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A woman touching her neck to show her doctor where she is feeling pain.

Common Types of Personal Injuries in Doral: What You Need to Know

You encounter accident risks every day in any city in Florida, and Doral is no exception. These accidents can leave you dealing with injuries that cost you both money and quality of life. For Doral residents, it is essential to know the common types of personal injuries in the area and what you can do … Read more

A woman walking across the street holding an umbrella.

The Role of Weather Reports and Documentation in Slip and Fall Claims

Building a successful personal injury claim of any type in Florida requires careful documentation. The strengths and weaknesses of an injured person’s case, as reflected in the available evidence, will play a significant role in determining how much the case will settle for or if a settlement will be reached at all. Some details of … Read more

A construction worker flagging down first aid services for his coworker who has been hurt on the job.

The Difference Between Negligence and Gross Negligence in Construction Accidents

Construction sites and work zones present hazards for both workers and bystanders alike. When something goes wrong, and you are hurt, you have the right to file a lawsuit against those responsible and seek compensation. In Florida, such a claim would need to be brought within two years of the date your injury accident occurred. … Read more

A warning sign placed on a staircase in a retail store instructing customers to mind their step when walking on the stairs.

Florida Slip and Fall Laws & Litigation

Slip and fall accidents are surprisingly common, leading to approximately one million hospital visits yearly, according to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). In fact, data from the NFSI reveals that more than one out of every ten fall-related accidents is a slip and fall. However, despite how frequently these accidents happen, it’s not always … Read more

A travel lane split for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Right-of-Way: Cyclists or Pedestrians?

Motor vehicles are not the only threats to the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians. Cyclists and pedestrians can each pose a danger to the other. Pedestrian accidents involving cyclists can result in painful injuries for pedestrians and bicyclists alike. Fortunately, right-of-way laws serve to help prevent these accidents in Florida. Right-of-way laws are useful in … Read more

The Florida state flag waving in front of a palm tree.

How the Recently Passed Tort Reform Will Affect Legal Statutes in Florida

Laws are always subject to change. When new legislators are sworn in, they have an opportunity to review and modify the acts passed by their predecessors. While legislators often take the opportunity to do just this, many times, the changes are only slight modifications to existing law. On occasion, though, the laws passed by a … Read more

Employee builder accident in construction site work. Builder worker injured and wait for help. First aid worker accident.

Head Injured on the Job? How a Florida Head Injury Attorney Can Help

Head injuries are one of the most common types of workplace injuries. Suffering head trauma on the job is always possible in high-risk fields like construction and mining. However, unlike accidents related to falling from scaffolding or being crushed by machinery, a workplace head injury can happen to any type of employee. Office workers and … Read more