Schrier Law Group Will Guide You Through Your Wrongful Death Case

One of the most difficult cases to deal with in a court of law is the Wrongful Death case. In these cases, you are going after the person or persons who were negligent in a manner that eventually led to the death of a loved one. Also, due to the death of this loved one, you are now owed some type of payment to equal out what that loved one was providing. In other words, you are trying to determine an amount that is equal to the lost life of that loved one. And that is painful just to think about.

The Schrier Law Group understands that your family is going through a tough time after the loss of a loved one. Contact us today if you want an attorney that will aggressively represent you in a court of law. We will attack those who owe you relentlessly until you receive what is due.

What is the Compensation for in a Wrongful Death Claim?

You have a lot of compensation to be given. You lost someone who supported you, possibly your family and your children, and was there to comfort you for life. Now they’re gone. Here is just a sample of what a Wrongful Death claim may encompass.

Financial Support

When you have lost current and future financial support as a spouse or child, we will do everything possible to get the maximum amount of compensation.

Medical Expenses

Just because they are gone, doesn’t mean the medical expenses that were accrued while trying to keep them alive are paid. They owe you these payments.

Pain & Suffering

The pain and suffering of both the victim and family members is often taken into consideration when making this determination.

Spouse & Children Damages

The spouse and children not only lost financial support but the companionship that they would have had throughout their entire life. No money can substitute this, but restitution must be paid.