Florida Construction Accident Lawyer

Being involved in a construction accident can be scary and extremely serious. All day you are working with heavy and dangerous equipment. If any of the equipment is used in a way that could be seen as negligent, then you may qualify for a construction accident lawsuit. There are tons of complex liability issues that pertain to a construction accident. So, it is important that you are backed by a team of attorneys that know exactly what needs to be done. If you or a loved one want to file a lawsuit after an accident, contact a Florida construction accident lawyer at Schrier Law Group to receive the compensation you deserve!

Worker’s Compensation Vs. Lawsuit

If you are involved in a construction accident, then most companies will offer you some type of worker’s compensation in order for your medical bills to be taken care of. However, sometimes this amount is not enough to support you for the lost wages and time that you received during your recovery from the accident. A very important part of deciding whether to take the move from a Worker’s Compensation claim to a Lawsuit could all come down to negligence. Third-party injury claims can be extremely complicated. You are dealing with your employer, the supplier of the materials for your employer, and all of the insurance companies involved.

Receiving Proper Compensation from a Florida Construction Accident Lawsuit

As said, the difference between accepting a worker’s compensation claim instead of having an attorney for a lawsuit is the amount of compensation you shall receive. Sometimes, it isn’t as simple as having just your medical bills covered. There is much more damage that these construction accidents may cause. For example, you have past and future medical expenses, lost wages, earnings and benefits, and the large amounts of physical and emotional pain caused by the accident. All of this may be monetized and you can receive this as compensation if you are backed by an attorney that knows what they’re doing. If you or a loved one have been involved in a construction accident, then contact a Florida construction accident attorney at the Schrier Law Group for a free consultation today!

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