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Florida is perfectly positioned for vacations at the beach and time outdoors. At the same time, Florida is among a small group of states that are more prone to natural disasters than others – the most common being fires, floods, hurricanes, and other types of disasters. 

With that in mind, homeowner’s insurance is a tool designed to help homeowners ease the financial burden after storms, mistakes, and accidents (i.e., electrical fires, fires caused by burning candles, gas fires, etc.). Unfortunately, all too often, home insurers delay and deny valid homeowner’s insurance claims. 

At Schrier Law Group, we pride ourselves in fighting against high-powered insurance companies when they seek to deny valid claims. Contact us today to speak with a Florida homeowners insurance lawyer to discuss your insurance dispute. 

Continue reading to learn more about Florida homeowners’ insurance claims. 

Why Your Insurance May Deny Your Claim

You may pay premiums for your homeowner’s insurance, but that doesn’t mean the insurance company will be there for you when you need them. Generally, an insurer can deny claims for many reasons. 

A few of the most common reasons they may deny your claim include: 

  • Your policy doesn’t cover the reasons for the damages 
  • You didn’t share important information about your home when you completed your application 
  • You failed to make timely payments on your policy, and it was canceled
  • You did not meet all of the conditions to qualify for a claim 
  • You committed fraud when submitting your claim 

It’s important to note that if your insurer denies your homeowner’s insurance claim, they must provide you with the specific reasons for the denial. If they do not, they may be acting in bad faith. In that case, it’s in your best interest to immediately contact a Florida homeowner’s insurance lawyer. 

What Does Homeowners Insurance Coverage Look Like in Florida?

All types of homeowner’s insurance are not made equally. Generally, the level of protection your insurance offers depends on your specific plan. For instance, most basic homeowner’s insurance plans don’t cover property loss/damage caused by floods, mudslides, sinkhole damage, and other kinds of natural disasters. 

Listed below are the most common homeowner’s insurance policies offered in Florida. 

  • Homeowner’s-1 (HO-1): The most restricted type of plan only covers limited causes of property damage like a wind damage claim, smoke damage, lightning, and theft. Many insurers in Florida no longer offer HO-1 plans. 
  • Homeowner’s-2 (HO-2): Less restrictive than HO-1, but still limited. HO-2 insurance policies cover basic damages in addition to damage caused by collapsed buildings, falling objects, damage to electrical wiring, and damages caused by vandals. 
  • Homeowner’s-3 (HO-3): Offers a more specialized approach to homeowner’s insurance. HO-3 policies cover most forms of property damage other than incidents your policy exclusively denies. 
  • Homeowner’s-5 (HO-5): Offer just about the same level of coverage as an HO-3 policy, but it also covers your personal possessions. 
  • Homeowner’s-8 (HO-8): HO-8 policies are about the same as HO-1, but they are exclusive to older homes. Insurers are more likely to offer HO-8 plans when it would cost more to replace the home than what it’s worth. 

The first step in pursuing a homeowner’s insurance claim is to know what your policy covers and what it restricts. It’s important to note that your homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t begin until you make your first deductible payment. 

How Common are Insurance Claims?

Homeowner’s insurance claims happen all the time, and that’s especially true during an active hurricane season in Florida. With that in mind, take a look at a few facts about homeowner’s insurance claims below. 

  • Six percent of homeowners file an insurance claim every year
  • One percent of insured homes that suffer wind or hail damage must file a claim every year
  • Less than one percent of insured homeowner’s file claims for water damage each year
  • Theft damage claims encompass less than one out of 250 annual claims 
  • Fire and lightning damage claims are made by one out of every 350 insured homeowners every year
  • In rare cases (one out of every 750 insured homes), liability claims are pursued due to injuries or property damage committed by the policyholder or their loved ones. 

Filing a property damage claim can be a complicated process that requires a proven Florida homeowner’s insurance lawyer’s in-depth knowledge, investigation, and experience. That’s especially true if your insurer denies a valid claim, makes a lowball offer or takes too long to payout. 

Continue reading to learn more about when to hire a Florida homeowner’s insurance lawyer. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Homeowner’s Insurance Claim?

Technically, no. You are not required to hire a Florida homeowner’s insurance lawyer to file a claim. However, under certain circumstances, it’s recommended that you consider hiring an attorney. They include but are not limited to: 

  • You aren’t happy with your claim settlement offer, and the insurance company isn’t budging 
  • You’re finding it difficult to negotiate a fair settlement offer with your insurer
  • Your insurance claim is abnormally expensive or complex 
  • Your insurance provider is taking a long time to settle your claim
  • You believe that your insurer unfairly denied your claim 
  • You suspect “bad faith” tactics by your insurance provider

Settlement disputes are common among homeowners’ insurance claims in Florida. Unfortunately, if they are not handled correctly, they can cost you a lot of time, money, and frustration. 

With more than 30 years of litigation experience, Paul Schrier is our lead Florida homeowner’s insurance lawyer. Paul takes pride in fighting against multi-billion dollar insurers to help his clients get the compensation they are owed. Paul is confident that he can do the same for you. 

Homeowner’s insurance claims denials can be devastating for anyone. The good news is that you don’t have to negotiate with your claims adjuster alone. Paul and his team of homeowner’s insurance attorneys are here to help you at each step of the process. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late to fight a homeowners insurance claims denial. Contact the Schrier Law Group today for your free initial consultation. We work on contingency, so we don’t get paid unless we win your case. 

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