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How Long Can You Wait Before Filing a Hurricane Insurance Claim in Florida?


How Long Can You Wait Before Filing a Hurricane Insurance Claim in Florida?

In the state of Florida, you have up to three years from when the storm first happened to file for a hurricane insurance claim. If you delay this opportunity, you may bypass the whole package. The expiry period to file your hurricane insurance claim varies depending on several factors. This is why you must seek legal guidance from a professional and experienced homeowners insurance attorney.

Damage Caused by Hurricanes

The damages on your property resulting from the effects of a hurricane may generate from wind, floodwaters, and wind-driven rain that may have penetrated your home via the roof, doors, windows, cracks, sewer backup, and any opening in your home.

Most insurance companies categorize hurricane damages separately from another defacement your home faces. For instance, in some policies, high deductibles refer to damages left in the wake of a hurricane. For the best coverage on hurricane damage, one should invest separately in flood insurance and windstorm coverage.

Are you unsure of what your policy entails? Call us now for the best homeowners insurance attorneys. We have seasoned and experienced homeowners insurance attorneys ready to spell out your rights, legal options, and insurance policy. Some insurers leave a loophole in their contract so that they can deny or pay less of your compensation in the future. However, with an attorney from Schrier’s Law Group, you can rest assured that you will get your full compensation.

Preparing Your Claim 

You must keep all records and receipts if you suffered a significant loss or damage from a hurricane and want to file a lawsuit.

1. Take Pictures

Having a picture or video proof has always been useful, especially if there are before and after photos. If there are major repairs on your property, it is advisable you wait for the insurance adjuster to visit your property before implementing these repairs. 

2. Make a List of Damaged Items

Make a list of all your damaged items. Here, you can use a spreadsheet that shows the description, serial number, manufacturer’s name, and where and when you bought each item.

3. Inform Your Insurer if You’ll be Evacuating the Premises

Suppose you feel your home is not safe enough after the damages from a hurricane and want to evacuate that property for the time being. In that case, you must inform your insurer of the current situation. Some policies cover such cases and provide Additional Living Expenses (ALE) during this time.

What to Expect from Your Insurer 

As a policyholder with good standing in a reputable insurance company, you have every right to make repairs or rebuild your property and get compensated for the damages the effect of a hurricane may pose to your property within your home. You also have rights based on the Homeowners’ Claims Bill of Rights to take action against your insurer’s response to your claims. These rights include

  • The right to discern that they got your claims within the first 14 days of the incident.
  • The right to discern that your compensation is part of fully paid has been rejected or is investigated within the first 30 days.
  • The right to discern that they are done appraising your claim and will be taking action – sending part or full settlement or rejecting your claims within the first 90 days.

All filled claims are comprised of a maximum amount receivable and a deductible amount to be subtracted to arrive at the total compensation you receive.

Statute of Limitations for Bad Faith Lawsuits in Florida

As mentioned earlier, the state of Florida gives you up to 3 years after the incident to file for a hurricane insurance claim. Unfortunately, even after signing and filing for compensation within this duration, the insurance company may still be stubborn and make the process tiring and difficult.

If your insurer uses schemes to save money, such as delaying your claims or denying them, you can sue them for bad faith. At Schrier’s Law Groups, our homeowners’ insurance attorneys will help you determine if your case is worthy of a bad faith lawsuit and, if so, will prepare the documents required for legal actions. It is noteworthy that you have up to 5 years to lodge a bad-faith lawsuit.

What Compensations Can I Recover from a From a Hurricane Insurance Claim in Florida

In filing your hurricane insurance claim in the state of Florida, you must know the compensation you receive is proportionate to the degree of damages incurred from the hurricane and the insurance you purchased. The insurance company may provide compensation for the following damages.

  • Wind damage
  • Water damage
  • Roof damage
  • Addition Living Expenses (ALE)
  • Vehicle damage
  • Damage to outbuildings within your property (such as shed or garage).

If you purchased a separate policy for flood insurance, you might be eligible for compensation for flooding and storm surged damages.

Call the Best Homeowners Insurance Attorney in Florida Today!

When you file a hurricane insurance claim in Florida, you should only expect the best outcome. You don’t want to suffer the trauma of losing twice to difficult insurance claims. It is in your best interest to take legal action and hold your insurance company accountable for your due compensation.

At Schrier’s Law Group, our team of homeowners insurance attorneys will manage every aspect of the process and ensure you get full compensation. We will collaborate with the insurance company to negotiate the fairest and best settlement for you and, if need be, represent you at trial. We will help you get full reparations!