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A lawyer filling out paperwork for his client's personal injury case.

Personal Injury Case Selection at Schrier Law Group

In personal injury law, there are diverse case types that a law firm might encounter. However, not all cases are pursued with the same vigor, and some are subjected to more rigorous scrutiny before a firm decides to take them on. Paul Schrier of Schrier Law Group explains the firm’s approach to selecting personal injury … Read more

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Navigating Settlements and Court Trials: Insights from Schrier Law Group

In the legal realm, particularly in personal injury and medical negligence cases, clients have a common question: How many cases end up going to court versus settling out of court? Paul Schrier, the leading partner at Schrier Law Group, sheds light on this question by drawing on his extensive experience and the firm’s practices. A … Read more

Woman getting an insurance claim denied in Florida

What to Do When Your Insurer Denies Your Car Accident Claim

Even though you’ve faithfully paid your insurance premiums, it doesn’t always mean that your insurer will pay out claims when you need them. In many cases, no-fault insurance policies don’t cover nearly as much as accident victims need to handle medical expenses, lost wages, etc.  That’s especially true for individuals who have their no-fault insurance … Read more

Man at physical therapy after going to a doctor from a car accident and personal injury case

How to Prove Pain and Suffering in Florida

Florida personal injury statutes allow plaintiffs to pursue accident claims for medical bills, lost income, property damages, and pain and suffering. While most economic damages are apparent, there are a few grey areas concerning non-economic damages like pain and suffering.  In this article, we discuss:  What exactly constitutes pain and suffering Proving pain and suffering … Read more