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Truck Accident Lawyer in Florida

Accidents involving commercial trucks usually end catastrophically. If these big-rigs are handled with negligence and end up hurting another person or property due to said negligence, then you may be able to qualify for a truck accident litigation. Most truck accident cases are quite complicated when tracing the means of who is going to compensate you for your pain, loss of time, and medical bills. When discovering who would be at fault in said case, it could trace back all the way to the insurance company of the employer of the truck driver. You need a team of lawyers who know exactly what needs to be done. The Schrier Law Group has handled plenty of similar cases and is awaiting your call if you need help getting compensated for a truck accident.

What Caused the Truck Accident?

Just like in an auto accident, all of your standard driving dangers remain for truck drivers as well. However, you also have to deal with these people who are driving all day and night. Doing so puts the driver in a high-risk situation of causing an accident due to fatigue and road hypnosis. Then, you also have the chance that something may be problematic with the truck or the trailer. If the truck undergoes a malfunction of a mechanical nature, then these accidents can be very catastrophic. An out-of-control 40-ton vehicle has the potential to take out entire homes. Another reason could be, freight that was packed onto the truck was improperly done. This freight then cascades from the truck, damages another vehicle, and possibly even causes injury. Usually, this is only the case if the truck load itself was improperly managed or inspected before the driver took off with the tractor. In this situation, you’re looking at a huge negligence case which could trace back to many people.

Tracing Who is Responsible For Covering Your Damages in a Truck Accident

The driver of said truck is not the only person responsible when attempting to receive proper compensation during a truck accident. It also depends on whether or not that truck driver is employed by a company, or if he is an independent contractor. If the driver of the truck is an independent contractor, then the claim will be directed towards the driver and his personal insurance company. Also, if the truck was carrying a tractor, that is usually owned by a separate company who also has insurance on the tractor. However, if the driver of the truck is employed by a company, there are many more companies and people involved that you have a chance of receiving compensation from. You’re now looking at the driver, the employer of the driver, the trucking company itself, the manufacturer of the trucks, any other contractors linked with the business and all of the insurance companies that are associated with any of these titles.


These cases can get extremely complicated, so it is important you are backed by a lawyer that knows what they are doing. The Schrier Group is a team of first-class lawyers that are here to help you with any and all truck accident cases.


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