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Lawyer discussing homeowners insurance policy to a client

Florida Homeowner Insurance: A Guide For First-Time Home Buyers

Homeowner insurance is not just a luxury but a necessity. You stand to gain so many things by having homeowner insurance. However, to get the best homeowner insurance deal, you should get a perfect Homeowner insurance lawyer. The best part about getting home insurance is that you don’t need to own a house before getting … Read more

homeowner that had substantial damage from a hurricane in Florida where the insurance company didn't pay for anything

How to Prepare Yourself and Your Family for a Hurricane in Florida

Floridians experience hurricane season from June through November every year. Thoroughly preparing for hurricanes and the severe weather systems that come along with them could save your family’s lives.  There are many guidelines that are offered to Floridians. Yet, many remain concerned because they are not confident whether they have done enough to adequately protect … Read more