Worker takes valet-parked car, accused in pedestrian Accidents

Worker Takes Valet-Parked Car, Accused in Pedestrian Accidents

When a Miami hotel worker decided to take a car from valet parking to run to the store, he probably knew he could end up in jail. The Florida man likely didn’t realize at the time, however, that he would be booked as the suspect in one of the area’s hit-and-run pedestrian accidents. To make matters worse, the woman who was struck in that incident died later at a nearby trauma center.

At around 3:30 a.m., the hotel worker had an irresistible craving for a Red Bull drink. He decided to take a car from valet parking without permission and drive to the store to alleviate that craving. The man ended up behind bars on charges that he allegedly left the scene of an accident in which a death occurred.

The man chose to drive to Walgreens for the beverage so that it could help him get through his shift. He told police that the woman stepped out to cross the road in front of him from his right. He also stated that he tried not to hit her but did so, and he admits that he saw her on the ground but kept driving. He then returned the extensively damaged car to the valet lot.

The man did have prior tickets for careless driving but none within the last three years. When pedestrian accidents such as this happen, families are left with questions, emptiness, pain and financial hardship. A personal injury attorney can help the victim’s loved ones seek damages through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Source: Miami Herald