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Fire damage to your home can be caused by any number of events, which can be sudden, random, and entirely accidental. Anything from electrical problems to dryer vents that haven’t been cleaned can cause tremendous damage in the blink of an eye. When a fire happens, it often leaves a house in ruins, destroys personal belongings, and leaves the residents with nowhere to live until the insurance claim is properly handled and repairs are completed. While you can plan ahead for what you’ll do in case of a fire, and you should, it is hard to imagine what it’s really like to live through fire damage.

A fire can be absolutely devastating to a family, and dealing with the insurance claims process can add insult to injury. At Schrier Law Group we understand how challenging it can be to deal with the insurance process while you’re trying to pick up the pieces of your home and life. You need someone looking out for you, to make sure that you get all of the benefits that your homeowner’s insurance policy gives you which may include additional living expenses (ALE) funds.

Water damage can be serious, destroying carpet, walls, furniture, mementos, or even the structure of your home. Even if it doesn’t do substantial damage to the structure, water damage of any kind can reduce the value of your home and put your health at risk by exposing you and your family to mold and mildew. Whether the damage was caused by a broken pipe or appliance or a natural disaster, repairing your home’s water damage can be costly. The insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible on any claim, that’s how they make money. But when you’re facing the challenge of recovering from fire and water damage, you need to be compensated.

At Schrier Law Group, our job is to fight for you. We’ll work to get you the full value of your home and your personal contents, as well as any other benefits that you are eligible for under the terms of your insurance policy.

Get an Experienced Florida Insurance Lawyer on Your Side

Most people don’t realize that your typical homeowners and commercial insurance policies actually cover these types of events. That means your insurance company is required to restore your home or business to its condition before the damage occurred. Unfortunately, in our experience, insurance companies often assign insurance adjusters who try to undervalue the damage and, therefore, underpay your claim. In some cases, they may deny your claim unfairly. Some of the underpayment strategies might be paying only for the repair to one roof shingle or tile, floor tile, or single kitchen or bathroom cabinet when the entire roof, floor, or kitchen or bathroom should be replaced.

In the midst of all of this stress, you don’t want to have to deal with an insurance company and its bureaucratic maze of requirements. Let us help. We can help you make sure that your water damage insurance claim is accepted or help you fight a claim that was wrongfully denied or underpaid by your insurance company. Schrier Law Group is a full-service law firm that has prosecuted thousands of auto litigation claims on behalf of independent Florida glass shops. In addition to litigation, we counsel our clients with proper statutory and regulatory compliance to ensure prompt payments. We have found that our clients have grown tired of accepting the paltry sums offered as a take it or leave it amount by various insurance carriers and/or their third-party administrators. With the proper billing techniques and an understanding of the insurance policy terms and conditions, Florida glass shops no longer have to negotiate off of the reasonable rates they already charge.

If you are a Florida glass repair and replacement business accepting whatever rates the insurance carriers offer.

If you are a Florida glass repair and replacement business and are not being paid within 30 days of submitting your invoice.

We never charge a fee or cost to you, even when we win! All attorney fees and costs are required, by law, to be paid by the insurance carriers.

About Commercial Property Insurance Claims

When a catastrophic loss occurs, a business owner’s first impulse is to do whatever necessary to mitigate the loss and resume operations as quickly as possible. But settling a commercial property insurance claim is a complex business transaction, and business owners should treat it as such, using the same diligence and professional assistance as when negotiating a critical business contract. Accepting an insurance company adjuster’s opinions or an insurance company’s offer of settlement in haste, or without investigation or review of all policies for available coverages, can easily lead to a settlement that is far less than the business bargained for.

A commercial property claim entails restoring the businesses, property to pre-loss conditions within the limits of insurance purchased while maintaining the business during the time needed to rebuild or repair damaged property. The insured is faced with investigating and documenting losses, tangible and not, and becoming familiar with the insurance policies, the coverages available, limitations on those coverages, deductibles, conditions precedent, and specific requirements necessary to make a claim.

Fighting for Fair Labor Rates For Florida Collision Centers

For the last 30 years, auto insurers have capped auto body shop labor rates without including a cost of living adjustment. For auto body shop owners, the repair expense limits set by these insurance companies can negatively affect their business, creating liability issues when auto body shops feel compelled to cut corners on vehicle repairs. The inability to safely and efficiently carry out vehicle repairs for your customers can even affect your ability to stay in business.

Schrier Law Group represents auto body shops and collision centers across Florida. Call our lawyers at 1-800-700-7285.

How Capped Labor Rates Can Hurt Your Business

When an auto insurer refuses to pay a reasonable labor rate, this can hurt your auto body shop or collision center’s bottom line.

Capped labor rates can have a number of negative effects on your business, including:

Inability to carry out proper repairs on your customer’s cars
Higher business operation costs for body shop owners
Lowered ability to remain competitive in the local market

We Take On the Auto Insurance Companies In Florida

Schrier Law Group litigates on behalf of auto body shops and collision centers when insurance companies deny or reduce their bills. We’re committed to fighting for fair labor rates at auto body shops throughout Florida and can aggressively advocate for you and your business. We’ve handled thousands of insurance claims cases, and our team knows how to deal with big insurance companies. We are ready to stand up for you and fight for fair labor rates from auto insurers.

We do this work with zero out-of-pocket expense for the auto body shop or collision center. When we win your case, we get the auto insurance company to compensate for our legal fees, so there’s no up-front cost for you.

Interested in learning more? We offer free initial consultations to assess your case. Call 1-800-700-7285 for personalized legal services from start to finish!

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Not only did I get a phenomenal attorney to represent me in my case, but I also got a step by step education on how the legal process actually worked. I was encouraged to ask questions and be an informed client. I was never treated like a case. I truly felt like the advice and recommendations he gave to me would have been the same he would have pursued if he were the client. That was important to me. I needed to work with an attorney I could trust with my best interest in mind...and that is what I got with Paul Schrier.

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I was involved in an auto accident in January 2016. We decided to contact Paul K. Schrier, PLLC for legal advice. He never got annoyed with me calling to ask questions, which was quite often. We have finally reached the final stages of this case, which they handled very well, and have come to a settlement. I highly recommend the Florida personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Paul K. Schrier, PLLC, especially Paul K. Schrier to any one who needs a personal injury attorney. Thank you very much Paul for everything you have done do me.

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I called to ask some question about a car accident I was in. I spoke to Paul who was very helpful, honest and professional. It seems that he really care about clients. I appreciate all that Paul did and would certainly recommend to anyone who needs an attorney.

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