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A construction hat on top of a building permit document.

Understanding the Role of Florida Building Codes in Slip and Fall Claims

Unfortunately, despite its sunshine and tourist attractions, Florida sees a significant number of slip and fall accidents. These accidents often occur due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, giving the injured person potential grounds for a slip and fall claim. Understanding the role of Florida’s Building Code is crucial in establishing liability in these … Read more

An elderly woman struggling to get up after a slip down the stairs in a public area.

Legal Implications of Slip and Fall Injuries in Elderly Populations: Pursuing Justice

Special care should always be taken to protect the elderly from suffering serious and preventable injuries, including keeping premises free of hazards. Unfortunately, when property owners and occupiers fail to take care of their premises, slip and fall accidents are bound to happen, causing severe physical harm to older individuals. If you or a loved … Read more

A woman pushing a grocery cart through a store safely to avoid injury.

What Happens When You Have a Slip and Fall in Publix in Florida?

Currently, there are over 800 Publix stores across Florida. This employee-owned supermarket chain is a popular choice for many shoppers. Some of your favorite product brands can be found at Publix. However, as with other grocery stores and public businesses, experiencing a slip and fall accident at Publix is not uncommon. Whether you slipped on … Read more

A man on the floor in the lobby of his office after a slip and fall accident.

Unique Challenges of Florida Slip and Fall Accident Cases

Tort cases involving slip and fall accidents present many legal and logistical challenges. In Florida, slipping and falling on another person’s property does not automatically make that person or entity legally liable. In the Sunshine State, falling accidents are usually encompassed by premises liability law. Premises liability cases are those in which a property owner … Read more

A group of people on a boat in turbulent waters.

Leading Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents on a Boat or Dock

Boating can be fun and a great way to enjoy the weather throughout the year. However, boats and docks can be dangerous, and you can suffer serious injuries if you experience a slip and fall accident. Boats and Docks Are Prime Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents Boats, docks, and marinas are all locations where … Read more

Man slipped and fell on concrete stairwell outside of office building.

What Are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common yet serious types of personal injury accidents, especially for seniors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, slip and fall are the leading cause of fatal injuries among people 65 years or older. At Schrier Law Group, we help victims learn more about … Read more

Man experiencing an injury after falling down a flight of stairs in an office building.,

Slip and Fall Statute of Limitations in Florida

Slip and fall and motor vehicle accidents are among the most common incidents in Florida today. Although these cases may seem minor, they can lead to life-altering injuries, especially for high-risk individuals such as the elderly or those with pre-existing health conditions or disabilities. The good news is that you can seek compensation for your … Read more