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A doctor examining an athlete after a head injury.

The Intersection of Sports and TBIs: Legal Considerations in Head Injury Cases

Car accidents, construction site accidents, and slips and falls are just some of the ways Florida residents can suffer blunt-force trauma to the head. This trauma can, in turn, lead to traumatic brain injuries. The Brain Trauma Foundation estimates that as many as 2.5 million people in America are diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury … Read more

Employee builder accident in construction site work. Builder worker injured and wait for help. First aid worker accident.

Head Injured on the Job? How a Florida Head Injury Attorney Can Help

Head injuries are one of the most common types of workplace injuries. Suffering head trauma on the job is always possible in high-risk fields like construction and mining. However, unlike accidents related to falling from scaffolding or being crushed by machinery, a workplace head injury can happen to any type of employee. Office workers and … Read more