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Tips from the Best Truck Accident Lawyers: What Not to Do


A close up shot of a semi-truck accident occured on the freeway.

The moments after a collision with a commercial semi-truck can be terrifying and chaotic. You’re likely in shock, badly hurt, and unsure what to do next. It’s hard to remain calm and remember what to do and what not to do.

There are a few mistakes that many people make after a semi-truck wreck. Our truck accident lawyers address some of the top mistakes after a crash and why avoiding them is important.

Don’t Apologize

It’s an instinct to say you’re sorry after a crash. Your memories may be muddled, and you may think your driving caused the crash. However, an apology could be considered an admission of fault or negligence by the other driver and their insurance company.

Try to avoid speaking to the other driver altogether, and call 911 right away. The responding officer can take care of communicating with both parties.

You may be sorry that the accident happened, especially if you note that someone else is badly injured and you aren’t. But to an insurance company, “I’m sorry” often means “I’m guilty.”

Don’t Guess About the Cause of the Crash

It’s natural to try to speculate about how the crash happened. You’ll be asked a lot of questions by the responding police officers.

Many people let their tongues get away from them and try to guess why the crash occurred. Try to remain calm and let the police do their job. They’re trained to collect evidence and determine the causes of traffic accidents.

Later, your truck accident lawyer will conduct their own investigation into the crash and determine the causes from the evidence they gather.

Don’t Talk About the Accident with Anyone but the Police and Your Truck Accident Lawyer

Expect the other party’s insurance representative or lawyer to contact you after the case and request a statement. You do not have to say anything to them.

If you have already hired a truck accident lawyer, refer all communications from the other side to your attorney. Even if you haven’t retained a lawyer yet (and you really should sooner rather than later), you still do not have to say anything.

Anything you say to the insurance adjuster could be used as a reason for the insurance company to deny or minimize your claim.

When reporting the accident to your auto insurance company or personal injury protection (PIP) carrier, you should also be careful. Your Florida PIP will likely cover some of the medical costs after the accident, but depending on how badly you’re hurt, you could be eligible for much more than the $10,000 coverage most Floridians have.

Don’t Skip Post-Treatment Medical Care

Following up on medical recommendations is essential after a truck accident. For example, your doctor might prescribe light duty or physical therapy to protect your injuries while they heal.

Some people may not like wearing a protective brace or going to occupational therapy, but you must follow your doctor’s orders. If you don’t, the other party’s insurance company might argue that you were not hurt as badly as you claim.

Failing to follow the treating physician’s aftercare plan can harm your chances of recovering the damages you’re entitled to. Your medical records from the crash become evidence in your case, so the other party will see what you were told to do and compare it with what you actually did.

Stay off Social Media

Don’t post about the accident on social media. It’s very tempting to want to share with friends and post updates about your healing process. But even if your account is set to private, anything you post online may be used against you by the defense.

Pictures of you without a brace or enjoying time at the park with your child, for example, may be used to argue that you aren’t hurt or are faking your injuries for money.

Pause your social media accounts until after the conclusion of your claim to prevent anything from being used against you. Talking about your injuries — or worse, speculating about the case and your settlement — on Twitter or Instagram could jeopardize your claim.

Do You Need a Florida Truck Accident Lawyer?

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