You Are Entitled to Safety; Inadequate Security Litigations

Every private area that you attend is guaranteeing your safety upon entry. In fact, unless you sign a notice that they aren’t responsible for you on the premises, then they may be held liable if something were to happen to you. This pertains to slips and falls, accidents of any kind and unfortunately, things that are allowed to happen due to a lack of security. Whether you are visiting a friend at an apartment complex, attending a concert, filling your car with fuel or attempting a withdrawal at an ATM machine, you have the right to expect to be safe. The owners of these facilities have an obligation to ensure that people who are visiting are kept safe.

Hold the Property Owner’s Accountable

All types of accidents happen when there aren’t safety precautions set up. For example, high crime rate areas may be prone to having robberies or assaults on the property. These must be dealt with by increasing security measures. Could you imagine yourself being robbed right after using a bank’s ATM and it was due to their front door having a broken security system? Due to these inadequate security measures that the property owner had in place, you are now at a very large loss. Everyone has an expectation of safety at any location. You are entitled to that expectation and if you have been hurt or worse at the cause of inadequate security, you are entitled to compensation.

Contact the Schrier Law Group for Inadequate Security Litigations

The Schrier Law Group is a team of attorneys primarily located within South Florida. Together, we have been aiding the South Florida community for years. You do not deserve to be punished for the negligence of the property owner. If you or a loved one have been harmed our worse at a private location due to inadequate security, then contact the Schrier Law Group today!